Linden Central Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors help strangers through the winter season

Linden Central Elementary, coordinator Krystn Carriger

Reed Kruger
Blueberry Blueberry Card 9213
I gave a present to a little kid. I think they liked it and I was happy.

Blueberry Card 9212
I baked cookies for Caretel. I took them up to the front desk and she was happy.

Blueberry Card 9214
I paid for the people behind me at the drive thru. The girl waved and said thank you.

Kyle Dresky
Blueberry Card 9461
My brother, neighbor, and I were playing in a field behind our house. Out of nowhere, a dog appeared. He was barking at us but appeared friendly. I have two dogs of my own so I felt comfortable attempting to see if he had a name on his collar. It turned out that it was a neighbor’s dog that lived on the other side of the subdivision. My brother and neighbor didn’t want to stop playing, so I walked the dog back to its owner. When I brought him back, they were surprised and thanked me for bringing him home.

Blueberry Card 9463
My mom works at an Elementary school in Pontiac. She came home one day and told me, my brother, and my sister about a boy she worked with that day. She said that he had old clothes and shoes that were falling apart. I had the idea to give that boy a pair of my own shoes. They weren’t brand new, but they looked like it. They were a pair of black, high top basketball shoes. I went into the basement where our old shoes are kept and found the perfect pair. I gave them to my mom, and she gave them to him the next day. Although I wasn’t there to see his reaction, but my mom said that he had a huge smile.

Blueberry Card 9462
My dad was shoveling snow after the snowstorm. Our neighbors were in Florida and had not shoveled their driveway. We knew they were going to be home later that day, so I asked my dad if I could shovel their driveway. He said that would be a great idea and let me use one of our shovels. It took a long time because they had a giant driveway. I got it done just as they were pulling in their driveway. They were surprised and thanked me for taking care of it for them.

Lauren Goodman
Blueberry Card 9483
I went to Carriage Town and passed out bags that had toiletries, food, and water in them so I could help the less fortunate.

Blueberry Card 9484
We do a Christmas Eve sermon at our church and we had little invites that we pass out. I passed some out in my neighborhood for my church.

Blueberry Card 9482
I went to Culver’s with my family and there are little things called a “Scoopy Token” and I earned a volleyball and a football. I didn’t need two so I gave my football to a little boy.

Addyson Sturgis
Blueberry Card 9486
My softball team and I went to Carriage Town Ministries and passed out bags full of food, water, a blanket, socks, gloves, and toiletries to help the needy. These bags are called Snuggle Sacks.

Neveah Hatfiled
Blueberry Card 9493
Recently my dad, my brother and I went to Castaway Play Cafe. When we were buying our mystery prize, there was a boy who also wanted to buy a prize. He was short so I gave it to him so he could get a prize too.

Blueberry Card 9491
On Friday October 14th, my mom and I went to my brother’s school Hyatt Elementary to pick him up. While we were waiting for him to be dismissed from his class, I noticed a little girl crying. So, I walked up to her to see what was wrong and she told me that she was scared and sad her mom wasn’t there. So, I waited with her and told her it would be okay. Then one of her other classmates came to sit and wait with her. I felt sad for the girl but was happy I could make her feel better.

Blueberry Card 9492
One day at school I was in the hall going to get my snack from my locker. I noticed a girl at my school was carrying too many things at once and it looked like she was going to drop something. So, I offered to help carry something for her. She said thank you and I was happy to help her.

Chloe Josephson
Blueberry Card 9479
Mrs. Fitzgerald was kind of sad so I gave her one of my bracelets that I got at the Blueberry Ambassador assembly. Then she said “thank you Chloe”. Mrs. Fitzgerald seemed to feel better and way happier.

Luke Haney
Blueberry Card 9471
I held a can drive in my school to try to collect non-perishable food for needy families in our area. We only collected about a dozen cans and I did not feel like this was enough, so we asked everyone who came to our family holiday party to bring cans as well. We delivered the cans to a church in Linden where they have a food pantry.

Nicole Horst
Blueberry Card 9624
My first act of kindness was making chocolate chip cookies for my neighbors.

Blueberry Card 9463
My second act of kindness was paying for a family’s meal at Taco Bell.

My last act of kindness was donating food cans for my soccer club’s food drive.

Ella Van Norman
For my Blueberry moment, me and my friend raised $21.00 for Adopt-A-Pet. We got to see lots of the animals and one of the kittens had a bandage around its chest. A couple of days later, we got a letter from Adopt-A-Pet saying thank you and the money helped the medical health.

Brooke Peterson
I helped shovel my neighbor’s driveway two times. I held the door open for a couple people at Panera. I went skiing and a little kid fell and his dad was already down the mountain so I helped him get his skis on.

Kayli Cosmi
I helped this charity called “Snuggle Sac” by putting things like tooth brushes, tooth paste, blankets, shampoo and conditioner, just things like that into a bag. Then I would give them to people who are homeless or just in need.

I shoveled my driveway for my dad because he was very busy. He was very thankful after. I felt super good for doing that for my dad.

I helped this nice lady who was coming out of the grocery store carry her bags to her car. She looked like she was struggling a bit so I decided to help her.

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