Kearsley Armstrong Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors find even ‘a little something’ does good

Kearsley Armstrong Middle School, coordinator Courtney Emerick

Karlee Clarambeau

Over the past weekend my friend McKenzie and I made scarves and we went downtown Flint and hung them up with Notes that said “Take the scarves if you need them. We don’t want you to be cold over this long cold winter. We hope that you have a very good Christmas and a good new year.” I never thought that I would experience something like how I felt then. I felt so joyful for the people that got scarves and I wish I could see their reactions when they pick them up. I didn’t put Blueberry Cards up because I kind of forgot them but I don’t think that’s the point. I think they can share kindness no matter what they do and that’s what we did even though I did forget the Blueberry Cards, I still felt like I did a good deed.

The other day on December 19 I was at the Kearsley varsity basketball game and this old lady she needed help getting down the steps of the bleachers and I went up there not realizing that I was doing anything good and I helped her down. This was something little but it was so good and I did not give a card because I did not have the cards on me but that’s fine.

The other day there was this new girl at my school and she looked like she was lost. She was in my second and third hour and I thought you know I’m going to be a good person and I’m going to go up there and talk to her. I introduced her to some of my friends and told her about the school. I told her who I think she would be good friends with and have become close with her. She’s nice and I think this will turn into a good friendship so I did something nice. I showed her around I got her to her classes but I also made a good friend. I didn’t think it be okay for me to give her a Blueberry Card because I thought she would think oh she’s only being nice to me so she could get rid of the card. I felt so good after that day that I helped her make friends and get her to her classes. I think the good that came out of this is that we both have a new friend!

Jacob Mosher
One day in November, I had a wrestling meet and my friend, who was new to wrestling and didn’t know much about the sport was nervous about his first match. So, I told him just to have fun and try his best, and most importantly not to give up. When he went into the match and he lost he was upset about it. I talked to him about it and I told him not to worry about it, because this is only his first year! I told him the wins will come if he keeps putting the work in. So, he said “okay, that makes sense” and that made me feel good.

My second Blueberry Moment came during our first big snow storm. I saw how much snow was on the driveways and sidewalks of my neighbors’ houses and I grabbed my shovel. My brother and I went out and shoveled two of our neighbors’ driveways and walkways. One of them was the house of an older lady and she offered to give us $2 each. We told her “no thank you. We are just here to help you out.” It felt good to help our neighbors and make their days a little brighter.

Lydia Boggs
Blueberry Card 9532
My teacher, Mrs. Timmons was having surgery before Christmas break. I decided to get her a Get Well Soon and a Christmas present. Since she will not be back at school before break begins, I won’t be able to see her reaction, but in the bag, were presents from Bath and Body Works and a Blueberry Card.

Every day I give someone a hug to make them smile and brighten their day. Today (and almost every day) I gave a hug to Ms. Griffith. Today when I gave her a hug I gave her a Blueberry Card too to make her smile and to encourage her to make someone else smile today.

Blueberry Card 9531
We had a special former visitor come to our school to help us with our water shed unit in science class. The day afterwards, we made thank you cards for him. The day that he came in, we had a pizza lunch and he said that he enjoyed it. So, in my card I put an envelope with $4 and a Blueberry Card for him to enjoy a small pizza on me!

Emily Hipkins
Blueberry Card 9547
For my first Blueberry Moment, I donated multiple pet supplies to the Genesee County Humane Society. I used my allowance money and bought things for cats and dogs. I love helping pets who need a good home. I bought kitty litter, soft and hard food, treats, bowls, and kitty litter liner bags along with puppy training pads. It made me feel so happy to help animals who need a good home and give them some love!

Blueberry Card 9545
For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped do a toy drive at my school for Hurley Children’s Hospital. My Blueberry Ambassadors and I made posters and put them up around our school to encourage kids to donate. I donated coloring books and crayons along with some puzzles. I noticed that others brought in dolls and little toys, too. I love that I could help kids who are sick in the hospital to feel better with some little toys.

Blueberry Card 9546
My third Blueberry Moment was for Ms. Griffith. I always give her a hug every day at school. She says it makes her happy whenever I do that, and especially when she’s having a bad day. It makes me happy to make her happy!

