Kearsley Armstrong Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors lift spirits while in quarantine

Kearsley Armstrong Middle School, coordinator Brandi Schmidt

Ava B.
I was in the lunchroom with my friends at my table. I happened to forget about our meeting in the learning center about the Christmas charity. I went into the learning center with the remainder of my food and noticed Alyvia had nothing to eat that day, she forgot money that day. So, I went back to the lunchroom and bought her a bag of chips and a drink for her to eat. As I entered the media center once again, she looked at me and smiled. She said you didn’t have to do that, I replied back you didn’t have lunch. Her smile made me happy the rest of the day, and hopefully this action made the rest of her day. It made me happy for what one little thing like that could brighten up her day. This action is so small, yet it did so much for one person. 

My family and I were walking out of the bowling alley, we were still inside but it was dark outside. I was walking past a group of people with my dad, we were about to leave. An older man walked away from the group to put his things away when he dropped several pieces of bowling tape, his shoe covers and his spare bowling ball. I ran up to him and put his spare ball into his bag. Then I handed him his other items that were dropped. I asked if he would like his bag zipped in that area, after his reply of “yes” I zipped the bag for him. I then quickly stood up and walked to the car with my dad. As we were walking my thoughts were thinking anyone can do that any day at any time for any one. So why do people not help others no matter what they look like or act like on the outside? Why can someone just simply help one another? Hopefully someone did see this action and created the rippling effect that the Blueberry groups are meant to do. Something this small can really change someone’s day, week or even their whole life. Mostly we only see young adults and children doing this action yet even older adults can do amazing things too.

We were again at the bowling alley, this time for my parents’ Sunday night league. A man was walking past with purple balloons, handing them out, when he asked me if I wanted one? I said sure, thank you very much as he handed me a balloon. A family walked past with a little girl. She walked past without the hesitation of staring at the purple balloon. I jumped up from my chair and jogged up to her, handed her the balloon. An amazing priceless smile whipped across her tiny face. She was as happy as a dog being given a treat. That was one of my best nights there at the bowling alley. Her happiness made me happy too. Something so little can change someone’s day. I hope that she had an amazing rest of her night. 

Landon B
Blueberry Moment 18339
I was walking down the hall and someone dropped their binder then I helped them pick it up. They responded by saying thank you.

I pulled weeds for my family they said thanks buddy. 

I cleaned my sister’s room. She said thanks. 

Liberty B
Blueberry Moment 17182 
I shoveled driveways in my neighborhoods after the big snowstorm.

Blueberry Moment 17181 
I paid for two people’s meals behind us in line.

Blueberry Moment 17180 
I helped this old lady put her groceries away.

Jaleesa B.
Blueberry Moment 20979
Our bus driver works the night shift and can only drive us home in the afternoon. So we have a sub bus driver in the morning and she didn’t know where to go. She had a girl from the high school to help her, but she still wasn’t familiar with which stops to go to and which ones got on in the morning or if they never got on. Her name is Pat and I volunteered to help her with the stops and help her with getting the kids that were listed on the map and the stops. There were a few kids who helped me, and I give them credit as well. The next day and the day after that, and even today I still helped her with the stops.

Blueberry Moment 20953
In the grocery store, a lady in front of my dad and me was having trouble paying for her food. She said she dropped her money. I looked around on the floor and saw behind me that there was some money on the floor. I picked up the money the woman was about to put her food back but I spoke up and said, “Is this the money you dropped ma’am?” She smiled and nodded and she thanked me and she was able to pay for her food. I wasn’t able to catch her name but I told her about the Blueberry Ambassadors and gave her the card. I have never seen a person so relieved in my life.

Blueberry Moment 20978
I was sitting on the couch at my mom’s house and I heard a knock on the door. So, I answered the door and found a pizza man. He was having trouble finding the right house due to the unfamiliar place. I asked my mom if I could help him and she allowed me to, so I got my stuff on and started to help him. His name was Xander and couldn’t find out where the address was. I know that place like the back of my hand. I walked him to the right house and he gave me a high five. He thanked me for helping him and told me he was new to the delivery part of the job. I said you’re welcome and gave him the card and told him about the Blueberries. We then said goodbye and parted ways.

Emily C.
My first Blueberry Moment isn’t big, it’s just me pushing in my fifth and sixth hour teachers’ chairs and fixing their tables. I started doing this on the first day of school. The reason why I do this is because my Mom’s teacher and I know how long teachers work after school. So, I figured I would save them some time and I like how it feels to do good for people.

Moment Blueberry 17761
My second Blueberry Moment is I volunteered to help backstage for one of my other cast shows backstage in costuming. At the moment I was doing Frozen Jr and there were three cast because it was a junior show. There were a lot of little kids. So, I offered to help get the kids change costumes and change microphones.

