Montrose Carter Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors donate items and kindness to Santa’s Workshop

Montrose Carter Elementary, coordinator Shawn Compton

Owen Leitelt
We washed apples and we made trains for Santa and hung posters all over the school. We also gave bags to the new students at our school. I, myself, did all the yard work for a 70 year old man. Also, when my grandma was in the hospital, I went to play Parcheesi with her. I enjoy being a Blueberry Ambassador.

Jacob Brandt
The group projects included making Christmas trains to help the Santa’s Workshop and we gave RAM bags to the new people who came to our school this year. I liked when I donated the winter stuff to the senior center so they can go outside for the winter. I really like Blueberry Ambassadors because I like helping people. 

Trinity Lee
I gave my neighbors Rice Krispy Treats and a plant. It felt good doing this for them. Also, I really enjoyed being a Blueberry Ambassador.

Makenna H.
I like being a Blueberry Ambassador because I like helping people. We made some trains for Santa. I felt good about it. We gave some gift bags and I felt happy to hand them out. We made some cards for people and I felt happy doing this.

I gave three bags of clothes to a store for kids and it felt good.

I gave some bags of blankets and toys to homeless dogs.

My family and I went out to dinner and I saw a man eating by himself. I wanted to do a great thing, so I asked to pay for his dinner. I felt really great after that.

This month, I tried to be a good Blueberry Ambassador by smiling at everyone I meet. I picked up other people’s trash and recycled it. I held the door for two elderly people. I made thank you cards to let people know I appreciate them. I made a card really special for my Guppy. I am giving toys to needy and my coats that I have outgrown.

Addison Crimi
I hung kindness signs around the school. I felt proud doing this. When I am in the Blueberry Ambassadors, it’s fun and it makes me feel good.

Dakota Cronk
I liked being a Blueberry Ambassador. I helped my nana when she was watching my cousin. I painted my cousin’s nails pink. We talked about a lot of things while I painted her nails.

Last year, I was wondering about homeless and less fortunate kids during Christmas time. Do they get any gifts? I wrote a letter to my principal and she made me a part of Santa’s Workshop Toy Drive which is basically a toy drive for the less fortunate. Kids and adults can donate. So, they receive the toys, wash them, and then put them in a store called Santa’s Workshop. This is where the less fortunate parents could buy the toys for their kids. This year, we got four large boxes full of toys in three weeks! But, the coolest part was that we helped for a really good cause.

Grace Blair
We wanted to welcome the new kids to Carter Elementary, so we gave them treat bags. I felt really good.

We made trains for kids and the Montrose Santa Claus handed them out. I felt really good about it.

We hung encouraging sayings all around the school and I was really excited about being a Blueberry Ambassador. It is so much fun and you can learn how to make people smile by doing something so little.

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