Lake Fenton Torrey Hill Intermediate School Blueberry Ambassadors volunteer at local assisted living home

Lake Fenton Torrey Hill Intermediate School, coordinator Lorri Melynchek
When we began our Blueberry Ambassador program in Lake Fenton, I asked the students what they wanted to do in order to spread kindness in our community. One of their very first suggestions was to visit an assisted living home. They were very excited about this possibility. So, on Monday, December 10th, the students of Torrey Hill Intermediate School had the opportunity to visit Courtyard Manor in Fenton. There the students made a holiday craft and read picture books to the residents. Most of the residents at Courtyard Manor have Alzheimer’s. Many of them are non-verbal. But, this did not stop our students from engaging so wonderfully with the residents. The Blueberries talked to the residents, they asked them questions, they helped the residents with their crafts. The children read the residents books and also asked them about their families. Finally, the students went around the manor to visit with those that could not leave their rooms. We cannot wait to go back and visit again with our new friends within our community.

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