Montrose Kuehn Haven Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors surprise bus drivers by cleaning buses

Montrose Kuehn Haven Middle School, coordinator Hannah Wade and Jenn Swank

As a group we cleaned all of our school busses out for the bus drivers, and gave them thank you cards and a candy bar. We also made cards for a student who had surgery. We have just started a campaign to give care bags to children taken into foster care, and will do a newspaper drive for the humane society. Finally, all of our Blueberries took a pledge to combat bullying by spreading kindness at school.

Colin A.
Blueberry Moment 9284
I was walking in the hall and I saw someone trip and fall. There elbow was bleeding and I helped him up and helped clean up the blood and we went on with our day.

All the blueberries in my school went and cleaned out all the busses.

Blueberry Moment 8124

I cleaned and mowed my grandma’s yard when she was sick then my dad helped me fill up the air in her bikes.

Ava B.
Blueberry Moment 9261
In class Mrs. Sweigart told us to write three ideas for our report we were going to do. I was doing my three ideas when I saw Noah. He looked a little upset so I went over to Noah and asked what was wrong. He said “I give up. I can’t do this,” then I said, “Yes you can you just have to try.” “I can’t do this,” said Noah but he let me help him. We worked on his three ideas he got two done he just needed his last one. Pretty soon, we came up with an idea he liked it. See you could do it! Then after the last idea the hour just got over.

Blueberry Moment 9287
I completed my second random act of kindness. It was when I was coming back from lunch, someone had dropped their stuff because someone else had been sprinting down the hallway. When I saw the girl drop her stuff, I knew I couldn’t just watch it happen. So, I went over and picked up her stuff for her. She seemed nice and she probably is. When I picked up her stuff, she said, “Thanks.” I said, “No problem!” I was going to say something else but many times I struggle on what I’m going to say. Doing random acts of kindness is actually really fun to do. I love helping out people!!!

Blueberry Moment 8122
When my mom was sick, I was bored and I thought I could clean up the house while she was on the couch sleeping. So, I cleaned the bathroom my room my brothers room the basement the other bathroom the kitchen the table everything in the house finally she woke up and seen all the rooms cleaned. She said she would make dinner I said, “No I’ll make dinner. You should rest.” So, I made dinner the brothers ate they went back downstairs to play. My mom was proud of me, well very proud of me.

Mia D.
Blueberry Moment 9264
One morning I was thinking of something to do. Then it came to me. I was going to make coffee for my mom and dad. After I made the coffee, I wrote them a really nice note and then I put it in an envelope along with my Blueberry Card. When they woke up and read the note, they were so happy. It made me feel really good.

We were at lunch and the boys were making fun of a kid that was sitting at their table. So, all the girls at our table invited him over to our table. After that he sat at our table everyday. He has become one of our friends.

I gave a little girl one of my dolls. She had cancer. She was so happy! It made me feel so good.

Aubrey D.
Blueberry Moment 9268
With my Blueberry Card, I had decided to round up all the pencils that I could take to Mrs. Hanige. She’s one of the art teachers in the elementary. Also I had my mom drive me to the dollar store and I picked up four packs of pencils, six cases of crayons, and two packs of erasers with my own money. When I ran them into the elementary school, she was not there yet but I left it for her secretary. She said she would give it to her. She also said that she would love the favor.

Blueberry Moment 8080
I went to the school that my grandma works at and I helped the teacher out all day. I helped her out all day long by helping grade papers. Also, helping the kids with their math or writing and reading. In the morning, I turned all the computers on in the classroom and helped them get out of their cars and got them off the bus too. At the get of the day I helped them get their backpacks on and packed. Before I got them on the bus they asked me if I would come back I told them I would come back to visit again.

Blueberry Moment 8123
My mom and I stopped at my mom’s old work and dropped off some clothes and toys that my brother and I did not use. We gave them to my mom’s friend because her house burned. They lost everything. All their clothes, shoes, and toys. Then we went to my mom’s current work. There, I helped out a girl that needed someone to help her stuff envelopes. After all that, I just did a little help here and there.

Aubree E.
Blueberry Moment 9266
One day I went to my grandma’s house and I raked her yard.

Blueberry Moment 8121
One day I went and cleaned my grandma’s bus she drives and gave her a candy bar. When my dad was ill, I got him soup and cleaned the house.

Hayleigh F.
Blueberry Moment 9275
In October, I did my first Blueberry Moment. I gave a thank you note to Mr. Mayner, my math teacher. I noticed that none of the teachers were appreciated. I felt bad for them, so I started making thank you cards. I put the Blueberry Card in one of the notes and gave it to him. It felt good to give back those who give to me all the time.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I gave my teacher an apple. I felt bad for my teacher because she is not appreciated. So, I gave her an apple. She really deserves it for all she does. I gave it to her anonymously. I think everyone should do something kind for someone. Even just smiling.

