Kearsley Fiedler Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors donate kindness to the community

Kearsley Fiedler Elementary, coordinator Kelli Verran

Peyton Hinman
Every year around Christmas, my church participates in a program called Operation Christmas Child. I took a shoebox from my church and filled it with goodies for a child who will not get anything for Christmas. I chose to make a box for a girl between the ages of 10 and 14. I filled the shoebox with a crayon box full of school supplies, paper, a beanie baby, a washcloth, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Then, I returned the box to my church so it could be delivered to a girl somewhere around the world.

My school put on a Food Drive for the families in our community. As a Blueberry Ambassador, I was asked to volunteer and help with the Food Drive. I helped unload the truck that was full of food. Then, when families came in, I gave them a bag or box for their food. I also helped direct the families. I gave a Blueberry Card to a lady who came in. She said thank you and I told her to pay it forward.

I went to Subway for dinner on a Wednesday night. I had already decided I was

going to use some of my birthday money to pay for someone’s meal. We were the only ones in the restaurant, but right when my mom was paying for our meal, a man walked in. I told my mom and she told the cashier what I wanted to do. I paid for his meal and asked the cashier to give him a Blueberry Card. He was so touched by what I did, that he ended up buying cookies for me. He said thank you and told me that he would definitely do something for someone else and pass the Card along. Even the Subway workers were touched by what I had done. 

Reece Hinman
I helped my grandma to take care of 550 cookies for a banquet. It took us from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm. If we hadn’t, my mom’s friend would not have gotten any sleep. It felt good to do something nice.

I paid for someone’s meal at McDonald’s. The person at the window was surprised, but it felt good somebody was getting a free lunch.

I helped at the Fiedler food drive. Mostly I helped get boxes and unload them. It was definitely fun seeing people get a kick out of all the food.

Autumn Shapardon
One Blueberry Moment was at the food drive. My partner and I helped a lady who had a lot of food. Once we delivered all the food in her car, I gave her my Blueberry Card.

Another Moment is when my family and I took some food to a family and delivered food to a family and they loved it. They said, “Thank you so much” to us.

Another Moment is when I helped pick up spilled Tide detergent. I gave my Blueberry Card to a lady.

My friends and I are making bookmarks and selling them for $1.00 to raise money for our school.

Floyd Palmateer
My first one was when I went to my Aunts’ dads’ house and I asked my parents if I could give him our old movies because he had nothing to watch. They told me yes so I gave him the movies. He asked what they were and I said, “They are movies for you.” So, he thanked me and was happy to have new stuff to watch. Then I gave him a Blueberry Card and told him what it was for.

I helped with the food give away at Fiedler Elementary before Thanksgiving. I helped

someone with finding food they were looking for and I gave them a Card and started helping other people.

For my final one, I was at Walmart and I was leaving. I asked someone if I could take their cart and put it up for them and they said, “Yes.” I took it and put it back and gave them a Card as I was leaving with my family.

Gracie Dowell
At my old school there were a lot of bully’s and my friend got bullied a lot because she was not popular. My teacher said to be an up stander so every time she was bullied I would go to the bully and tell him get away from my friend before I tell. He would go on and on about how if we tell then we would get hurt but I didn’t care if I got hurt because I did the right thing and I would get hurt knowing that I did the right thing. I told someone about what was going on and yes, I did get hit a few times, but I was a up stander.

My family was sick with the flu. First, I got sick, next my brother got sick and my mom got sick. Last my dad is not feeling good so I decided that I was going to do something nice for them because I remember a quote they taught us in first grade ”treat others the way you want to be treated.” I want to be treated good so I did anything for them because I remember when I was sick they did the same to me because you should always be loyal to family and friends.

When I was working at the foodbank my friend came in and I asked her ”hey do you need help preparing your food?” She said yes. I grabbed a box and my friend Ryan and I carried the box while Ryan’s mom went looking for food. Finally it was time for them to leave so I went out in the freezing cold out to Ryan’s car to drop off their food. When this was over, I felt really good about myself just knowing that I did an act of kindness.

Lia Edgington
Without being asked I bring in the trash cans from the road for my neighbors who are elderly.

