Linden Hyatt Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors value the smiles of district members

Linden Hyatt Elementary, coordinator Stephanie Rueckert

Hyatt’s third grade Blueberry Ambassadors collected hot chocolate, chapstick, and little candies and put them in a bag. We waited outside on a very cold morning for the bus drivers to arrive. We had painted signs and when the bus drivers pulled up, they were very surprised. Each bus driver got a little bag of goodies. They all had smiles on their faces, took lots of pictures and waved at us.

For our Blueberry Moment, we helped our librarian sort pizzas for a Little Caesar’s sale. We put pepperoni on one table and then we put cheese on another table and so on.

As Blueberry Ambassadors and Student Counselors, we do things with the kindergartners like cup stacking and bowling. Our gym teacher, Mrs. Wright asked for help with the kindergartners. We have to be as helpful as we can with the kindergarteners so, we did exercises with them and helped them knock down the pins when they bowled.

Sidney Shepard

One day after school, I went to the Linden police department and gave them coffee because they work very long. I think they deserved it because they do a very good job.

Keaton Hatfield
Blueberry Moment 11826
While walking into my sister’s school at Central Elementary, I noticed trash in the grass. So, I picked it up and threw it away.

Gracie Campbell
For our Blueberry Moment, we went shopping for treats like chocolate and coffee. We collected all of the treats and but them on a table so Mrs. Stroble and Mrs. Smith

wouldn’t find it. When it was all collected and bagged up, we put it on a cart and rolled it to the pod. We grabbed the bags and looked for Mrs. Stroble and gave the bag to her. She was so surprised and then we hugged. Then, we gave a bag to Mrs. Smith. She was so happy too and we all hugged.

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