Blueberry Moment 8079
For my last Blueberry Moment, I helped the school janitor take out the trash bags in the lunchroom. She always helps with this stuff but no one ever notices her really. I decided to do this because she is so nice and kind. The trash bags are kind of heavy so I feel like this was a very good deed.

Daltin F.
Blueberry Momet 9283
My Blueberry Moment was when Jakarie forgot to bring a pencil to math class. So, I gave him one of my spare pencils. Jakarie hasn’t forgot his pencil sense.

My Blueberry Moment was when it was time to leave and I put up Jayden and Conner’s chair up.

Bluberry Moment 8088
My last Blueberry Moment was when Cameron took Ben’s hat and I grabbed the hat from Cameron and gave it back to Ben.

Rebekah F.
Blueberry Moment 9270
I gave the bus driver a hug and told her thank you for driving me.

I helped someone pick up their books because they dropped them.

Olivia G.
Blueberry Moment 9277
My Blueberry Moment was I thanked Mrs. Emmendorfer for teaching us and being there for us all. I made a card and I gave it to her!

Blueberry Moment 9304
My second Blueberry Moment was a group project. We ended up cleaning the busses, I had so much fun. I was able to do it with my very best friend Grace we were having a lot of fun.

Garrett H.
Blueberry Moment 9276
One of my Blueberry Moments was when my mom, dad, sister, and me went out and had some packs of food, money, hand warmers, and hats to the homeless that looked cold in the cold Michigan winter.

Another Blueberry Moment that we all did, was we went outside and went to the bus garage, and cleaned all of the busses for the bus drivers.

My last Blueberry Moment was when I was walking down the hallway and someone opened their locker and their folders and notebooks fell out and I helped him pick them up since nobody was around.

Isabelle K.
Blueberry Moment 9262
I saw that my friend’s mom’s key chain broke. So, I told her that I would make her a new one. I asked what colors she wanted and she said pink, purple, and blue. Right when I got home, I got out my rainbow loom bands and got to work. Then I finally finished the key chain. The next time I saw her I gave her the key chain. She really appreciated it.

One day, my Blueberry group and I thought that our bus drivers deserve something. The thing that we thought was to clean their buses. So, one day we went out to the bus garage and started. We got out all of the cleaning supplies and then some people were on each bus. They really liked that.

I help my mom around the house. Also, I help her take care of my little sisters. She really appreciates it.

Seirra K.M.
My Blueberry Moment was when I help my mom take care of my grandma and help her do chores around the house.

My Blueberry Moment was when I helped my brother and made him breakfast.

My Blueberry Moment was when I raked my neighbor’s yard.

Destiny L.
I helped clean up the buses and gave the bus drivers cards and chocolate.

I helped stack chairs in the cafeteria.

I unstacked chairs in Mr. Mayner’s class.

Gracie L.
Blueberry Moment 9265
I helped put up the lights at the fire hall, and changed the sign to read “Happy Holidays”.

I wiped the snow off the cars with my cousin.

I helped decorate the Christmas tree for my grandma.

Kholton M.
Blueberry Moment 9272
I went to the homeless shelter and donated some clothes and blankets. We donated some of our old shoes and eight bags of shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, and sweat shirts. I was happy I got to give to the homeless people in the shelter. I was sad for the people that had to stay there. I was proud and excited that I got to give them stuff to sleep with and to wear for the time they have to stay there for. It makes me sad that they have to live there around Christmas time and do not get to go see their parents or other people in their family like aunts and uncles or cousins.

I cleaned the bus for my bus driver and gave them a chocolate bar.

Destyne M.
Blueberry Moment 9306
I went to McDonald’s and when my dad went to the cashier and I told him to pay for the people behind use so he gave the person the money and gave the card to her to give to the person behind us. I felt good for doing something like that and I should start doing more things like that.

One day we were at Walmart, I wanted a pack of gum, and my step dad said no, we could get it at a different time. This lady behind us said I can get it for her. So, I put it on the conveyor belt and she gave me the dollar. I said thank you so much! Then, a couple days later we went back to Walmart to get milk and this lady only had one item. I whispered in my step-dad’s ear and said let’s buy that for her so we did. It made me feel good because someone did it for me so I could pass it on.

This man dropped a 20-dollar bill. I walked up to the man and said excuse me did you drop this 20-dollar bill. He said oh yes thank you so much usually people see it and keep it. I said well I’m not one of those people, and then I walked away. It made me feel good because usually people just keep it for themselves, and that is not right.

Jaxson P.
Blueberry Moment 9273
One day I went to McDonalds. I asked my mom if we could pay for the person behind us and she said yes. I knew the worker there so I asked her if the Blueberry Card worked a couple weeks later and she said the next three people behind the person we paid for, paid for the people behind them.

Harley P.
Blueberry Moment 9285
I gave my mom a card because somebody gave her $50 to spend on us and her, and another guy gave her a donut and cracker snack pack.

Blueberry Moment 9301
We cleaned the busses for all the bus drivers so that they wouldn’t have to.