A girl dropped all of her papers in the hallway and I stopped to help pick them up after another boy stepped on one.

I always check the mailbox and bring the mail in for my parents.

My mom just had surgery and I brought her food and water and helped her when she didn’t feel good.

Mason Easley
Blueberry Moment 11720
I found old blankets and towels and took them to the animal shelter. I decided to do this because I wanted to help animals in need. The people were thankful and the animals were happy. It made me feel good to help the animals. It was fun to bring the blankets to the shelter.

Blueberry Moment 1171
On popcorn day, my friend did not have a dollar to get popcorn so I gave him my bag because I can’t have popcorn. I did this because I wanted him to have it even though I couldn’t. He was happy when I gave him the popcorn. It made me feel good when I gave him the bag.

Emma McCormick
I volunteered at Fiedler Elementary School to help hand out food at the food drive.

We handed out vegetables, bread and oatmeal. I did this because I wanted to make sure that families had food for the holidays. Some people unfortunately don’t have money to buy the food that they need. Seeing them smile and say thank you as we handed them the food made me feel good inside. These families were very thankful for our generosity and kindness. They were thankful for the food and for our help loading it for them. I got to help a lady bring her food to her car. I learned something while I was at her car, I learned that if you give kindness, like I did, you will receive kindness. I received kindness from her when she told me I will walk you back to the school. I told her my dad was right there and she said okay. She told me thank you. I loved getting to see her smile. I didn’t realize how something as simple as some food could make someone happy.

My grandma was sick and had a bunch of things that she needed to get done around her house, but she also had to watch my cousin Tristan who is three years old and is quite a handful. I decided that I would help my grandma out by watching my cousin Tristan so that she could get her stuff done to try to get better. I felt bad seeing my grandma so sick and no one to help her. Watching Tristan for her made her very happy because if I hadn’t helped her, she wouldn’t have been able to get anything done and would not have been able to rest. She was very thankful for my help and I was glad that I was able to help her in any way that I could. Even the littlest of things can help in a big way. This made me feel good inside. Just seeing my grandma not struggle to get stuff done. I would have done more if I could. I enjoy helping my family.

I helped my daddy by cooking dinner and doing the dishes at home one night. I didn’t make anything special just mac-and-cheese and then I brought the food to him in bed. He fell asleep and I took his bowl to the sink. Then I turned his light off and turned down the TV so that he could go back to sleep. I also made sure that my sister was in bed on time and got myself into bed. I decided to do this because my dad was very sick and couldn’t get out of bed and my mom was at work. I wanted to help in any way I could. My dad greatly appreciated that I stepped up and took responsibility for making sure that everyone in the family had something to eat for dinner. It made him happy and I really enjoyed helping and a chance to cook dinner for my family. It made me feel good and it taught me that being part of a family is like being part of a team and everyone has to do their part. I also learned that I love to cook and plan on helping out more often.

Addyson Gerace

My first Moment is when I helped my mom clean my grandpa’s house. He has had a lot of strokes, and just had three more in four days and is now using a walker. We vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen sink and also did his dishes.

My second Moment is when I watched my two year old cousin, Kaylee. Her mom works third shift and my aunt that normally watches her had to be somewhere. I went over and watched her so Alison could get a few hours of sleep.

My third Moment is I helped my family move my great grandpa into a memory care facility. He was in an assisted living but they were not being very nice to him, so we had to move him fast. He had a mini stroke and his memory got bad very fast. A few of us moved in into a nicer place that will take better care of him.

Ethan Sellers
My first Blueberry Moment is when we delivered the food to Fiedler food drive. I felt good and thoughtful to help people carry their bag of groceries to their car.

My second Blueberry Moment was when Jack and I helped an old lady get her stuff to her car. The reason why I did this is because I wanted to be kind and the lady couldn’t carry her bags because she was disabled.

My last Blueberry Moment is when I helped my friend Brayden sweep the whole classroom. He couldn’t do it himself, so I held the dust pan, while he swept. I felt good because I helped someone and I made the classroom clean again.

Gracie Root
Blueberry Moment 13013
My first Blueberry Moment was I helped my dad with the lights. I was so happy that I took time out of my day to spend time with my dad. My dad was so happy too. After my dad and I where done with the lights on my house, it was so pretty.

