Linden Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors “feel good inside” after completing acts of kindness

Linden Elementary, coordinator Melissa Wolford

Isabella Abbott
I knew my friend wouldn’t have a snack for school so I decided before I left for school, I would make her a snack. I got a baggie and filled the bag with Cheezits. Snack time was in the afternoon and I had asked my friend if she had a snack and she said she didn’t so I gave her the bag of Cheezits and she was happy and thanked me for it.

Jacob Knapp
My mom and I went to Tim Horton’s and we went through the drive through and I asked my mom if we could pay the person behind us order. She said yes and we told the cashier that we were going to pay for the vehicle behind us and asked if they would give that person in the vehicle the Blueberry Card.

Adalyn Wildeman
My mom and I started brainstorming ideas for things to do. We decided on bringing my teacher morning coffee she said, “Thank you that was so nice of you!” I think my teacher felt good. When I was getting the coffee I was nervous. But, after I gave her the coffee to her I felt good that I did it. When I did that nice it made me want to do more nice things.

My grandma needed help painting a wall and she asked for my help and I did it. I think my grandma felt good and happy that I was available when we were done my grandma was smiling and she said, “thank you.”  I think when my grandma looks at the wall, she will remember the nice think I did. When I was painting the wall, I felt really good and happy to paint the wall and help my grandma.

I bought coloring books and crayons with my own money. Then, we drove down to the Hurley Hospital and we gave the coloring books and crayons to the kids in the hospital. I picked this to do because the kids were bored in the hospital so it gave them something to do. I felt really good when I did it.  

Logan Poag
Blueberry Moment 16689
For the first Blueberry Moment, I went to my grandma’s work. She works in a nursing home.  When I got there, I realized that some of the people there needed help learning the games they where playing. I read the rules and helped everybody who needed help so we could all play fun games. After all the games, I helped clean up the room that we played in. The director was so happy that I was helping her and saving her time, so I gave her the Blueberry Card. It made feel good inside to do that for her.

Blueberry Moment 16679
One day, my mom was very stressed about work. I asked if I could go into her work and help her. She let me come into her work and I opened and sorted mail for a couple hours. Her boss was so happy that the pile of mail was almost gone. They felt less stressed so I gave my mom’s boss the Blueberry Card.  I was so relieved my mom was in a good mood when I got home.        

Blueberry Moment 16653
My grandma let me go to her cabin up north this winter. When we arrived, there was a lot of snow on the deck. Since she let me use her cabin, I decided to shovel the snow off the deck for her. When she saw the deck was cleared, she gave me a big hug.  I gave her the Blueberry Card. This made me happy to help my grandma out.

Stone Gooding
I decorated cookies for the police officers and firemen of Linden. I decided to do this because they save our lives every day. I said who I was and I got a picture with a police officer. He reacted by saying, “Thank you bud.” My heart was so happy, you could not believe what I just did.

I decided to take my aunt Nicki flowers. I wanted to do this because she has done a lot for me lately. She was so surprised. She gave me a hug. It filled my heart.I put notes in the staff mailboxes at school and put mints in the office. I did this because it would cheer everybody up. Afterward, I felt like that was the right thing to do. It made me feel joyful as can be!

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