Tehla S.
For my first act of kindness, I drew three pictures to brighten up someone’s day! When I go to my grandma’s assisted living home, I noticed that the people are excited about seeing me and my brother. So, I thought they don’t get visitors that often. So, why not make them some cards and make them happy? After I finished making the pictures, my brother and I slid them under their doors. I don’t know how they reacted but I think it was surprised and happy!

Blueberry Moment 9269
I had an idea to give coffee or hot cocoa to the volunteer bell ringers at Christmas time. My mom said that they might think we are trying to hurt them. So, we went to McDonald’s to get hot cocoa and coffee passes to give to the Bell ringers at Walmart. I was nervous because the bell ringers were firefighters that makes me extra scared and worried. When we went to talk to them, I had to embarrass myself by dropping one of the coupons on the ground. I picked it up and explained why I was giving it to them. They thanked me. I did this because they do something very helpful to our community we should give back to the community and people that respect it.

Addison S.
Blueberry Moment 9282
My Blueberry Card went to my gym teacher because I stayed after class and helped her pick up all the equipment. I told her to pass it on and she is now doing good deeds for other people. I hope one day the card will come back to me and someone will do a good deed for my friends and family. My gym teacher really liked it when I helped her and gave her the Blueberry Card. That card can change someone’s life hopefully.

Blueberry Moment 9303
My second good deed was when I helped my mom clean the house. My mom is very busy going to school and working so I volunteered to clean the house for her so she could do her homework. I gave her the card and she gave it to her friend at work. I hope that my mom’s friend gave it to her family or a friend.

My third good deed was when I helped my friend pick up her notebooks when she dropped them. After I helped pick them up, I gave her the Blueberry Card. She thanked me and went to class. I hope she gave the Blueberry Card to family or friends and that whoever she gave it to, passed it on also.

Alivia S.
Blueberry Moment 9300
I made a thank you card for my 6th grade Science teacher Mrs. Sanborn to say thanks for helping me at the beginning of the school year when I had been struggling with the metric system.

I was rushing to class when I saw my friend Lexi in front of her locker, rapidly sorting through a mountain of paper. I asked my teacher if I could help her. She approved. I rushed to Lexi and helped her clean up her locker. We finished quickly and her locker was very neat and orderly.

I made a box full of gloves and put it by the middle school entrance. I did this so that if people don’t have gloves or need them, they can grab a pair for free. This is the second year I’ve done this and plan to keep doing it every year.

Landyn T.
I shoveled my neighbor’s sidewalk and I did not want any money for helping them.

My aunt and I bought the meal for the person behind us at McDonalds.

Blueberry Moment 9274
I went to the homeless shelter and donated a bunch of things like gloves, coats, socks, chap stick, candy, hand warmers and many more things. We also collected money for donation. We also collected canned food to give to the shelter.

Alison W.
Blueberry Moment 9279
My first kindness act was an act of appreciation. I know some kids don’t like school so they lash out on teachers who are just doing their job. So, I thought I would give all the teachers little presents containing little sticky notes or some pencils, sometimes a little door sign to show that somebody notices you, somebody cares about you, you make a difference in somebody’s life, you are appreciated.

My next act was just common courtesy. In wood shop, we were sanding our boards with an extremely loud machine. I wore a pair of headphones to muffle the discomforting noise, but then I noticed a girl I don’t necessarily get along with covering her ears almost in tears. I walked over there and offered her the soft comfy pair of headphones. She turned me down but I think now we do get along.

Blueberry Moment 9299
My last act was simply thinking of others. I was outside at my grammy’s house when I caught a glimpse of a little old lady shoveling her driveway all by herself. So, listening to my heart, I picked up the shovel and went to help shovel. She offered me money but I refused because her sweet little smile was payment enough.

Grace W.
My little cousin is three and we were spending the night with her seven year old cousin. We were at the park and we were heading to the car to go get lunch. She didn’t see a hole and she fell and scratched her knee. She started to bleeding and started to panic. My older cousin just laughed and said, “Come on Grace. Leave this dumb loser to get up herself.” I didn’t listen and I picked her up and ran to the car as fast as possible. I got her a Band-Aid and bought her an ice cream. I love her soooooo much and she was really hurt I couldn’t help it I had to help!!

So, a couple of days ago I was walking down the hall to class and when this girl opened her locker a big basket of crayons and pencils fell to the floor and spilled out. So being me, I decided to go and help her. I may have been a little late for class but I made a new friend!

Makayla W.
Blueberry Moment 9271
I helped my mom around the house.

I helped the bus drivers clean the bus.

When stuff fell out of someone’s locker and I helped clean it up.

Zoe H.
Blueberry Moment 9278
My first Blueberry Moment is I help my neighbor Kaden with his math homework.

My second Blueberry Moment is I babysat my sister so my mom could go eat lunch with her friend.

My last Blueberry Moment is I helped my friend Alicen clean her room.

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