Mott Middle College Blueberry Ambassadors bring in over 100 items for donation over the holiday season

Mott Middle College, coordinator Amy Hackett

Charlotte Bowman
Blueberry Moment 3621 
I was at school when this happened. I tutored a student who needed help in math. I did this because I figured that I could lend a hand to someone who was struggling. They were quite happy that I decided to help them because they felt embarrassed to continuously keep asking the teacher for help. At first I was nervous because I didn’t know if I was being helpful but, after they thanked me I felt happy that I was able to show them that it was okay to ask for help, no matter what. 

Blueberry Moment 3622 
I was at my sibling’s house when I did this act of kindness. I cleaned my sister’s house for her and put up her Christmas tree. I did this because my sister is a retired veteran and she had her hip replaced. So, I decided to lend a hand. She seemed to be very happy and grateful for this. I felt happy as well that I was able to help in anyway I could.

Blueberry Moment 3623 
I was at School when I performed this act of Kindness. I gave someone an uplifting complement. I did this because I want to spread kindness and positivity around our school. They thought it was surprising but I was happy I did it. They said they really needed to hear that today. After that I felt really happy that I was able to put a smile on their face. 

Ngozi Womack
Blueberry Moment 3633
For my first random act of kindness, I helped my dad and one of my brothers move furniture out of my grandmother’s house. My grandmother was moving to an apartment near Detroit. We first had to get a U-Haul truck. My dad rented it and drove it to her house. Afterwards, we went inside her house to find out what we had to move. We took out a futon, some chairs, a table, and a mattress with the bed frame. My grandmother’s house is in Flint and my dad was happy I could help. It would have taken a longer time to finish moving with only two people because my grandmother can’t really carry heavy things. I felt happy to help one of my relatives and others in my family.

Blueberry Moment 3629
For my second random act of kindness, I helped my mom by picking up one of my two brothers from school and taking them to tutoring. It is an education center for kids ages 8-16 where they have games, snacks, and people that help with kids’ homework. I had to drive them there and they were happy they could get there on time. My mom was happy I could help, since she had to go somewhere else. I felt like it was nice to help, as one of my brothers needed help with his Algebra 1 homework that day. My brothers were appreciative of me to help them when they needed help.

Blueberry Moment 3628
For my third random act of kindness, I held the door for a boy who was carrying some books for one of his high school classes. He was coming from outside into the building I was in. The boy was apparently in a rush, trying not to be late. The boy said thank you and headed on to class. I held the door for this other student because usually, people do the same thing for me and I wanted to respect this person’s wishes. The person actually got to class on time and I was happy to help another person in school. 

Raymond Bowman
Blueberry Moment 3618
I decided to do something nice for someone. I’ve done this time and time before, but today I decided to record it. I was in the Mott Memorial Building and I held the door for this guy. I didn’t know his name and it was just a small interaction. I held it for a little bit as he approached the door. He gave me a smile and said, “thank you,” and we went on about our business. I did this because it feels good letting someone know that they are important. I felt better about myself knowing that I made someone smile. 

Blueberry Moment 3619
Another kind act I committed was in Walmart. I was shopping with my mother and about ten feet away from me, this guy had dropped a bunch of items that he was holding. He said, “well that sums up my day pretty much.” We both laughed, I went down to help him and he thanked me as I was picking the stuff up. As I gathered up the items in my hands, I had bent back up from leaning down, and hit my head on the handle of the shopping cart. Of course, I had to make this awkward by doing that, but I played it off. Then I left and told him to have a good day. This interaction made me feel awkward at first because I had hit my head, but ultimately, I felt good that I helped him.

Blueberry Moment 3620
One interesting thing that I did was when again I was with my mom shopping. As we were going in the store, this lady screamed, “oh no!” We looked back and she had dropped a bunch of cash on the ground, and it was windy at the time so the bills were going everywhere. So, I rushed over and collected as much cash that I could, as she was doing the same. I remember picking up one ten-dollar bill, three five dollar bills, and like two one dollar bills. As I was helping her she was thanking me, and then we went in the store. This made me glad that I helped this woman get her money before it was blown away and out of reach, or some thief came to take it. I probably made her happy and that made me feel good.