Blueberry Moment 13014
My second Blueberry Moments was I helped Ashley to not get hurt. She almost got a concussion. If I was not there she would have a concussion. She was so happy that I was there for her and sad because she got hurt. I was so happy that I was there for her.

Blueberry Moment 13015
My last Blueberry Moment is I helped my grandma up north. My grandma is very sick. I tried to help my grandma with whatever she needs. I tried to spend as much time as I can with her. I felt so happy to be with her. She was so happy that I was helping her. I am going to help her even if I don’t have to. I hope she gets better and not be sick any more. I tried to help her so much. This means a lot to me that I spend time with her and help her.

Savannah Rupert
My first Blueberry Moment was when, I helped out with the Food Bank. I loved helping people get their stuff in their cars. One lady I was helping I gave her my Card and told her to pass it on. The best part about the food bank was that it was free! So even people without enough or any money could come in and get stuff for free.

My second Blueberry Moment was when, I gave my old clothes that were either too small or I didn’t want to my cousin, she loved the clothes. This made me happy because now she has new clothes.

My third Blueberry Moment was when, my mom and I baked cookies and gave them to the people that work at the Humane Society. This made me feel good because I was appreciating the people that worked at the Humane Society. I also got to see all the animals there like cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, and guinea pigs. They were so cute and I hope to go there again.

Jayden Devine
My first Blueberry Moment is my schools’ Blueberry Ambassadors helped out at our food drive held at Fiedler Elementary. We gave away potatoes, oatmeal, breads, baked goods and fresh produce! So many people showed up. I helped at least a dozen people and they were all so kind it was amazing.

My second Blueberry Moment is when I kept on smiling at people and saying “Hey!” Nobody waved or smiled back except a sweet old lady. I stopped walking and said, “Thank you, you are the first person to wave back and smile.” I know it is only something little, but it meant a lot to me.

My third and final Blueberry Moment is when I had already studied and my cousin Natalie had not. I walked over to her and started to help her study for her test. I asked questions and even made her laugh. I think she did pretty good on her test and so did I.

Jack Lillywhite
At the food drive at Fielder Elementary, my friend Ethan Sellers and I helped unpack all of the food and sort them into groups to put on tables. When people started coming in we helped people get their stuff, carry around the gym, and then carry everything to their cars. I helped a lady carry her potatoes to her car it was heavy, but a success.

I helped my mom rake the leaves and bag all of them it took over an hour but we got it done. My brother helped too, which got it done even faster. It felt good to help out even with small things at home. My dad usually rakes but he couldn’t because he was at work.

I helped my mom make popcorn for popcorn Friday at school. We do it every other Friday and she makes around 500 bags. It makes it easier if I help, even if it’s just for the morning. You have to do a lot like pop it, open bags, staple bags, count money, and put the bags into bigger bags, and send them to classes.

Kaden Martel
My first Blueberry Moment is when we did a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. This made me feel good because we donated toys to kids that don’t have any.

My next Blueberry Moment is when we did a food drive. This made me feel good because we gave food to people that did not have any for the holidays.

My last Blueberry Moment is when I helped my dad make dinner. This made me feel good because I helped out around the house.

Molly O’Bryan
My first Blueberry Moment was when I gave my Nana a Pentatonix Christmas CD just because I knew she’d like it. It was a random act of kindness. When I gave it to her, she grabbed it, hugged me really tight and kept saying how thankful she was. This made me feel really happy inside and it made me want to do more kind things for others.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I filled an Operation Christmas Child box for my church. My mom and I went to the store and we filled the box with lots of stuff like headbands, soap, toys, and more. We took it back to our church and they will send it to a country in Africa to a child who doesn’t get Christmas presents. I think the girl who gets my box will really appreciate it and be super thankful. This made me feel very thankful for what I have.

My third Blueberry Moment is adopting a family for Christmas. We didn’t actually adopt them but we will buy them Christmas presents because they don’t have much money. When we send them the gifts they will get things like coats, boots, toys and books. This will make them so happy on Christmas morning. It makes me feel really great inside knowing that I made someone’s Christmas morning.