Blueberry Moment 17762
My third Blueberry is I picked up trash. It was a windy day and recycling wasn’t picked up that day, so all of the trash was caught in the fence and in the road. I hate when there is trash in the roads especially this much, so I decided to pick it all up.

Hailey C.
Blueberry Moment 17199
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to the humane society with some friends and we made blankets for the dogs to cuddle up with. This moment made me feel good inside because I knew the blankets were going to a dog who may need the love and warmth of a new blanket.

For my second Blueberry Moment me and my friend collected some items that we later took to the police station for them to give to people in need, doing this made me happy because I knew someone who really needed the stuff would be getting it.

For my third Blueberry Moment I opened the door at my great grandma’s senior home to an elderly lady I saw walking out with her hands full. This moment made me feel good because I knew that lady would be able to get to her car without getting stuck at the door.

Sarah C.
My first Blueberry Moment was at the Dollar Store. I walked in with a card from Kroger to pass on and I saw an aisle that was all messy. I went and started picking up all of the mess that was there and a worker came up and had a big smile on his face. I went up to him and gave him the Blueberry Card and he said thank you and went on with his day. This really impacted me on knowing that I may have not done something, but I can do something to make it right for another person that didn’t too.

My second Blueberry Moment was at home. While I was at home, I realized that my mom works so much and has to come home to clean dishes, so I decided to get them done. This really made her happy because during this time at home nothings really been done and this was something she’s been trying to get too. This made me feel that I’m able to help in tough moments and support ones I love with just a little random act of kindness at a time needed.

My last random act of kindness was at home also. My sister’s room is always messy, and it really bothered me one day. When I came home, I decided to spend the rest day cleaning her room. This took me a long time but eventually I got it done and it looked twice as better as before. When she arrived home, she was really happy to be able to actually see you floor and spend more time in there. This made me feel like I did something to help someone and know that things can be better when not just focusing on yourself.

Ambrielle C.
Blueberry Moment 18395
It was late one evening and me, my brother, and my parents decided to go out to eat. The weather was pretty cold, and the roads were starting to get a little icy and wet. We arrived to the restaurant and we walked inside and saw this older lady walking up to the register to pay for her food and I noticed that she was all by herself she was having a very bad time walking and she had a cane and her face was all stitched up and it looked like she had fallen down or had a surgery just recently. As she was waiting at the register to pay for her food, she dropped her cane and I walked over to help her pick it up. She thanked me and I walked back to my family to wait. She started to head towards the door, and I walked over and held it open for her. She told me thanks and that she really appreciated it. My dad walked over and told me that he was going to go help her out to her car to make sure that she wasn’t going to fall on the ice so I said ok. My dad arrived back inside the restaurant after helping her and told us that she ended up telling him that she just got done fighting cancer and that she had just had surgery on her brain. She told my dad and me thanks so much for helping her. That night I was very happy because I knew that I had made someone else happy and helped someone else out. It makes me happy when I do something nice for someone and it makes their day because then it makes my day. It makes me happy when I know that I made someone else happy. That made me realize that night that you should always help people out whenever they need it. Also always be very nice to everyone because you never know how much they could actually be going through.

Blueberry Moment 17755
Me and my mom decided to go to McDonald’s one day and just go through the drive through and get a drink. As my mom pulled up to the window to give the worker her money to pay for the drinks the worker told us that we were already paid for and everyone has been passing it on all day long. My mom thought it was a very nice thing so she just told the worker to have us pay for the person behind us. Even though it was just a little thing to do it still made me happy to hear that everyone had been doing it all day and that I had been a part of that. 

Blueberry Moment 17756
It was during Christmas time and me and my mom had baked some sugar cookies, chocolates, rock candy, peanut butter cups, and so much more and we had a ton of it so I asked my mom if I could bring some over to my neighbors across the road from me. My mom told me yes so, my mom got a Christmas tin and filled it up with all kinds of candies and I took it over to them. When I arrived, I knocked on the door and they answered it and I had told them that me and my mom had baked all kinds of candies and I wanted to give some to them. They were so happy and thanked me and it just made me happy because I made them smile and it made them happy.

Alea C.
Blueberry Moment 17792
I gave my teacher a frappe from McDonalds for my first Blueberry Moment. I decided to do it because it’s a kind thing to do. I was at school in the morning. She was really happy and she said, “That made my day.” It felt really good to do something kind for someone. 

Blueberry Moment 17791
So, for my second Blueberry Moment I gave my friend my Under Armour hoodie. I gave her that hoodie because I felt bad that her house caught on fire and she lost everything in it. I knew she liked brand stuff so I gave that hoodie to her. She was really thankful. I feel like people would be happyier when you do kind things instead of rude things.

