Kearsley Fiedler Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors create moments that are ‘simple, yet powerful’

Kearsley Fiedler Elementary, coordinator Suzanne Harrison and Rachel Karr

In October, we created thank you cards for veterans, collected candy, and delivered these to the Veterans Administration Clinic in Flint. The staff was grateful to have something to share with the veterans in their waiting room. 

In November, the students worked for two hours after school to set up and run a food giveaway for our Fielder families. Students unloaded boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods on tables in our cafeteria. They also assisted families as they shopped. It was a tiring but very successful event. 

In December, students worked to wrap boxes for our school food drive for Kearley Christmas Charities and began a “Twelve Days of Kindness” challenge for the upcoming holidays. 

Jessie Baker 
My first act of kindness is I made my parents a Christmas bulb to put on the tree on Christmas Eve and I tried my best and when my mom saw it she was so happy so that made me feel like I made her day and my dad had the same reaction happen and it made his day. 

My second act of kindness is when a kid was alone on a bench so I asked him if he wanted to play tag with me and my friends and soon his friends joined so we had a big game of tag and we were all happy. The next day I saw him playing with his friends and seeing that made me feel happy. 

My third act of kindness is me and my sister went to Dollar General to get snakes. I had five dollars but then I saw my dad’s favorite chocolate bar (it’s been out of stock for a couple of weeks) so I decided to spend my money on making him happy because it is never about the money it’s about why you did it. 

Mariah Beardslee 
My first Blueberry Moment happened one day at school. My friend Amelia broke her ring. I took it home and fixed it for her. She felt happy then she broke it again. I was happy. She was so happy she gave me a hug.

My second Blueberry Moment is me and my mom went to Walmart we went shopping on a Saturday. When we were all done, my mom and me walked out and we noticed someone who lives on our street was in Walmart. She just had leg surgery. Me and my mom asked her if she was alright. She said no, so me and my mom went around the shopping mall and tried to find her an amigo when we came back she said thank you.

My third Blueberry Moment is we came back from lunch Mrs. Ashley dropped her papers and I picked them up for her she said thank you. She felted appreciated that I picked them up for her. I was happy that she got her papers back. 

Danielle Burton 
My Grandpa is almost blind so whenever we take my grandpa somewhere, I always help him so he does not run into things or hurt himself because when we go out in public. He is embarrassed and I feel very bad for him. 

Whenever I am out in public and see somebody with their hands full and they are getting ready to come out the door I will stop and hold open the door for them and not be rude and shut it in the face.

Whenever I see my mom trying to carry laundry up the stairs, I will stop and carry it up for her because she is disabled and got into a car accident and it hurts her to do it. 

Joseph Dilleha
My first random act of kindness was when I helped my brother and mom after my brother Jonitha had his tonsils removed.

My second random act was when after my Papa got out of the nursing home. I helped him go up and down stairs I also helped him talk and grab things and get food. I also helped him when he got out of the hospital. 

My third was when I helped my 76-year-old GG carry 6 heavy totes full of Christmas decorations upstairs without being ask. 

India Donald
Over the past school year, I’ve helped an elderly woman at Family Dollar get her things inside of her grocery bags and helped her exit the store and put her bags inside of her trunk. She looked very happy and thanked me for the help. I felt like I was some type of superhero that saved a kid from hurting themself. I was so happy to see the elderly woman so happy and surprised. 

My friend Ruby was feeling a little left out today at recess, so I went and asked her what was going on and she said she is feeling a bit left out. Then I played with her all recess. She felt very nice and she felt like she was finally fitting in with the other people at recess. I felt like I saved her recess from feeling left out. 

My final kind Blueberry Moment is my friend Arryana’s birthday. I gave her seven things that warmed her heart like the sun. She felt like it was her special day and she looked and felt super excited. I felt like I made her day very awesome with her first present of the day. I felt very proud of myself. 

Molly Claire Gaudard
Blueberry Moment 17667 
I was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s getting a burger and I saw that there was a band that was raising money and I said, “Mom wait, can I put money in there bin?” and she said, “Yes, make it quick.” So, we got our food and we pulled up and I handed them the $2.02 and I smiled and they smiled. I could tell they were so happy about it. Then I handed them the card and the two gentlemen read the card and as we drove away, I saw them jump up with the biggest smile on their face and I knew that that very moment when I handed them the card that it made their day. I felt so heartwarming about it. 