Sophia D.
Blueberry Moment 13093
My first Blueberry Moment was when I made a card for a friend because her dad just died and I wanted to help her feel better.

Blueberry Moment 12092
My second Blueberry Moment was because I monitor safety patrol to make sure the playground is safe and following the b-code. I am going to be there every time it’s my day to do it.

Blueberry Moment 13091
My third Blueberry Moment was when I cared for a friend when her friends put her down and I asked her how she was doing and asked her if she wanted to take a walk.

Amelia Sporman
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went around my neighborhood and raked people’s leaves. The people that I did it for were very happy that they did not have to go out in the cold and rake their leaves. They said thank you and I gave them my Blueberry Card. It feels good to help someone.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped people out at the food drive. I went up to a lady and asked if she needed help. She said yes and thank you so much. I went around and helped her when she was done I gave my Blueberry Card to her and she loved that I helped her. I was glad I made her day! 

For my last Blueberry Moment, was one day my friend and I thought that Mr. Billing was so great that we needed to make him something so we made him a poster it was really cool. When we got everyone from last year sighed it we gave it to him and he loved it! I was so happy that he loved it.     

Brooklyn Burdette
Blueberry Moment 13073
Every Friday I take my elderly neighbors garbage can and recycling bin up to their house so that they do not have to walk all the way down their driveway to get them. I just started doing it for them to be kind. I took them a Blueberry Card and they were grateful and happy to know who was doing it.

Blueberry Moment 13071
My friend Emily (another Blueberry Ambassador) and I talked to our principal at the beginning of the school year to come up with ideas to add to our playground. Even though this is my last year at Fiedler, I hope that we can raise enough money to get new equipment for the future students to use.

Blueberry Moment 13072
The Blueberry Ambassadors at Fielder helped with a food drive. I helped unpack, organize food and helped people with their boxes of food. It felt great to help the Kearsley Community.

Brianna Sierra
Blueberry Moment 13002
My first Blueberry Moment is when my school paired up with the Food Bank, and we helped provide food for people in our community who couldn’t afford it. First, we had to unload the truck. We carried boxes, bags, and individual food items into the school gym and then sorted them out on tables. Then families came to pick up the food. I helped many people of different age groups. I helped them pick out what they wanted, and I would carry things for them or even help to bring things out to their car. All of the people were sweet and very grateful for the gift of food. I gave my Blueberry Card to a woman that I had helped. I told her about the Blueberry Group and how we were giving these Cards out. She smiled as I talked. She even said that she would definitely pass on the Card. When I did this I felt very proud and happy that I was helping families to have a great Thanksgiving feast or to have more choices in their kitchens. Overall this was a great experience, and I loved that I could be a part of it.

Blueberry Moment 13003
My second Blueberry Moment is when we went to the store. I gave the man that worked for the Salvation Army some money, like we always do. But on that particular day, it was very chilly and windy! So, with my mom’s permission, I asked the man if he would like some hot chocolate or a hot coffee to help warm him up. He was pleasantly surprised and said that a coffee with some sugar would be nice. My mom and I went inside and asked the lady working there if we could buy a coffee. She answered with “will that be all?” So, my mom replied with “yes, my daughter just wanted it for the bell ringer.” So, the lady handed my mom the coffee cup and said, “Here you go, it’s on me!” She was so pleased that we were doing this kind gesture that she had paid for the drink! I thanked her and went out to give the coffee to the man. “Thank you so much!” he exclaimed. I said, “I know that you are already in a group that likes to do nice things for others, and I am in a group that likes to do nice things for others, too.” I then told him about the Blueberries and asked him to pass on the Blueberry Card the next time he does something nice for someone else. Then, he looked at me and said, “I’m so proud of you. I will remember you! Keep doing what you’re doing.” This Blueberry Moment made me so happy and full of joy and hope. The man was doing something good, so we wanted to do something nice for him, but then someone did something nice for us!

