LakeVille Columbiaville Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors come together to better their community

Lakeville Columbiaville Elementary, coordinator Tabitha Perdue

As first year Blueberry Ambassadors, we placed much focus on group activities! Starting the year strong, our Blueberry Ambassadors volunteered to assist counting money for our school wide Veteran’s Day fundraiser – a penny war between classes! We volunteered to take all the coins raised to the bank for official counting! As it was a penny war, we had a lot of work to do! The money was then donated to the Veteran’s Hospital during a Veteran’s Day assembly. 
Aja: “It was nice to help.” 
Robbie: “The school raised over $1000!”

Our Blueberry Ambassadors then participated in a kindness challenge. Activities included giving a compliment, inviting someone to join in the fun, offering to help someone and holding the door open – just to name a few! The group took the challenge with excitement and were always eager to share their experiences!
McKenna: “We got to be kind to people!”
Aeris: “I helped by making me and my sister’s bed. To help my mom.” 
Aja: “I got to help my friend.”

For the holiday season our Blueberry’s continued the kindness challenge, with a Santa beard countdown! The challenge was also placed in the hallway near the gym so the entire school could participate! 
Kelsi: “It gave me ideas of how to be kind.”
Aeris: “I gave out a kind note. I like drawing and making things for people.”

With school participation on the mind, our Blueberry’s created a bulletin board “What is Kindness” in which they all filled out hearts with what kindness means to them. The bulletin board is located by the front door so parents and students can be reminded what kindness means to us! 
Kelsi: “I like that people can look at it when they walk by and get ideas of how to be kind.” 
KcKenna, “It looks pretty.” 
Aeris, “It stands out!”

Our current focus is on gratitude! During a meeting, our Blueberry’s made post cards for our teachers to show them how much they mean to us! Our Blueberries were also given a 30 day Gratitude Journal! 
Charlotte: “It has a nice message. We really appreciate our teachers and we want them to know.”
MeKenna: “They say you are awesome and stuff. It makes the teachers feel happy!”

This spring we will have exciting news for our school and community! We have a Free Little Library being built and donated to us! Our Blueberry Ambassadors will pay for the initial registration and then will be in charge of collecting books to keep it filled! We are very excited for this and look forward to the challenge of sharing books will our community! Overall, our Blueberry Ambassadors were able to show kindness to their families, school and community. We loved working on group activities together for this inspiring pay-it-forward campaign! 

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