Blueberry Moment 17668
I saw a homeless person on the road when I went to California and I had my money with me and I decided to give him a five-dollar bill because he looked helpless and I cannot see someone that way without doing just one little small thing for them, so when I put the money into his cup of money he looked at me and smiled. I knew that that moment right there made his whole day and how often do you feel so good about yourself because you did something for someone else? Well, most people do not get that a lot, but his smile carried onto my face and I smiled at other people and other people smiled at other people and so on. So just like that one small act of kindness grew into many acts of kindness. 

Blueberry Moment 17669
I was at the library and I saw a lady that looked older. She was carrying a stack of books and she was struggling, so I asked her if she needed help and she said yes thank you dear. I took the huge stack of books from her and at that moment I knew that that made her day. From then on, I saw her face and her face lit up and you could tell that she needed help. I could see the happiness. After I did that, I looked at myself and knew that I did the right thing! Not only did it make her day, it made my day. 

Madison George 
My first moment is when I helped my GG out of bed when she was sick. I was asleep and I heard my GG trying to get out of bed so I got up and went into her room and helped her up and helped her to where she was going. I felt good and happy that I helped my GG, but I don’t know how she felt I think she felt happy. 

My second thing is when my friend fell on the sidewalk at school when we were walking and when she fell, I went and got help and when they came, we helped her up and brought her inside. She was thankful to me and the recess monitor that helped us and I felt good for helping her. 

My third thing is when I helped my sister up when she had fallen after playing with me. I felt good after helping her. She felt better after I helped her.

Drake Griffin
When my friend Colton was crying and did not feel well, I helped him out with humor, and I made him laugh and I cheered him up from doing that. We went to play outside when it was time to go out. He was happy and his reaction was that he had a happy face on and then we went outside.

There was this lady that had troubles with getting her groceries. I helped her out and when I did, she was so happy and it was just less troubles for her. She was happy and that’s all that matters. 

I was always there for someone when they needed help and I’ve helped so many people and I always made someone smile. Through the years of helping people I’ve had so many reactions and they were all priceless. I’ve helped over 200 people and even though I might not get a smile I will always do the right thing. 

Haley Hanes 
My first Blueberry Moment was at my church when I packed shoe boxes for kids in Africa who don’t get a lot of gifts for Christmas and they were for all ages. Someone who is friends with our pastor flew out to take a video of some kids opening their gifts and when I saw the video, I started to cry because they were so happy as soon as they opened the package they started using the things we (my church) packed for them. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I try to open a door for at least three people a day even though it is something small. Whenever, I help people it makes their day and there is always a smile on their face even though this is a small act of kindness. 

As my third act of kindness, at the Fiedler food giveaway I got to help so many people carry boxes. I don’t know their names, but they were appreciative that I could help them when their box or cart got too heavy to carry or push around and I enjoyed helping them and it seemed to make their night a little better than it was. 

Ryan Jacot 
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped my sister when she was sick. For example, when she needed a drink, I would go get her one or when she was cold, I got her a blanket. Also, when she was hungry, I would take her something to eat. I took care of her for a couple of days until she started to feel better and she was very thankful. 

My second Blueberry Moment was I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway. It was late afternoon after the snowstorm and I noticed their driveway was not shoveled so I decided to shovel their driveway. Even though they did not come out and thank me sometimes the quiet acts of kindness are the best. I am sure they really appreciated it. 

My last Blueberry Moment was when I helped my grandparents put up and take down their Christmas decorations. My grandma cannot do it because of her health and she gets worn out fast. It is hard on my grandpa’s knees to get into the crawl space where the decorations are stored. So, every year I do it for them. They are always very grateful.

Kassidy Johnson 
When I was at a diner up north, a senior citizen was sitting at the table right beside us and my friend, Cali and her mom paid for his food. We made a really good conversation with the senior citizen and his very nice wife. Me and Cali wished we could have stayed in touch with them because they were so nice and kind! 