Blueberry Moment 17793
For my final Blueberry Moment, I was in the fifth hour and I finished my assignments. So, all the Blueberries at Armstrong Middle School were making bracelets for charity. So, for my free time I made bracelets. I wasn’t there when they delivered them to charity, so I don’t know how they reacted, but it made me happy to do something nice for the Blueberries.

Sabrina D.
Blueberry Moment 17765 
I bought candy canes for my fourth hour teacher, which is Mrs. Banks. I also wanted to give it to the four people in my school who probably don’t get appreciated much, but they’re the most important. My fourth hour is writing, so I asked Mrs. Banks if we could write encouraging notes to her fifth hour and those people. She said yes and sent me and my friend Allison out with four candy canes and paper. The notes said “I am giving this sweet treat to because you probably don’t get appreciated that often but, you should. Thanks for making the school a great place.” Depending on who wrote it, Allison or I signed our name and we taped a candy cane on the paper. After we did that we hand-delivered them. I could tell that they loved it. I could tell that they really appreciated it by their expressions. I was so glad that they enjoyed it. Mrs. Banks said that her class really enjoyed it and told her to tell me thanks.

Addyson G.
Every weekend I go visit my grandpa either in a hospital or a nursing home to try to cheer him up by talking with him. I do this because I want to make him feel like he still matters. When I go see him, he likes it because I don’t only talk with him, I also do things for him that he can’t do on his own. This makes me happy because I know I’m doing something good for him. 

Every time it snows me and my little brother go to both of my next-door neighbors’ houses and shovel the walkway to their house. I do this because I want to help them out because one next-door neighbor is old and it is hard for her to do things like that, and the other next-door neighbors have a two and a five year old and are really busy. This makes me happy because I know that I am helping out others and making their life a little easier.

I help my mom with my little brother a lot by getting him off the bus, making sure he is ready for a sport if she is not home yet, and watching him on snow days or until she and my dad get home from work. I do this because it helps them out a lot. They are thankful for it because it makes the dal less stressful. This makes me happy knowing that I’m helping my parents out.

Abigail G.
Yesterday I was at dance auditions and I noticed a younger kid, who was having their first audition, was struggling to learn the choreography. So I took the time to go through the dance with them as many times as they needed for them to feel confident enough to do the steps in front of the adjudicators. This is a very small Blueberry Moment, but it made me feel so happy when they walked out of the audition with a big smile on their face.

For Valentine’s day I decided to show my friends how much I appreciate them by making them cards. Each of the cards were personalized with a variety of compliments and inside jokes. I included what I love about each of them and when they opened the cards, they all immediately smiled. I was glad they liked them so much and seeing them laugh at the jokes made me feel content. Though it may have been small, I could see the impact it had on them and their moods throughout the day.

Over quarantine I’ve been working around the house to help my grandparents and mom get stuff done faster. For example, small stuff like dishes, helping with dinner, and cleaning had a big impact on them, taking some stress off their shoulders. They felt at ease more often than not. This made me feel productive and accomplished.

Lilly G.
Blueberry Moment 17800
I helped one of my friends when he was upset about something.    

Blueberry Moment 18306
I shoveled the driveway so when my mom and dad got home, they didn’t have to do it.

Blueberry Moment 18389
I helped my mom clean the house while my dad was at work.

Alexander G.
I mowed the lawn.

I raked leaves. 

I shoveled snow for my parents.

Annalee H
Blueberry Moment 17424 
I helped out Mrs. Schmidt with a mess of textbooks by picking them up. I decided to do this because it was just the right thing to do to help out and to not have her have to do that on her break. Mrs. Schmidt was very appreciative. The experience impacted me by making me feel good because I made her happy.

Blueberry Moment 18360
My second Blueberry Moment is cheering for my friend Mary Bella in my art class. She was really appreciative of it. I decided to do this to boost her confidence. This experience impacted me by making me feel happy.

Blueberry Moment 18355
My third Blueberry Moment is helping Mrs. Schmidt make bracelets for the Makenna Squad. I decided to do this to help kids in the hospital feel better about themselves. The experience impacted me because it made me feel better about myself and I made some friends their

Peyton H.
On the day of our first Blueberry meeting I saw a student trip a sub and all of her lesson plans fell. Seeing this huge mess, I started to help thinking nothing of the sort in the classroom. She looked up after my arm extended and the shine in her eyes were practically indescribable, she seemed almost in shock that someone would do this. It was such a small action and impacted her so greatly. That night I couldn’t go to sleep thinking about those she reacted, how other kids just herded around her. It might sound cheesy but it’s true, one small act can really do wonders. 