Blueberry Moment 13001
My third Blueberry Moment is when we decided to do something nice for our neighbors. We like to look after one special neighbor who is a very sweet older lady and lives with her daughter. They do not like to go out in the cold weather. We decided to bring them yummy treats. My mom and I made them buckeye cookies and then decided to go and get them a ham. Then I surprised them by delivering them to their house. They were very grateful and kind. I stayed for a while and talked to them about many things. I think we all enjoyed the talk as much as the treats! This made me feel very lucky to have nice neighbors. I was glad that I could do something for them that may have avoided one trip out into the cold weather! I love our neighbors and enjoy their company, so again, this gift ended up giving me a special memory, too!

Emily Callahan
My first Blueberry Moment is making a felt Christmas tree for two little girls I love. They are 21 months and nine months old. I am making the tree out of felt so the little girls can play with it and touch it unlike a real tree. There will be decorations made of felt so they can put them on the tree and rearrange them. I always enjoy making things for other people. These little girls are very special to me and I have a feeling the little girls are going to love it!

My next Blueberry Moment is making pillowcases for kids going into foster homes. My mom and I found out that there was a need for pillowcases and fabrics. You see they can put their stuff in the pillowcases and easily move from place to place. Also, it will be important to them because no matter where they go, the pillowcases will be something of their own. I hope this will make the kids feel less scared when they get them!

My final Blueberry Moment happened when I went to a book signing on November 27th for Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. I watch her cooking show all the time and know she delivers food to family and friends. I made her a casserole carrier to help her carry hot dished to her family and friends. When I gave it to her, she told me she would cherish it forever. I was so excited to meet her and make her something.

Layla Edington
I help my sister with her math homework every week. She really doesn’t like to do her homework so we will play school and I make it fun for her!

My little sister is scared of the dark and doesn’t like sleeping alone. I let her sleep in my bed with me even though she’s a bed hog because I don’t like knowing she’s scared in her room.

At the grocery store I helped an elderly woman load her grocery bags.

I like to smile at everyone I make eye contact with. Some people might be having a really bad day and that smile might make them feel a lot better.

Morgan Cronkright
For my first Blueberry Moment, I brought items to Outreach East witch is a place you can donate things to help people in need. This made me feel good to know that people got some help during the Christmas time and I hope it makes them happy.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I bought a toy for Toys for Tots. This made me happy to know that I could be making a kid’s Christmas better.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I brought new puzzles to an elderly home. This act of kindness was very fun and made me happy to know I was doing something good for people.

Jocelynn Smith
I was shopping at Aldi’s during the summer, I found a five-dollar bill on the floor. Thinking of most people, you probably thought I would pick it up and keep it for myself. But no. I picked it up and immediately ran to the cashier and said, “I found this on the floor. Please try to return this to whoever lost it.” Five minutes later, I was leaving with my family when the manager ran out of the store and thanked me, because she said that someone came asking for the cash, because it was all they had left in their pocket.

My sister plays volleyball, and I went to one of her games. I had one of the last seats available. Then, along came two adults, one was an elderly and the other had just gave birth to a baby. I saw them looking for seats, when I jumped up and offered them my chair, which had an empty chair next to it. They thanked me and sat down.

During the food drive, there were two ladies standing by the wall with three boxes on the ground. I came over and asked if I could help, and one of the ladies thanked me because she was, at the time, pregnant. I called a friend and we helped carry the boxes out to her car. They both thanked us and drove away happy for help.

Kiah Scott
Blueberry Moment 13021
My first Blueberry Ambassador Moment was when I stayed after school and handed out free food to people who were in need. I decided to do this because I enjoy helping people. I know the people who got the food were happy because they received things that they needed. This impacted me because I have learned that not everyone has enough food to eat and more people should help them.

Blueberry Moment 13022
My second Blueberry Ambassador Moment would be when I helped my mom clean up dinner. I decided to help my mom because there were a lot of dishes that needed to go into the sink. My mom was thankful and surprised because she wanted help and normally does it by herself. This experience impacted me because I learned that I should always try to help my mom because it’s not fair that she does it all by herself.

Blueberry Moment 13023
My third Blueberry Ambassador Moment would be when I helped rake leaves at my house. I decided to help because the work gets done faster when you work together as a team. My family was happy when I helped them because there were a lot of leaves and I normally don’t help. This experience impacted me because I learned that I should always help my family when they need help.