At the Fiedler Food Giveaway, there was a kind lady walking around trying to find something. Me and my friend, Jessa went up to her and asked what she needed, she said she needed to find the sweets and we escorted her over to them. This made me feel like I was doing a good deed for my citizens in the community. 

In class I made two notes and gave them to two random people in my class. The note said that you are worth it and don’t let anyone tell you differently. The other one said that they were beautiful, kind, outgoing, and worth it! I gave one of the notes to Emma because she had been different than the other kids in class, I saw her getting bullied a lot so I wanted to make sure that she feels good about herself and nothing other than that! This made me feel like I was helping out a friend that was less fortunate than others. 

Trenton Johnson 
My first moment was when I gave my neighbor sunny, a gift basket full of candy and he was so happy and surprised. I felt so good inside. 

For my second moment, I held open the door for some people that were walking out of a restaurant with my parents I don’t know how they felt like but I felt good for doing that. 

For my last moment, I helped my dad with the groceries He said thank you and I felt good. 

Lillie Lannon 
My first moment is when my family was at Walmart and we sawthis little girl on her dad’s back and her coat got caught on something. The dad did not know and the thing fell and then I picked it up. 

My second moment was that I went to a store and the lady in front of us had dropped all of her stuff so I helped her pick it up and then I gave her a card. 

My third moment was that me and my sister get a snack after school and she got one that she did not like so I gave her some of mine and that I also gave some to my dad. 

Alexis Lewis
My first act of kindness was when I helped my mom with the groceries. She always goes shopping, and comes back with a lot of stuff, the bags completely fill her trunk! Some bags are light like a feather, some bags are heavy like a rock! She says she doesn’t need help, but I help her anyway! It’s good to always help people, even if they say they don’t need it! She was grabbing the groceries out of the trunk and came through the door with five bags in each hand! I put my shoes on and went out, even with no coat! But I’m glad that I got to help my mom out! 

For my second act of kindness, I was on a walk with my aunt and saw so many plastic bottles laying in the grass, I took out a pair of gloves from my coat and picked every last one up! I carried them for the rest of the hike, then threw them away in a recycle bin out in the garage! Now, every time we go for a walk, me and my aunt check for plastic, cans, paper, trash, anything. We want to make sure the land is clean! It also made me think of my neighborhood too! So we would clean my aunts neighborhood, and my neighborhood when I go home. 

For my last act of kindness, I helped my grandma set up for Christmas! They always buy a huge tree that takes up half of the household, it’s crazy! She needed help hanging up ornaments and decorating her house with candles and lights! We baked some cookies together after, then I saw the big smile on her face, I haven’t seen her so excited in a while! It made me feel happy that I got to do a good deed, and I’m glad that everyone that I helped is happy! 

Chene Little 
One of my acts of kindness was that I was at the store and I was there for about 20 minutes before I saw a lady with a lot of groceries and I thought I should help her out and my gut feeling said I should help her out, so I did I helped her by opening the door and getting the bags to her car she was very thankful and she said to me that we need more people like you in our world and I said your very welcome. 

Another one of my acts of kindness was that I was at the school when it was recess and I was playing basketball and I saw this kid with no friends and I asked him do you want to join our game and it took him a minute or two to answer and he said sure and it turns out that he’s pretty good so now he plays basketball with us all the time! 

My last act of kindness was when I was outside at school and there was a kid and he had no friends to hang out with and I was with plenty of my friends and I asked him if he wanted to hang out with us and he said yes so I started hanging out with this amazing kid and I was so surprised that this awesome kid had no friends to hang out with. 

Kara Marks 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I wanted to do something related to animals. So, I decided to start a lemonade stand where I could save up money so I could by treats for the dogs at the humane society. My best friend Ella helped me do this and helped me sell the lemonade. When we made about $50, we went to Magoos and bought a whole bunch of treats. We then drove to the humane society and gave them to the workers to give to the dogs. Even though I don’t know what the dogs’ reactions were, I know that I helped out. When I did this, I knew I did a good thing and I felt appreciated. 