I remember vividly the day I started sending these little reminders. They were all about building self-confidence and the recipients. I know and knew back then too, that girls in my school are suffering. They are suffering with a lack of confidence and insecurity in themselves. I thought that if I sent daily little messages of things like, “You’re beautiful!” or things like, “You are worth it!” then we would see some results. I am still obsessed with showing that these girls are wonderful people and I don’t want ANYONE feeling like they are simply not good enough. Results, well they were surprising to say the least. I saw all of the girls saying stuff like “thank you!” and “oh you too!” This leads to these compliments resting with these girls in two different ways. One way was denial, the other was acceptance. The acceptance is where my goal is. I’d like to propose if you ever find yourself sitting there bored, send some of these messages. In honor of those who need the little boost every morning or every night, send some out. I hope this is beneficial even though it is a small gesture this leads to big outcomes. This is nowhere near done so please help these individuals. They need our support. 

Although I’m just a kid, I’d like to make a difference. Difference is what changes people. We need change. So, like most people I was feeling bored as per usual and I decided that since this virus is taking up a lot of stress and anxiety in people’s lives I thought why don’t I start making sure all the correct information is spread. As you may have thought I went the social media route. I would post forums suggesting only articles from the CDC and the World Health Organization. I couldn’t believe how much kid information there was. I hope I relieved some stress and helped out some correct information get spread instead of the myths. This has helped me come to terms with the coronavirus. 

Blueberry Moment 20963
I found out that a boy was in need. The dad is on dialysis and he is ten. He lives with his grandma and for his birthday he only got a bike that was previously owned by a cousin of his. So, for Christmas my mom and I went to the store and bought many shirts, a few pairs of jeans and some toys. We bought a dinosaur coloring book called Crayola crayons. Plus, a cool egg where you can crack it open and build a dinosaur. We gave it to my mom’s office, and we found out he loved it and immediately started to do the dinosaur egg. In the end it made me feel great that I could help give a young kid an amazing Christmas.

Blueberry Moment 20962
I helped rake leaves for my elderly neighbors since they could not do much. It was early in the morning and I had just finished raking my leaves and so I thought that I still had time left and my sister was just about to come outside and help me. But since I finished, I told her I wanted to go and make the Lady across the street’s leaves, so we grabbed our rakes and bags and headed across the street. It took about two hours but when we finished there were no leaves left in the neighbor’s yard.

Blueberry Moment 20961 
I had just gotten home when I saw that the neighbor’s garbage cans along with mine were rolling down the street. So, I decided to go and grab them and return them to the rightful owner. 

Madelynn L.
Blueberry Moment 18350
When I was walking to second hour a kid fell on the floor. His papers were all on the floor, so I helped him pick up the papers. I did it because everyone was just walking past him. I didn’t want people to walk past and end up walking on his papers and getting them dirty. When I gave him the papers, I picked up he smiled and said thank you. It showed me that even if I could pick up the papers himself and I could have just walked past him like other people I just took five seconds to pick up some of his papers.

Blueberry Moment 18351
When I was going to fourth hour, I saw a kid in my same class having trouble getting her locker open. I asked her if she needed help and she said yes so I helped her. Once the locker was open, I helped carry some of her stuff to class. It made me happy that they won’t be late to class and they don’t have a bunch of heavy stuff to carry. She said thank you and she felt happy that she wouldn’t be late to class.

Blueberry Moment 18352
In the morning when we were waiting to go to the lockers the string on a girl’s backpack came undone so I helped her to fix her backpack. I was glad that I was able to fix her backpack, so it wasn’t broken and she had to buy a new one. She felt the same way. 

Hannah M.
For this Blueberry Moment, me and my mom were at Aldi. We were in the checkout line and there was an older lady next to us in the other line. She told the cashier that she needed to go get another water because she couldn’t lift it into her cart. I walked up to her and asked if she needed help. She said of course she did. I went to the back of the store with her and grabbed the water she needed and talked with her the whole way to the front of the store. I set the water down on the conveyor. She couldn’t stop thanking me. She did it about maybe 5-10 times while we were walking up. I did this because it looked as if she couldn’t do this herself. The experience impacted me because I know how hard it is for people sometimes to carry things because they aren’t as strong. I know now to help people on my own. 

For this Blueberry Moment, I posted this thing around Christmas time and tagged my mom in it on Facebook. It was a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate for an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve. My friend’s grandma, which was also my teacher in preschool, commented “do you need my address?” As a joke. I replied with yes, and what kind of popcorn do you like? And she said any kind. It was about two weeks from Christmas, so I went out and bought a big blanket, chocolate candy, popcorn and some hot chocolate and a card and brought it to her. She thought we were joking around, so I surprised her with it. I did this because I thought it would make her happy. This experience impacted me because she later texted me these exact words “thank you Hannah for my thoughtful gift. Every time I wrap up with the blanket, I will think of you. The chocolates are my very favorite thing in the world.” This made me feel really loved. 

