Linden Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors appreciate the ‘smaller things of life’

Linden Middle School, coordinator Anne Strong

Karsyn Teffner
My first random act of kindness had started out as any other ordinary day, walking down the hall. I had turned a corner and almost ran into two kids, they were sprinting as if I wasn’t even there. They ran past me and as I had turned into the direction I had been walking, I saw a girl from my grade that I had occasionally talked to, but not often. She was on the ground picking up what looked like all the contents of her pencil case. As I approached, I asked what had happened. She said that two kids had unzipped her pencil case, dumped out all of its contents and ran away. As she finished the story, her and I were almost done picking up several pencils, a calculator, and an uncountable amount of colored pencils. We stood up, she thanked me, I gave her a Blueberry Card, and we went our separate ways. Since then, I have become pretty good friends with her. If I hadn’t helped her, that day could have been any ordinary day, but instead it ended up making my day so much better than ordinary.

My second random act of kindness had occurred at the entrance to Walmart. It had been a couple of days before Christmas and the men and women that ring the bells for the Salvation Army Kettle had still been standing out in the cold. As we walked toward the entrance to the store, I had the brilliant idea to donate twenty dollars to the Salvation Army and as I did so, I gave the man standing there the Blueberry Card. 

Nora Rowden
Blueberry Moment 12969
For my Blueberry Moment, I was at the store and I saw an elderly women who had dropped a fan she was buying. When I saw this, I ran over to her, picked the fan up and put it back in her shopping cart. I gave her a Blueberry Card because I thought that doing this was a significant random act of kindness that wasn’t like holding the door for someone because that is something that I would do on an everyday basis.

Landon Shayna
I spent my Christmas break up north with family friends where I helped his Uncle Jimmy paint, hang TV”s and move bedrooms. I was not asked to help one time, I just felt the need to offer. I try to always make things fun.

I always holding doors for people. I help my family carry in bags from the car, putting things away without having to be asked. Recently, my mom had the flu. I made sure the dishes were clean and put away and that she always had something to eat and drink.

Krysta Logie
Blueberry Moment 12955
It was a normal evening, I was sitting in my room playing a game on my phone. Then I receive a text in a group chat with my friends Lily and Courtney. The text message was from Lily, and it said that my friend’s mom was in the hospital after having a blood vessel pop in her head. I was immediately concerned and was freaking out. I called her back to see if everything was okay, but she was doing well in surgery. When my friend showed up to school the next day, I surprised her with a plate of cookies. She was so appreciative for the surprise. But even more, I felt so good that I made my friends day just a little better, even after what she has just been through.

Blueberry Moment 12956
It all started when Linden got hit with a cold, windy, snowstorm. I got home from school one afternoon, and saw that there was a lot of snow on the ground. I helped my mom shovel our own driveway, but I noticed that my neighbor’s driveway was untouched. My neighbor is always away from his house because he is in the military, helping our country. After I finished shoveling my driveway, I decided to go over and shovel his driveway for him. I left a Blueberry Card in his mailbox so he would not know it was me. I was glad that he would have a clean driveway to come home to after his work was done.

Blueberry Moment 12965
On Christmas Eve, my family got together to celebrate the holidays. When my aunt and uncle’s family left to go to church, my grandma still needed to go to church too. So, my grandma and I went back to her apartment to wait to go to church. We didn’t want to leave my grandma alone for a few hours, especially on Christmas Eve, so I said that I would go with her. I helped her get ready to go to church, and cleaned up her apartment a little. But most importantly, I kept her company, I gave her someone to talk to. It was comforting knowing that my grandma would be safe, and I was happy to keep her company.

Max Ciesielski
My first Blueberry Moment was when I put a Blueberry Card in a note that I sent overseas to our fighting servicemen.

My last Blueberry Moment was when I put a Blueberry Card in a backpack that my mom was giving away to a kid that could not afford one.

Grant Bentley
It was the weekend after Christmas when one of our neighbors went on a vacation. Earlier, before they left, they asked if I could watch their dog for them while they were gone. So, I agreed. I watched, let out, and fed their dog for the three days. After their trip was over, on their way home, they stopped off to pay me. When they came to the door, I said, “Have you been home yet?” They replied no. I told them to keep their money and when they get home they will see why. At their house, I had left a note saying I hoped they had a good vacation and left a Blueberry Card.