For my second Blueberry Moment I went with my grandma and sister to outreach which is a food donation place and I helped stock food so people could come pick them up. I felt good that I could help out and even though I didn’t get the people’s reactions, I knew they were happy to have food for themselves and their family.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I gave gifts around Christmas to my teachers and friends. I gave my friends goodie bags filled with candy, peppermints, chap stick, and more. I gave Mrs. Rye and Mrs. O’Bryan a wood board that had a Christmas scene on it, candy, and more. They really liked it and so did my friends. When I did it, I felt happy like I made someone else happy. 

Violet McDonald 
My first random act of kindness was simple, yet powerful. During writing, one of my fellow classmates forgot her pencil, but my teacher has a class rule that if you don’t have a pencil you have to go back to your homeroom and grab one which means you get a B-code violation, and she was really upset. When I was passing her desk, I realized I had a second pencil and handed it to her. I said, “Here I have an extra pencil it may come to some use.” She looked at me weirdly then sort of smiled, and took the pencil then replied, “thanks,” in a nice voice. I could tell when I handed her the pencil, she was pretty shocked, but then accepted the fact that I was being nice to her. It made my day better knowing that I helped someone in need. Now I actually sit next to her and I’m ok with that. 

For my second random act of kindness, I felt warm and fuzzy inside. One night my mom, who works as a teacher was grading lots of papers which made me think about my teachers. I went to my room and brought down a pencil and some pieces of paper. I thought about all of the things my teachers do for me and my classmates. The next day, I handed both my teachers a letter I wrote to them. After handing them both the letters, they smiled and hugged me. I could tell they were both very appreciative of my little gift. I really didn’t notice that one small thing can have such a big impact and it was nice knowing that it did. In fact, one of my teachers wrote me a “thank you” letter to tell me how much my letter meant to her.

My last Blueberry Moment was really simple and it made me feel good to help someone who no one else was helping. After science, my friend Jacob dropped his pencil box and all of his stuff went flying everywhere. At first nobody helped him so I walked over and started to help him pick his stuff up. Still nobody is helping him at this point but me. I was kind of upset because of the fact that everybody could see that his pencil box broke and no one helped. When Jacob and I finished it was time to leave science. He thanked me and we were on our way. I could see Jacob smiling which made me think I helped someone when no one else did and that made my day. 

Brady Messenger 
My first act of kindness is when I helped an older lady outside of Kroger with her bags of food and after I helped her, she was so happy that someone helped her with her bags of food and when she said that I was so happy that I helped her. 

My second act of kindness is I opened a door for someone because I don’t think that she could open it so I opened it for and she was so happy that I helped her. 

My third act of kindness is I gave someone money for gas because she had no money so I gave her money to get gas and I was so happy I gave her that or she could not drive and possibly walk and I was happy I did that. 

Cherish Parr 
Blueberry Moment 17625
I have done many kind things but these are my favorite three moments I have ever done. 

We rented a movie from the Redbox. We watched the movie and there was lots of action, and it was very funny. The next day, we returned the movie to the Redbox with money and a Blueberry Card. I also included a note that said, “I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.” 

My mom had to go to the hospital for surgery on her stomach. She could not bend down for two weeks. So, when she needs to pick up something she called me in there and I did not hesitate so I pick it up for her. I felt so good when I did it. I got rewarded when I did it and that made me feel more helpful. 

Zander Roda 
One Blueberry Moment I had was when I helped my step dad watch my brother while he took a nap. I felt proud knowing I helped him get some extra sleep. 

Another Blueberry Moment I had was when I was at the mall, I held the door open for a family they smiled and said thank you, I felt happy because I helped them out while the woman was carrying the baby. 

My last Blueberry Moment I had was when my mom lost her phone, I helped her look for it, and when I found it I felt energized and happy I helped her find her phone and I’m sure she did to. 

Reid Ruhstorfer 
My first act of kindness is when I held the door open for someone. For example, it was two weeks ago and I was at the grocery store and there was this old lady carrying a bunch of groceries so I went up to the door and held it open for her and she was so grateful. She said “Thank you I would’ve dropped all my groceries if you weren’t here.” I felt good and blushed. I said, “have a good day,” she yelled back “you too.” 