This Blueberry Moment is the toys for tots. My dad works at GM local 598. We went there around Christmas to donate toys for kids who couldn’t afford them themselves. We ended up getting there a little late so we decided to help them pack up the toys into the truck. It took a good hour or two, and then we took a picture with them. This made me feel really good that I was helping other kids my age to get what they want. This experience impacted me because now I know to help people in need just like I would want them to help me if I was in their situation. 

Lydia M. 
Blueberry Moment 20955 
My first Blueberry Moment is when I went to the Humane Society and helped out by cleaning things and doing creations for the animals cages. Doing this made me feel helpful and kind.

Blueberry Moment 20956
My second Blueberry Moment is, I carried my friend’s things for her when she was on crutches and couldn’t carry her things herself. Doing these things for her made me feel like a good person.

Blueberry Moment 20957
My third Blueberry Moment is, I held the door open for people who were walking into the school behind me. Doing this made me feel happy.

Sarah M.
Blueberry Moment 18379
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to the humane society, I helped clean windows and make blankets for the dogs to sleep on. It was really fun to help out and make a difference in my community. The people there seemed really happy to have people help out and clean up to make the place look better. I did this for my Blueberry Moment because I love working with animals, so it seemed like a good choice. This experience impacted me by showing me that not all animals are treated right and have a place to live. It made me realize that animals are mistreated and deserve someone to care for them too. 

Blueberry Moment 18380
For my second Blueberry Moment I wrote a letter to my teacher. She had been teaching for thirty years and decided it was time for her to retire when her mom could no longer get around by herself. My friend and I typed a letter to her telling her about all of our favorite memories of her class. We told her how much we would miss her when she retired. I did this for my Blueberry Moment because I wanted my teacher to know how much we appreciated her. It made me happy when we gave her the letter and she said she would miss us.        

Blueberry Moment 18381
For my third Blueberry Moment my friend and I donated things to a police station. We donated things like coats, hats, mittens, dolls, and hygiene products. It made me happy to be able to help out. It felt good to know that people could stay warm because of what my friend and I did. 

Christopher O.
At my basketball game, me and my two friends joined another team because they were short people. When on the bench, I was talking to one of the players and he was really nice but didn’t get a lot of playing time, so I asked my friend who was on the team if he had ever scored and he said no, so I told the coach that we should let him score his first points (we were up by 20), so we told everyone that we only wanted him to score and then the other team saw what we were doing and they helped and then he was running out of time so the refs stopped the clock and then he scored and it made me very happy.          

I help my neighbor who is in her 80s and I normally take her trash out or bring in groceries for her.                                                                                                                                 

Because of the corona virus, my nana went up north to our cabin to be by herself, so she doesn’t get sick. So, my papa is home alone so most nights I ride my bike to his house and bring him food or I will help him with any chores or something.

Kylee P.
This yearm, we’ve been getting a lot of snow really early so we had a snow day, the snow was heavy and there are some older people in my neighborhood, so I decided to shovel their driveways and sidewalks. And after I finished, the lady came out and offered me $5 with a smile on her face and I just told her it’s okay I just did it to be nice. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, as we found out school would be out we started to think of a way for us to help out in our community without socializing so me and my family decided to pick up the garbage around our neighborhood. 

For my last Blueberry Moment, I heard about an older man who had his food stolen by some kids and during the Covid-19 times where we were supposed to be in self quarantine. So I asked if we could be a part of the donation that was being held by a lady my dad knew and we donated some food that could be held in a freezer or that would last like canned food just to help him get by and the best thing was that we did it to help not to gain attention 

Nicholas P.
Blueberry Moment 17738   
I saw kid helping his grandma upstairs and I thought that was a moment.

I help my parents bring in wood for our wood furnace. I cut and split and I picked up sticks around our yard for fires.

Abigail R.

Blueberry Moment 2050
I helped my friend when she was on crutches.

Blueberry Moment 2051
I helped my friend shovel her driveway when she was sick.

Blueberry Moment 2052
I help my friends when they need help with something in swim.

Kenzie R.
Blueberry Moment 20965 
One of my friend’s family members just got into a car accident and lost some memory and has to have stitches. So, what I did she was texting me about it and stuff and I just said that I am here with you and you are not fighting this pain alone. I know how it feels it has happened in my life that I am here for you if you need to talk to anyone about it don’t be scared, I am here for you and always will be. I said that but she won’t be at school tomorrow because of it but I said you can text or talk to me in person about it to make her feel better and so she can get through it easily. I felt really bad and hurt for what happened but me telling her she can talk to me about it she was so happy and could not stop thanking me.

