Kearsley Dowdall Blueberry Ambassadors build team working skills while doing good in their community

Kearsley Dowdall Elementary, coordinator Aimee Martin

Some acts of kindness, we did as a group effort. We brainstormed ideas, and planned them together at lunch. Some of Dowdall’s Blueberries completed additional acts of kindness on their own. At Christmas time, our counselor, Mrs. Taylor, takes on the big job of organizing food for families that might need some extra. Each class brings in certain items: cereal, canned goods, boxed meals, etc. The Blueberries helped get all of the food boxes, and then helped sort the food into baskets for the Dowdall families. 

We wanted to do something to show are science teacher that we missed her.  Mrs. Timmons fell and broke herwrist. She couldn’t work for several weeks.  Mrs. Timmons loves disco music. We gathered the whole school in the gym, played disco music, and had a surprise dance party for her. 

Then, we made a card for the janitor that said, “thank you for cleaning up after us and keeping the whole school cleaned up.” We made a nice card for her because she does a lot of cleaning so we wanted to show her we care. 

I gave some flowers to a random person. Then I found out that she had had a baby but it had passed away when it was born. I hope the flowers made her feel a little bit better. I did it because she looked a little on the down side.

I went to the Davison Farmer’s Market. My mom and I saw a cup and it had a picture of a girl and I asked, “What is that for?” and they said there was a girl getting taken off of life support tomorrow.  She was on the highway and there was too much ice and she swerved and hit a tree and unfortunately she was brain dead and couldn’t survive. My mom and I gave them some money. We also put one of their collection cups on our vendor table, so we could give them more money. 

I went to the store and I bought flowers and candy for my neighbor. I put the flowers in a vase with the candy. I carried them to my neighbor house and dropped them off and rang the doorbell and ran. She figured out who it was from, and the moment she said thank you, I felt really good. 

I also wrote a note to my grammy and papa. When I was done, I folded it and put it in an envelope and sent it. When it was in the mail I felt really good because it made me feel happy.

I went to Georgia and I saw a person on the road and they needed money so I gave them some of my money that I earned for cleaning my room.  I gave them some of the money and said, “Have a nice day,” and he said, “you too.”One day I went to my friend’s house to give her a gift. I bought a Lol Surprise because that is her favorite toy. I went to her house and gave her the gift. She said thank you so much for the present and you being my friend.

Trent Jones
I helped my mom put the groceries away and that helped my mom because it saved her some time to do something else. She doesn’t get a lot of free time. I also gave my sister card, and I did that because I wanted her to think that she is appreciated and that she is the best sister ever, and she is awesome.

Drew Brawne
When it was snowy, my family was having fun on the snowmobile. I noticed that my neighbors wanted to join us, so we hooked up a big raft so everyone could ride. We had a great time. They were so thankful, that they made us cookies. Sometimes when you are kind to someone, they want to show their kindness back.

Joseph Dilleha
I made a picture for my bus driver, Ms. Judy. I think that being a bus driver is a really hard job, so I made a picture of a flower and gave it to her.

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