My second act of kindness is when I bought my friend a bag of popcorn. It was three weeks ago, and I gave them a dollar and they bought two bags of popcorn. Then after when we got the popcorn, she gave me a bag of popcorn so I had a bag of popcorn and so did they. She was happy and she said thanks.

My last act of kindness is when I was at my house and my mom needed help with the chores. “Do you need help,” I asked. “Yes,” my mom replied. So I vacuumed the floor in the living room and kitchen. Also, I dusted the shelves for all my trophies and my brothers trophies. “Thank you,” my mom said to me while I was walking back to my room. “You’re welcome,” I replied before shutting my door. 

Miranda Russell 
My first Blueberry Ambassador Moment started at PetSmart, where my family and I brought a lot of toys for dogs at the humane society. Two days, later we went to the humane society with my cousin and we had squeaky balls for the dogs. They would not let us give them toys to the dogs in their cages because when they get bored, they tear up the toys and sometimes eat the squeakers, which causes major health problems. They told us that we could go outside to the back to where the play pens were. We went to the back with someone who worked there and she told us we could throw two to three toys in each playpen where the dogs where at. After that we went to another humane society and were able to put toys for dogs and cats in the visiting rooms. These experiences made us feel like we made a difference for these pets, and hopefully by doing something small for them, they will not give up hope waiting for their forever home. 

My second Blueberry Moment was at my Church which is Friendship Freewill Baptist. We had what we called a Christmas blessing this year where we had a whole bunch of toys for the families who needed presents for their kids for Christmas. My cousin, friend and I got to pass out the cookies and juice to the kids and parents waiting for their turn to pick out gifts. We had cookies, water, and juice boxes and we turned on a show for them to watch as well. As we gave them the food a lot of them thanked us. When it was their turn to go to find the toys, each family could pick out three toys for free. This good deed made me feel very thankful for what I have and also made me feel happy that we helped some kids have a Christmas that they otherwise might not have had.

My third Blueberry Moment was at my Church which is Friendship Freewill Baptist. The boy scouts needed a church to hold their weekly meetings at, so my preacher pitched in to help by letting boy scouts use our church every Thursday. I go there a lot of times with my brother and dad who are in it. I just watch and wait for if a group needs assistance or anything else but I do help get the rooms cleaned and ready for them. When they are done with their classes while they leave, I clean up by checking each classroom for trash or just to pick up a little. I also empty the trash cans or anything else necessary. When we were done cleaning up and our ready to go, I thought to myself that the church will appreciate me from getting the church clean and ready for Sunday. 

Malia Smith 
What I did for my Blueberry Moment is I went to the store and bought candy, a card, baskets, and other things. When I got home, I started to make a gift baskets for police, firemen, and other people. Once they were all ready, I went to all the places and told everyone that they are amazing people that risk their lives to save other people in the world. Once I was done, I felt like a good person that did something for someone else and not myself. I learned that caring about yourself is just a waste of your time. Now I know that caring about others is never a waste of anyone’s time because you are doing a good deed to make someone’s day and help the ones in need of a lot of people. Now I know that other people matter in this world. 

Keira Stimson 
My first Blueberry Ambassador Moment was when I went to the bookfair I gave five dollars from my Christmas money so that another kid could get a book. I do not know how that person felt but I know that there happy they got a book. 

My second moment as a Blueberry Ambassador was when I went to Walmart and I saw a lady on one of the motorized carts and she was struggling to reach something on the bottom shelf part so I asked her what she was trying to reach and she said her granddaughter really likes slime and she could not reach the slime on the bottom shelf so I got the slime off of the shelf for her and as she rode away she looked very happy. 

My last Blueberry Ambassador moment was when I was out on the playground playing with my friends and a girl was on the swing set crying. I smiled to her and she stopped crying and smiled back she looked really happy after that. 

Ava Tucker 
My first Blueberry Moment was during recess and lunch. My friend and I thought that we should put kind inspirational notes all over every single locker in the school. When the students got in from their recess and lunch, they were showing each other what notes they had on their lockers. My friend and I were very happy when we saw everyone’s reaction to their notes. We didn’t want anyone to know we did it so we kept it a secret. Doing this made me feel very proud of myself and my friend was too. 