Blueberry Moment 20966
For my second Blueberry Moment, I opened the door for an old lady that goes to my church when she was coming in for church. She is very sweet and kind to everyone all the time and she kind of struggles walking so I think it made her very happy and I could see the thankfulness on her face. 

Blueberry Moment 20967
This Friday was a valentines dinner and they did not have a lot of people to help decorate and set up for that. It’s an important event so my pastors wife, Jennifer asked me if I could go up there and help set up for the dinner. I just got out of school and I had other things to do at that time but I knew it was an important event, so I said yes and I decorated the walls and after when it was over I helped clean the mess up for them. 

Ava S.              
Blueberry Moment 17781
I went to Huckleberry Junction for my mom’s friend’s son’s birthday. So, my mom gave me and my siblings money to play the games some younger kids were trying to win some rubber ducks but lost so I used my extra money and won some ducks and gave them to some little kids two of the girls who were sisters said the weren’t theirs. I told them I was just giving them to them they ran over to their dad and said, “Dad look what this lady just gave us.” they looked happy and so I gave the other ones to other little kids.

Blueberry Moment 17780
My aunt was making cupcakes for my cousins birthday so I asked if I could help bake them. My aunt picked me up and we went and started baking all the chocolate cupcakes we then frosted them and made them look like Minecraft dirt blocks. Since my cousin likes Minecraft and chocolate, my cousin was happy about the cupcakes and we had a small birthday.

Blueberry Moment 17779
I was going to the store and I saw an old lady a mother and a toddler going into the store as well so I held the door open for them before I went in to be polite and helpful. They said, “Thank you” and went into the store, I went in after them when they were leaving the kid saw me and waved at me before walking out.

Sophia S.
My first Blueberry Moment is when I was at my house my older sister was very sick and she had diabetes and I stayed up until six in the morning and every hour I had to get up and check her blood sugar and make sure it was at a good condition and then I had to make her drink some water. I decided to this for my sister because I love my sister and nobody else was willing to do it for her. It made her feel like I was really caring for her. Knowing that I did something grateful for loved ones makes me happy

My second moment is when I went to my sister’s swim meet and they didn’t have enough timers so I decided to get some of my NJHS hours in my helping at her meet. I decided to do it because I didn’t want them to not have enough timers. The coach was really happy someone pitched in to help out and thanked me for it. This experience impact me by I made somebody feel good and made somebody’s day.

My third Blueberry Moment is when all the Blueberries had the option to write something nice on hearts for Valentine’s Day. So, I decided to write something nice to make peoples day. This impacted me because I know that I made somebody’s day. A lot of people thank us for those notes.

Megan S.
Blueberry Moment 18383
I decided to give back to the teachers in a simple way. I simply put a dollar on the vending machine along with a Blueberry Card and a note saying, “enjoy a snack.” I did it because I realize when a teacher is having a bad day sometimes to make that better a nice paid for snack will do the trick. I do not know how they reacted because I decided to do this anonymously. It impacted me because it made me feel good that I could make someone’s day with just a small gesture. Also knowing that someone is going to get a nice free snack made me feel really good. 

Blueberry Moment 18386
I decided that I should be thankful for the little things in life, for instance the local mail person. So, I decided to write him/her a thank you letter including a treat and of course a Blueberry Card. I did it because I realized mail people do not get many thanks. I do not know because I did this anonymously. It made me feel good knowing that the hardworking mail person would get a nice surprise that they are not used to. I helped a neighbor carry in their groceries. I saw him struggling with the groceries so I decided to help.

Layne S.
Blueberry Moment 17176
I walked into a dollar general helping my mom out with shopping when I saw an old lady struggling with her groceries so I rushed over to help her she offered me a little money but I refused and didn’t take it. Then I helped her to her car when my mom was finishing up, I felt amazing about it and I felt super.

Blueberry Moment 17177
I was at our b-code store and one of my friends didn’t have any b-codes, but I had plenty. So, I bought her something and she was thankful of me. It made me feel cool and nice.

Blueberry Moment 17175
It was a normal day and my mom and me went to go get some food from the school when we got back my mom said to go take some food to our neighbor she was pretty old so she was more at a risk to the virus and we didn’t want her to get sick so we gave her some of our food and I took it to her.

Logan S.
Blueberry Moment 17174
It was a Thursday, and I was going to Kroger to buy some food and other things. It was a very short time there. But then we finally got out of the store. I saw a man putting his groceries in his car. At first, I thought I should help put his groceries into his car. But then I lost the chance. But I then helped him put away his cart. He seemed surprised, but then I gave him the card and he asked what he would have done with the card. I told him that he should help someone and to help someone. He said alright and thanks. I said your welcome and we left.