Alejandra Kash
For my first Blueberry Moment, I built a free community library. I wanted to build a free community library because some children are not able to go the library. First I collected the wood to build the library. I needed to get seven pieces of wood I also collected the plexi-glass and a handle to put on the door. Next, you need to collect lots and lots of books. The books don’t have to be for just kids. I collected books for all ages and a variety of genres because some people read at different levels and like different books. After that, I built the library with my mom’s friend and now I have library kids can come and bring a book or just get some books.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped out in the school library reshelf books and putting the books away. First, our school librarian Brandon Hamilton told me to get the crate of books and put them on his desk and organize the books by category nonfiction or fiction. Next Mr. Hamilton and I put the card into the correct book then we both took about half of the pile and found the correct author. 

Lana Allen

My mom works at Pumpkin Patch. Every year they have a Winter Festival where they invite Kearsley families to make gingerbread houses. It takes a lot of work to prepare for the festival. This year I helped make the icing and fill the cups. I will also keep the bowls of candy full and throw trash away during the festival. I like to talk to the parents and help the kids. I passed my Blueberry Card onto Ms. Janis the principal.

I’m not only a Blueberry Ambassador but also a Girl Scout. My troop sponsored a military troop this holiday season. We collected items from our friends and families like socks, gloves, small notepads, drink mixes, crosswords, baby wipes, toothpaste, Card games, snacks, etc. I donated my own $25.00 to help pay for shipping. We sent them packages and letters. I passed a Blueberry Card in the package.

I love to spread kindness. I was at my grandma’s house visiting her when I noticed she had a lot of leaves in her yard. It was a beautiful day outside, so I grabbed a rake and started raking her yard for her. She was so happy, she tried to give me money. I told her I didn’t want any money. I handed her a Blueberry Card and asked her to pass it on.

Sydney Tallman
My first Blueberry Moment was we got a new student and people made fun of her. My friends and I included her during lunch at our lunch table and played with her at recess. It made me feel good because I hoped it made her feel more welcome at Kearsley!

My second Blueberry Moment was when I noticed kids messing with another boy’ss school supplies. They intentionally threw it on the ground. Instantly I got up and picked them up for him before going out to the bus.

My third Blueberry Moment I helped my friend carry her books and pencil case while we were switching over to Mrs. Skinners. It made me feel good because I just really like helping people and making them feel good. 

Angela Khait
My first Blueberry Moment is when this girl was very cold. I came over to her and asked her if she needed help. She asked me to call her friends. I told her friends and they didn’t care she was cold and said whatever. Then I told the girl whose name was Cali and she told me she was freezing so I gave her my coat and she said she feels sick so then I took her to the office. The next day I gave her my first Blueberry Card.

My second Blueberry Moment was when this girl was walking away from someone that was bullying her. A boy kept on calling her names that were hurting her feelings. I went over to the boy and told him to stop, but he wouldn’t so then I asked him again and he still didn’t stop. Then I went to call an adult who was able to get the boy to stop bullying the girl. The girl never told me her name but after they came and talked to the boy, he apologized for what he did that’s when I gave her one of my Blueberry Cards .

My third Blueberry Moment was when a girl moved in my neighborhood. She had no one to play with because usually there is not a lot of people or friends or kids in our neighborhood. She came over and asked me if there was any more kids here. I told her no but then I said she could play with me. From that day on we have been friends. The next day I gave her one of my Blueberry Cards.

My last Moment was at the Food Bank when we were giving out food for the public people. I was helping a lady find and carry her grocers. When she was done, I gave her my last Blueberry Card and asked her to pass it on. She said thanks and she also said she will pass it on!

Audrina Grathoff
My mom works late now that she has a new job. I surprised her by cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. I wiped down the sink and toilet and I even washed the dishes for her. She was so happy when she got home from work.

One day I asked my mom if we could donate the clothes I don’t wear anymore and the books that I don’t read anymore. I gave away three garbage bags of clothes to the Volunteers of America.  My books were donated to the Genesee District Library.

This Saturday I am volunteering for the Salvation Army. I will be ringing the bell to raise money for families in need this Christmas. I will be ringing the bell at the Flint Farmer’s Market with a few of my friends.

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