It was late on a Wednesday night, when I was heading to my Catechism class, that I saw the bell ringer at Walmart. We drove to the closest McDonalds and ordered one large hot chocolate. We drove back to Walmart where the man still stood ringing the bell. We approached with the hot chocolate. He had a nice tone to his voice when he responded he couldn’t have it. Since there is a VG’s across the street, we drove over there and offered the lady the hot chocolate. When we gave her it, she asked why we did it. I responded, “A random act of kindness.” When I gave her the Blueberry Card, I was about to tell her about Blueberry Ambassadors when she said she had heard of us before in the newspaper. This experience helped me realize people can even show joy over the smaller things of life.

Jilian Duguid
Blueberry Moment 12942
I gave my teacher, Ms. Adams, a card thanking her for taking me to the movie theater with my class.

Blueberry Moment 12940
I decorated my grandma’s tree for her. She thought the tree looked nice.

Blueberry Moment 12941
I donated clothes to Goodwill, so that other people can benefit from it.

Reygan Acox
The reason I gave away one of my Blueberry Cards is because I found a phone in the hallway. I found the person who the phone belonged to, gave them the phone, and the Blueberry Card.

The reason I gave away one of my Blueberry Cards is because someone was cold. So, I gave them my sweatshirt, then I gave away the Blueberry Card.

The reason I gave away one of my Blueberry Cards is because someone forgot their gloves at home. I walked up to them and said, “Do you need my gloves?” Then I gave them my gloves and my Blueberry Card.

Ella Miner
Blueberry Moment 11986
My teacher, Mrs. Molnar, was stressed out because the kids were giving her a hard time about the field trip and I felt bad for her and I wanted to do something nice. Something to show her that we are happy for what she’s doing and we do appreciate it. So, I asked her what her favorite treat was and wrote a note telling her how great a job she was doing dealing with us annoying kids. I gave it to her the day of the field trip right when we were ready to get on the bus to go back to school. She was very happy and she gave me a hug. The next day she wrote me and my mom a thank you note. She told me that she ate all the candy I had given her when she got back to her classroom. I was really glad that I was able to make her happy and it made me happy too.

Blueberry Moment 11985
My mom was really stressed out because of work and that we have company coming over for Christmas. So, I wanted to help her out but I didn’t want to give her the Blueberry Card after doing one thing so I kept doing stuff for her. For Christmas, I cleaned and set all the 17 plates out on the different tables. Then, after that, when she was stressed out, I laid on the couch with her and I played with her hair until she fell asleep since she said that was how she could relax. When I gave her the Blueberry Card, she started to cry and she told me that I helped her so much with the Christmas party and helped to relax when she was on the breaking point of stress. Seeing her happy that much made me really happy and I didn’t really think I did that much.

Blueberry Moment 11987
My mom’s friend, Miss Rebekah, has been a very kind and thoughtful friend to my mom and I can tell that having her around my mom is making my mom very happy. I only want to see my mom happy because it makes me happy. So, I got her a thank you card and gave her a scarf my mom said that she really likes getting cards and the scarf was just extra. She was happy with it and that also made me glad that she was happy with such a small gift. Seeing her happy with a small gift, made me think that when you do something nice for someone you don’t have to make it big and fancy, just something that shows you care.

Olivia Burke
It was a colder winter day and the temperature started to drop. My friend did not come prepared and was wearing a short sleeve shirt, and forgot a jacket. She was freezing and was on the edge of getting frostbite. It was her lucky day, I brought an extra coat because I knew it was getting colder. I lent her my extra jacket and she started to get warmer. She thanked me for saving her a trip to the doctor’s office and that’s when I gave her the Blueberry Card. She was confused about it but I explained it to her and she said, “I’d be glad to do something nice for someone not even thinking about it.” So, she now has to follow the chain.

There was this girl that was having a rougher week. I didn’t know her that well we had one or two classes together, we were at lunch when the special moment happened. I started eating lunch when she sat down with her lunch box. I watched her for a minute or so, and she pulled out two things: a sandwich and a water then crumpled up her brown paper bag . I thought to myself, “wait a minute that’s all she has,” I was shocked. I went over being courageous and said, “Is this all you have to eat?” she said, “Yes,” in a shy voice. I remembered I had a Blueberry Card in my coat pocket I thought I’ll pass on kindness. So, we have this ala-carte where you could get ice cream, chips, pop tarts and a lot more. I get up there and I see the perfect thing to get her. I grab a bag of Doritos and an ice cream sandwich and I went and sat down. I grabbed the Blueberry Card out of my pocket and I walked over to her three-person table and said here take this and have a good day while setting down the Blueberry Card and said pass on the kindness. The next day I looked over at her table and still the same kids sitting there but something was different she had a huge smile on her face and she had an apple and a pop tart sitting where the emptiness was.