Blueberry Moment 17175
So, this started like any other day, we needed to do some chores. And my brother didn’t want to do the dishes, so I volunteered and did all the dishes for him. And let’s just say he was glad. And me, I just wanted to do a simple act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 17173
This day was a hot spring day and we needed to do some yard work outside. My mom just got done mowing the front yard. And she told both me and my brother to go and help her rake the front yard. My brother did not come and played with our little sister. Mom helped me out and when she left, I had no choice but to rake the whole front yard all by myself. It was tiring but I got all the front yard raked and cleaned. And I put all the mowed grass into the yard bag 

Nia S.
Blueberry Moment 17796
One of my Blueberry Moments was when I helped out some of my mom’s kids in her classroom. One kid asked me to help zip up his coat and so I did and I also showed him how to zip up his coat. When he left to go to the carpet he saw one of his classmates struggling to zip her coat up. He showed her how to zip it up like how I showed him zip up his coat. What happened next was incredible. What happened next was that all the little kids saw how he had helped her and made her day so each of the kids asked if one another needed help on zipping up their coats and if the other kid said yes they would show them how to zip up their coat. That one big nice explosion just happened because I helped one little kid zip his coat.

Blueberry Moment 17794
This is how I invited a kid to play with me and my friends at a playhouse when they had no one to play with. The little kids were following us around and before I climbed into the bounce house, I asked them, “Do you guys want to play with us?” and they shook their tiny heads yes. So, then we played with them and bounced around passing a rubber ball. Soon more kids saw this, and they wanted to join in. So, we let them and then soon it became a big passing game with all these little kids with happy faces playing around with one another.

Blueberry Moment 17795
This is how me and a couple of my friends helped out a humane society full of animals. She wanted to help out some animals there, and so instead of asking for presents she asked for animal toys for the pets so then she can give them to the shelter. So, I wanted to be a part of that so I found as many things as I could find on the list and bought them. When her birthday was here, she was so happy at what I bought. It was the biggest bag out of all the bags there and it had the most stuff inside of it. She was so happy. But days later she sent me a message that she went to the shelter and the people that work there were so happy that we all had donated these things. In the picture she had wide smile on her face and holding a fluffy puppy that had a sign on it that said, “thank you.”

Amelia S.
Blueberry Moment 20921
I was walking down the hallway with my books in my hands. Then a kid dropped all his snacks. I hurried over to help him. He was kind of nervous that he dropped them all and barely noticed me until I handed him what I picked up. He looked at me, and took his snacks, he gave me a little smile. I smiled and went to my class. I know it wasn’t anything big, but I had a feeling that it helped him a lot. Some people forget that a little thing like that can make anyone feel better and you feel good.

Blueberry Moment 20922
The student teacher in my Spanish class was leaving, and I wanted to make a poster for her. So, me and my friend worked really hard to finish it. The day she was leaving we went into her class and gave her a card and the poster we made. She was so happy, and we thanked her for everything she had done for us. I still miss her so much, but I hope I let her know how much we all appreciated her for everything she did.

Blueberry Moment 20923
I was at my sister’s school waiting for her conferences and was sitting in front of the office by the door. That day was really windy, and it had just snowed. While I was sitting the wind became faster and a man walked out, and all his papers flew everywhere, in the snow on the sidewalk. So, I rushed out to help him, I helped as much as I could to get all the papers he dropped. I picked up all that I could and handed him the papers, he thanked me and hurried out of the wind. I went through the rest of the day thinking that just helping someone just a little bit can help them. I went through the rest of the day with a smile. 

Kady T.
I was at Walmart and I saw that there were carts all over the place and then I saw the worker that collected the carts and took them into the store so I collected the carts that were just thrown everywhere and stuck them together so it was easier for the guy that returned the cart he was really grateful when he saw me help him.

I was at Meijer in the clothes and I was looking for clothes and this lady call herself fat and ugly so I spoke up and said you are not fat or ugly she smiled and said thank you and that I made her day I said your welcome and that nobody should talk about themselves like that 

I noticed that my neighbor had a lot of garbage to take to the road yesterday. I went outside and helped her get all of the garbage to the rode she thanked me and she offered to pay me five dollars but I said no thank you and that I was just trying to help and I didn’t want money she said ok and thanked me and then went inside.

Maddison V.
I went to Kroger and I saw there was a shorter lady trying to reach something on the top shelf and she was taking her cane trying to get it. So, I got it for her. I did it because she couldn’t reach, and she looked older and I knew she needed help but would not ask for it. She was very happy about it and she said, “Oh, thank you honey,” as she smiled happily. This experience made me want to help people more often.

This girl was all alone so I decided to move over next to her because I did not want her to feel all alone and we made a friendship with a stranger even though I knew I’d never see her again.