Kaylee DeBlouw
Blueberry Card 9563
I donated money to one of the bell ringers at Kroger. I had some extra money, and I saw them and I knew how I was going to spend my money. I know how hard it can be for some families. So, I figured if I had extra, then the best way to use it is to give to those who are less fortunate than my family. If everyone gave a little bit of money, then it would add up to a big amount for the families in need. This just proves that a little goes a long way.

Blueberry Card 9564
I donated some of my clothes. I had some clothes I never wear, so I figured that someone who has barely any clothes would appreciate them. They were just going to sit in my closet, but I knew if I gave them away they would be put to good use. I hope my clothes go to someone who is in need and deserves them.

Blueberry Card 9565
I was at my friend’s locker. The person in the locker next to my friend opened her locker and all of her notecards fell out on to the floor. I saw this happen and I got on the floor and helped her pick them up. I did this because if I dropped something I would want people to stop and help me. This was only something small, but sometimes little things add up quickly. I try to remind myself that it only takes a little something to make someone else smile.

McKenna Aldridge
Blueberry Card 9560
One day I was cleaning out my closet, which is where my idea began. I pulled out so many of my clothes that I never wear, and items that didn’t fit. After looking at pile after pile, I went to my mom and asked her who we could give them to. We thought of the Kearsley Community Closet at The Pumpkin Patch. The Community Closet is where children and families can donate items to those in our Kearsley Community in need. I put all my clothes that I didn’t want into bags and we went on our way. This experience influenced me by showing me that something that helps you also helps others. By getting rid of things I wasn’t using I was helping someone else in need, which felt good.

Blueberry Card 9561
My mom works for The Pumpkin Patch the daycare facility in my school district. She told me that she was going to be late coming home from work because she had to attend the family gingerbread party. Every child got a plate with frosting, pretzels, candies, some graham crackers, and a small individual carton of milk, which was empty. I wanted to volunteer too! I wanted to help as much as I could. So, my mom let me tag along on this adventure! I learned that you don’t have to go too much out of your way to be helpful. Opportunities are everywhere!

Blueberry Card 9562
One day, I was with my friend Kaylee and we were walking from our fourth hour class to lunch. We stopped by my locker and something fell out of the locker next to mine. Megan was standing there with her locker open and all her Spanish notecards had fallen out all over the floor. I immediately kneeled down and helped her pick them up with my friend. With all three of us working together, we got all the cards picked up very quickly. Opportunities to be helpful are all around us. We do not have to go far to search for a good one!

Jazmyn Shaw
When my mom was sick and needed help, I pitched in! I took her blankets and pillows. I helped by taking out the trash, and getting her drinks and food. I cleaned up the house, did the dishes, laundry, and anything else I could think of to help her out the best I could. I hope I made her feel better and knew that I will always try my best to help her out.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped at my school. For every home volleyball game, we have to put up and take down the nets and chairs. But there is so much liter, trash, and spilled drinks in the stands that it makes this tough! So, three other girls and I thought it would be nice to the janitors and our coaches to help. We swept the floors and picked up all the trash in the stands. I like to think that we helped the janitors a lot by making their jobs a little easier.

I helped my first hour teacher Mrs. Wartella for my third Blueberry Moment. Sometimes Mrs. Wartella has trouble getting things or moving them around because of her disability. So, my friend Emma and I try to help her out. We put books away for her, hand her pens, and pass out papers so she doesn’t have to worry about dropping them or getting it all done on her own. I hope that it helps make her day better, because I enjoy helping her out!

Katelyn Jacot
Blueberry Card 9544
My first Blueberry Moment was at The Pumpkin Patch, in Kearsley Community Schools. I wanted to help somewhere close to home, and then I thought of The Pumpkin Patch! My Mom called and asked and then I later went there to volunteer. I helped get the frosting ready for making gingerbread houses. Mrs. Akers, the director sent me a letter telling me that it would’ve been a lot harder to get the frosting ready without me.

Blueberry Card 9543
My second moment was for my neighbors. After a big snow storm, my dad was plowing the driveway, and I was inspired! My neighbors, an older couple hadn’t shoveled their driveway yet. So, I took a shovel up to their house and knocked on the door. They asked how much I wanted to be paid for shoveling, and I said “just pay it forward.” I handed her a Blueberry Card and I said all she needed to do was another random act of kindness for someone else. I shoveled a path from their door to their cars and around their cars, while my dad plowed their driveway. She said she was very grateful for my help, because it is hard for her to do that anymore.