My second Blueberry Moment was during our performances for Dance Connection. On our show nights I helped quick change three people. My friends Clara, Ashlyn and Elizabeth needed someone to help them and everybody capable was already helping someone else. So, I thought I would just step in and help them. This made me feel great that I had really helped some people that truly needed it. I can’t wait to help them with quick changes again during our competition. 

My third Blueberry Moment was when my friend was very sad at indoor recess and I wasn’t quite sure why. I sat down next to her and comforted her. I also helped her get through her tough time and made sure she felt okay and loved by everyone. This made me feel good because I had made my friend feel better. When she feels good, I feel good. She has helped me through thick and thin, so I will help her through thick and thin. I felt like I had finally paid her back for all those tough times she helped me. 

Carsen Tucker 
My first act of kindness is when I held the door open for my mom when she had both her hands full of groceries and I only had one hand free because my other hand was full of groceries and I closed my mom’s car doors. 

My second act of kindness is when a boy fell and skinned his knee and I asked a lunch monitor if I could help the kid to the office and they said yes so, I helped him to the office to get help. 

My third act of kindness is when I asked the new kid Ameer if he wanted to play football with me and my other friends and we played football together and he was pretty good at football and he told me he played football at his old school. 

Taylor Walters 
I will always remember the simple smile on my grandma’s face when I cleaned the entire upstairs and my bedroom without being asked. I felt amazing that very day. Her reaction was the best of all. Her reaction was the best of all I never thought a person could make another person happy. It was just simply incredible I could do that. 

We had a sub in our class and coffee got spilt and I helped clean up the mess. To me the simple things like saying thank you are the best and that happened to be what he did. 

My third moment is when a mother of three children dropped some boxed dinners and some canned vegetables so I walked up to the food and helped her pick up the food on the ground she smiled and I told her have a nice day then I handed her my final card. I felt amazing and I notice she was still smiling when I saw her walk out the door. 

Amelia Wilcox 
My first Blueberry Moment was I helped my best friend hang her coat up in the locker and then I gave her my Blueberry Card. 

My second Blueberry Moment was I saw an old lady in the store while we were shopping ,I had money in a card so I gave it to the old lady and she was so happy that she hugged me. 

My third Blueberry Moment was my mom had somebody over to fix Netflix. He worked very hard. But before he left, he said thank you to me. He was very happy. 

Arryana Wilder 
My first Blueberry Moment was when I made lots of my friends keychains and you can do any kind of key chains with any colors you want. They really liked them and actually used them on key chains. I also really enjoy making them and I almost make them every day for people and I like it. 

My second moment was when I painted boxes for two people. I used their favorite color to paint it and they liked it. I really like to make boxes and stuff like that. People really like what I make. When I made them, I felt really good and proud because it took a while. Making and painting boxes is really fun you should try it. 

My third moment was when it was my friend’s birthday and I decided to give her some presents like she did the same. When she got them, she felt very special and gave me a hug. We got to eat with the teacher just like we did on my birthday. I felt really good and happy that I did it. 

I felt really good that I did all of these things for my friends. They all felt really good and special. 

Jessa Wiswell 
My parents had been working extra-long hours at work and they were busy with all three of my siblings’ sports after work every day. Every day when they came home, they were so tired and stressed. So, I spent some time thinking about what I could do to help them out. Soon I thought of the perfect idea to help out. When I got home from school one day, I spent the entire rest of the day cleaning. When my parents got home, they were so happy and they had huge smiles on their faces. 

My best friend was going through a very rough time at home and she was very sad and when she was at school, she had a hard time staying focused. I felt so bad and I knew that I could do something to make her feel better. The next day at school, I wrote her a two-page note filled with lots of supportive poems and lots of kind words. I also helped her in class and tried to make sure that she was focused. After things at her house got better, she thanked me and she gave me a great big hug and she was in teres because I helped her through one of the hardest times she’s ever gone through. 

My best friend, Abbey broke her arm and she couldn’t write at school and when she tried it turned out as scribbles. I noticed that she was getting very upset with not being able to write. So, I stepped in and I finished all my work extra early and I wrote everything for her. She was so happy and she was so happy that the teacher could read her writing. 