I heard my sister was upset and even when I had a negative opinion, I just sat there silently listening to her because I didn’t want to make it worse and I gave her advice instead of making her feel like I didn’t care.

Annika Y.
In my neighborhood there was a lady struggling with her groceries, so I went up to her and helped her out. She was very grateful and was really happy.

I helped a girl that dropped all of her papers and things all over the floor. Me and another girl helped her pick up her things.

Alyssa B. 
My first Blueberry Moment was when I was walking down the hallway during passing time and I saw someone was sad cause they were crying so I knew I was most likely going to be late if I help this girl but I did anyways and I asked her what was wrong and she just looked so surprised and I think this girl was in sixth grade but she continued to say I have to go to my class but thanks for trying to help. And so that was basically it. This experience impacted me to be happy even though I got in trouble for being late. But for the rest of the day I felt like I did something good.

Kennedy C.
Blueberry Moment 18343
A few days before valentine’s day, me and my brother made valentines cards for the kids at Hurley. Even though we did not get to see the kids, we still made cards. Me and my brother spent a lot of time for these kids at Hurley. It made me happy that we did this for these kids.

Blueberry Moment 18398 
It’s right around Thanksgiving time and my mom and my family were on our way to my grandma’s house around 3:00. I helped my granny put up the food because I knew she was tired from cooking all day in a hot kitchen for our family the least I could do was help her clean up and put up for the night. My granny appreciated the help when someone is kind to me. I like to show kindness back to them. I gave this card to my granny explaining to her how the Blueberry Moments worked once I realized I had been doing a Blueberry Moment without even noticing it.

Blueberry Moment 18399 
The Blueberries as a group decided to put in time after school were, we could find a lot of things to do other than spending another hour at school to do something nice. It was around Christmas time and we met in our Blueberry leader’s classroom. All those following two weeks’ toys have been collected and so have stockings. We gathered a lot of toys. Our plan was to put the toys in stockings and give them to the kids in the hospital for Christmas. And we also put some aside for the Toys for Tots fundraiser that went on every year. This was just a simple kind thing to do because I think no one should have to be down on a holiday or even spend a holiday in the hospital because that’s no fun at all so we thought we could bring them some cheer or at least a smile after all that’s what blueberries do. 

Emma E.
Blueberry Moment 18400
I was in math class and I asked my table if they needed highlighters, only one person said they did. I walked over to the box and grabbed a pair for both of us. I wasn’t expecting it to be a nice moment, I was just getting us some highlighters for notes, and to try and be friendly. They smiled and it seemed to put them in a good mood. As cliché as this sounds, their smile genuinely made me feel good. Maybe they helped somebody else out that day, who knows? All I know is that that one small moment made me feel good for the rest of the day.

My friend was going through something one night, it was pretty late. I didn’t care how late it was, I wanted to help my friend. I called her on the phone, since I couldn’t be there in person, and we talked about the hard times she had been going through. I reassured her I was always going to be there, and I was sure to try and make her laugh. It always makes me happy when I’m able to help others, in big or small ways. That time wasn’t any different, especially considering she is one of my best friends, I was very happy to help. Before we hung up, she thanked me and told me goodnight, so I could tell I helped her truly, when I knew she was thankful. It means I did well. People don’t have to be grateful, but I’m happy she was, because that means it meant something to her, enough to make her smile.

Recently, with all of this quarantine business going on, we had to get some groceries before things ran out. While my family went out to do that, I stayed home with my uncle, little cousins, and two sisters. In total, there were six of us there, meaning five kids, including myself. That would be kind of a handful to deal with for a few hours. I was sure to stay quiet and help with the other kids when I could, as to not give my uncle too much trouble watching us. He asked me to pick up the living room before he vacuumed it, and I was sure to do that. I felt responsible, helping to keep the house clean. I’m sure my uncle felt a little more relaxed that he didn’t have too much to do. Little kids are still crazy though, so I helped the best I could. I’m sure he appreciated it that I even tried though. Mostly everyone sat watching movies, so all in all, it wasn’t too bad.

Lia E.
I went to Planet 3 and one of the safety monitors was filling in a hole in a foam pit and I offered to help her fill in the hole because, she was yelling at people all day to not dig holes in the pit. It made me feel good she thanked me and gave me a huge and said she was happy that I cared. 

Ethan B.
My Blueberry Moment was organizing Operation Gratitude for my school. I opened this up to several elementary and middle school students to participate in sending cards, letters and pictures to deployed troops for the holidays. I did this because I think our American Heroes deserve to be appreciated and I want them to know how thankful we are for their sacrifice to our country. I hope when they receive these special items it will put a smile on their face as they continue their hard work in making our world a safer place to live

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