Blueberry Card 9542
My third moment was also after the snow storm. We were at my grandparent’s house and my grandpa wasn’t home. He hadn’t had time to shovel before having to go to Detroit. So, I shoveled a pathway from where he would get dropped off to the side door and the back door. He and my grandma thanked me so much. He said he could’ve fallen if I hadn’t cleared a path for him to use. So, I gave them a Blueberry Card and told them to pay it forward.

Cathlyn Healy
Blueberry Card 8876
This fall, I noticed that my soccer region needed some help painting the soccer fields. So, some friends and I decided we would volunteer! We worked on the fields the whole day. After we finished, one of the Regional Commissioners thanked us for our hard work. I was glad I could help.

My second Blueberry Moment happened over Thanksgiving break. I was visiting my grandparents near Tawas. On Thanksgiving, my Grandma got sick. She has always cooked our dinner, but that morning she was too sick to even get out of bed. So, my Grandpa and I decided to team up and make Thanksgiving dinner ourselves! My Grandma was so proud of us that she cried. I’ll always remember Thanksgiving, 2016.

My third moment came from volunteering at The Pumpkin Patch in my school district. The Pumpkin Patch recently held their Christmas play. They held it at Kearsley High School. My mom, who is a teacher, helped present the performance. I decided to help volunteer as a Christmas Caroler, and sang carols with the kids. I helped the kids sing and dance. I had a lot of fun while helping, too and would do it again if I could.

Elayna Kash
Blueberry Card 9575
I was at the dentist office when I saw this large box near the front desk with the words ‘Purses of Promise’ on it. Being curious, I went and took a flyer to read. As I read, I noticed it was a donation box for new or gently used purses stuffed with items women use daily to then donate to women’s shelters within Genesee County. I knew I could help but seeing that the box was empty, I knew I couldn’t get enough bags together by myself and didn’t want some women to have a bag while others didn’t. That night, I called multiple friends and family members hoping some would be able to help. I was able to get 15 purses to help, in total raising 35 bags stuffed with items to be put into the purses and donated them to the cause.

Blueberry Card 9577
There was a kid at my school who had an older brother that had joined the Marines and had been sent to Japan to serve our country. The older brother was a bit homesick being all the way across the world for the first time. He was just out of high school, alone, and I decided I wanted to help him out. So, after speaking with another classmate (who grew up around the world with her Dad who was also a Marine) we decided we would get our class involved and help send this solemn Marine items from home to make him less homesick. We had a drive in our first hour class to bring in many items as possible along with written letters to this Marine and his platoon to say thank you for your service and happy holidays too. We then sent all the items and letters to him and his platoon to hopefully make his holidays a little brighter.

Blueberry Card 9576
Being that I am a child; I grow at a pretty fast rate. A lot of the clothes I just bought no longer fit, but are still in great condition. Therefore, I decided that I didn’t want to throw out my clothes. And I didn’t want to give them to a thrift shop that would take them for free and then turn around and sell them. I wanted to find an alternative that could do good for those in need. I looked for an organization in my community that would take my gently used toys and clothes and give them to those in need right in my own neighborhood for free!

Mackenzie Simms
I gave my first Blueberry Card away at Meijer. I took $3 worth of quarters and attached them to a Blueberry Card. I then went to Meijer and taped this spare change to the top of a gum ball machine. I figured this way people who wanted a gum ball, but didn’t have any money could help themselves for free!

For my second Blueberry Moment, I took a Ziploc baggie full of pennies and taped it to the mechanical horse at Meijer. I liked the idea of leaving pennies so children that wanted to could ride the horse as they pleased.

Emily Schanick
I raked my grandma Carole’s leaves because she didn’t want to hire a company. So, I went over to her house and spent two hours doing her leaves. I raked her front yard and driveway until it was cleared.

My grandmother is redecorating her house so I asked if she needed any help moving everything into her back room. For two days, I worked clearing her house and organizing it. She was very happy that I was so kind as to help her when everyone else was working.

My grandma Nana was falling behind in her job. She’s a quilter so I asked if she needed any help. For three hours, I measured quilts with her. She said later she wants me to join her and quilt in her company.

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