Xaiver Young 
My first random act of kindness happened in the hallway. One day I was walking in the hallway to get to my locker I was so excited to do my first random act of kindness. So, when I saw this kid in front of me dropped his cups and so many kids didn’t help him pick itup. I picked it up and the kid had just fell, so I helped him up and gave him his cups. 

One day I was walking on the sidewalk and someone was talking and walking. They were not paying attention, so ahead was a big bump and he started to run. I started to run finally told him before he reached the bump. 

My last random act of kindness is one day we had a substitute teacher and every one was yelling and not listening so I said please be quiet, but no one listened to me so I wrote a note to the teacher saying, “I’m sorry this is happening I hope you have a better day tomorrow.” 

Kaidance Henry 
I will never forget when my dad and I took in a dog that was running around on the streets all alone. We had recognized that the cute dog was owned by our neighbor! So, we brought the dog in the house and looked after the poor thing. When our neighbor got home, we took the dog back to her house and let her know what happened and that her dog is safe. 

Another moment I will never forget is when I helped my friend Naisah. Naisah was trying to skate with me, I go skating all the time, but she has never been skating before. She fell a couple of times and thought she was bad at it or could never do it. I helped get the “rhythm” of it and she was already getting better! 

My third random act of kindness that I have done recently was helping a little girl who had fallen on skates. She was just sitting there on the skate floor by herself, so I skated over there and helped her up! I still remembered the way she looked up at me. 

Angely Llorente 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I wanted to help people. One day I went to Sam’s Club and I spotted an older couple that dropped a giant case of water I didn’t even think about it, I went and helped immediately to pick every single one up and all I saw on their faces were smiles. They thanked me all I could feel was happiness knowing I just helped people I didn’t even know. 

For my second moment I wanted to donate stuff to kids with not much for Christmas. So donated a bunch of toys to kids who could not get much for Christmas. I donated a lot of toys that my sister does not use any more, like stuffed animals. Although I do not know their reactions, I felt amazing knowing kids there in need got things for Christmas. I wish I had known what the kids getting toys feeling but I’m glad to know that they got toys for Christmas. 

For my last moment, I went to Cuba for winter break the last day I was there I spotted a man needing help carrying his bags to the airport I went to help him and he thanked me and I felt happy helping him. 

Aurora Fleener 
Blueberry Moment 17699​
I did a generous act of kindness since my new neighbors, Melissa and Tim, were the people that inspired us into moving into our new house that we moved into in September. They were nice to us and they explained that the neighborhood was a quiet and peaceful place to live. We made them a homemade candle, because who doesn’t love a candle. They really appreciated the candle and told me and my dad that they could help us out with anything we might need while we are living there. They were both very excited about the candle and we were excited about having cool new neighbors. 

Blueberry Moment 17700​
For this moment, I did the same thing I did last year because I think some people don’t appreciate it. My dad works very hard in the winter plowing, shoveling, and salting after the storms, and sometimes he even works full days to clean all of this up to make it safe for people. He is in charge of clearing up a large subdivision of townhouses and these people might get hurt or be stuck in their houses if he wasn’t there. He went into clear up this place when we had an ice storm overnight. He had to work 24 hours straight! He also only had two other people to help him and it is a very big place. My mom and I brought everyone coffee and donuts and hand warmers to help them warm up and give them a yummy snack. I wanted them to know that even though I don’t live there I appreciate that they work that hard to help people when the weather is bad and that I appreciate my dad working that hard for our family at home. 

Blueberry Moment 17698​
For this moment, I gave the card to a woman that just started running a rescue for animals. My family decided to foster four puppies that she was looking for help with since they were taken from their mother way to soon and needed help to live. There are two boys (black and white and small brown) and two girls (bigger brown and mostly black). The two girls and the spotted boy were normal size and have been growing big while we gave them a home and took care of them. The smaller brown boy was the runt and he has needed very special care. We have been taking him to the doctor and feeding him with a syringe to try and get him healthy. We’ve also been helping to find them very good homes so they can go make other families very happy just like they made our family happy. They can’t say it but I think the puppies really love us and appreciate us helping them out just like we love them. 

Sophia Whalen
I helped my mom clean the house and make lunch. Then I made my mom have some alone time for a few.

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