It was the last hour of the day on a Friday and I was super happy because it was the end of the week. It was a busy and crazy day with a paper due Monday and a bunch of other things new that I had learned. But I saw something different that day with Mrs. Strong. She had a frown and you could tell she has had a long day. Then an idea popped into my head. The perfect way to bring a smile someone’s face is always thanking them and giving them compliments. It’s perfect, I said to myself. I grabbed a lined piece of paper and I started with, “Dear Mrs. Strong, I saw you were having a hard day and thought you needed some cheering up.” I thanked her for how much work she put into our activities we do in social studies and I also thanked her for telling us the truth when we didn’t really want to be told if there was going to be no snow day tomorrow. Every day in advisory, before we go into our next class she says have a wonderful day and that makes it worth going to school every day just to hear those four words. And I wanted to give her some appreciation for her work and boldness. I attached my last Blueberry Card and folded it up nicely and set it on her desk. She is the best teacher I have had since preschool and I want to get her for social studies next year.

Emma Lurvey
Blueberry Moment 12950
I was walking in the hall at school and I saw someone drop their books. I went over and picked them up. I handed them a Blueberry Card and they thanked me for helping them.

One day, my friend and I were at the store buying candy. We picked the kind we wanted and went to the front to purchase it. My friend went to get her money out of her pocket and she realized she left it at home. I told her I would buy it for her, I gave her the Blueberry Card and told her what it was all about. I made her smile.

My mom and I went through the McDonald’s drive thru and when we went to pay I told my mom I wanted to put five dollars toward the order behind us. So, I handed the lady a Blueberry Card and asked her to give it to the car behind us.

Caden Ball
Blueberry Moment 12943
My first Blueberry Moment was found online. On Sunday, November 5, my mom read an article on a news website. She told me that a young boy has cancer in his brain. The doctors said that he would die before Christmas. His wish was to celebrate Christmas early. His message to everyone across the U.S. that he told was to celebrate his last Christmas. He loved and cared for Christmas very much. The story touched me very much, so I decided to send him a Christmas card. I also put a little message to spread the Blueberry Card I gave to him. The card was nicely written with love and care. I hope that his wish came true!

Blueberry Moment 12945
My second moment was a challenge made by my Blueberry leader. Her challenge to everyone was to give away a Blueberry Card in school. I gave my Blueberry Card to my friend after third hour. He got hurt in hockey and he was on crutches and he needed help carrying his books to the next class, so I helped him. He was sure to pass the Blueberry Card around too.

Blueberry Moment 12944
My third moment happened when the Linden Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors, including myself, went Christmas caroling. We were assigned to make three dozen cookies all packaged up to give to people. I put a Blueberry Card in a random bag and waited to give it away. We went to a restaurant to carol and my perfect time happened. I gave my bag of cookies with my card in it to a middle-aged couple. They thanked me and said, “Merry Christmas!”

Alyson Kelly
My first Blueberry Card I gave to Grace. I was in line at ala-carte (at school) and whoever was behind me in line, I was going to let them pick out whatever they wanted. Grace was very surprised. At first, she didn’t know what the Blueberry Card was for. Then I explained what the Blueberry card meant. She said thank you and I felt happy for doing it.

My second Blueberry Card, I gave to Destiny. She is a girl suffering from terminal cancer and she wanted Christmas cards for Christmas. So, I made her a card and put a Blueberry Card inside of the card. I decided to do this because I wanted to bring joy to her Christmas and make it more magical. This experience impacted me by making me thankful for what I have.

Blueberry Moment 12946
For my third Blueberry card, I bought the person behind me their meal. My mom and I were in the drive thru at McDonald’s in Fenton and we decided to do this random act of kindness. I’m not quite sure how the person reacted, but I’m sure they were filled with joy. This experience impacted me knowing little things such as buying someone’s meal could make their day.

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