Kalianna Munerlyn
Blueberry Moment 3613
For one of my acts of kindness, I bought one of my friends a coffee. While it isn’t anything that spectacular, she was tired and I had the extra money. We were passing by the coffee shop on campus, and I decided I wanted something to drink. We both went in, but she didn’t have any money. I offered to buy something for her, and at first, she didn’t want me to but I insisted. While it was just a small cup of coffee, it was still something that made her day a little easier and made me feel even more inspired to do something nice for others.

Blueberry Moment 3614
For my second act of kindness, I brought home a brownie for my brother and sister. They’re a lot younger than I am and I know elementary school lunch was never something I was eager to eat. They aren’t able to buy food at their school, so I figured the very least I could do was get them something good. The restaurant on campus makes some amazing baked goods (muffins, cake, cookies, etc.), so I went and bought them a brownie to share (they’re pretty big). They appreciated it a lot.

Blueberry Moment 3615
For my third act of kindness, I helped another student with their essay. We had a big essay in English class, and while I had already helped a couple people who were in my class, I had a friend whose strong suit is math rather than English. She had a different English teacher than me, but we still had the same assignment. While I wouldn’t get any points for helping her, I still thought it was worth it. I did as much reviewing as I could, even though there wasn’t much time before it was due. In the end, while I would’ve liked to help her more, what we worked on together still helped her and it was worth it because she got a better grade than she would’ve before.

Brea Baxter
Blueberry Moment 3647
This moment was for Thanksgiving. I went to my Grandma’s house to help her cook for my family for Thanksgiving. I did it because my Grandma always asks for help to cook and clean for the holidays because my family usually goes to her house. She ends up doing all the cooking most of the time, so I decided to help her out. She was really happy.

Blueberry Moment 3648
This random act happened at school. I was at the Bistro and my friend Anthony wanted something and so I bought him something. At first, he was like, “oh you didn’t have to” but in the end, he let me do it. I felt really nice after doing this act.

Blueberry Moment 3649
This random act happened at school also. I was in class, finished with all of my work, when my friend Gabby asked me if I could help her with writing some of her world history papers. She was really happy when I said yes. I felt really nice and relieved after helping out one if my fellow classmates. I would gladly do it again.

Isabella Perez
Blueberry Moment 3635
This random act of kindness happened when I helped a friend at the Bistro. His name was Anthony. He was short a few dollars. So, I decided to help him out and pay for the rest of his lunch. He was very thankful for my act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 3636
My second Blueberry Moment also involved the Bistro. Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I decided to buy my closest friends food as a gift. I got them cheese bread sticks and tater tots. It felt good giving back to them since they have been really great friends this school year.

Blueberry Moment 3637
Lastly, I helped my Grandmother. She has been through a lot lately which is hard to talk about. Since she always wants company of younger people, I decided to cheer her up by being with her at my aunt’s house. We talked and talked. She was very grateful for me being there since she always wants someone by her side.

Ashantee Johnson
Blueberry Moment 3668
I was in class, helping two people with their assignment. I could have just started the assignment that was assigned that day, but instead, I chose to help Armani and La’ Maya with the previous work due. I got them caught up and made their day a bit better. Not only did it make their day better but it made me feel good about myself. 

Blueberry Moment 3669
I was in biology, my last hour of the day. I was about to eat my lunch that I brought to school. Then, someone came over to ask for my cookies and said she was hungry. I let her have all my lunch that I had packed. She was very thankful. I felt good to do that for her. Especially because I really didn’t need to eat it, because I had eaten five waffles for breakfast. 

Blueberry Moment 3670 
I opened the door for a friend when she was coming from the stairwell. She insisted that I give her my last Blueberry Card, so I did. I would have tried to do something a little better. I always try and get the doors for people, even when they are a bit far out. I do this just make someone’s day better.

Ta’Leaha Gadison

Blueberry Moment 3658
I was in Ms. Hackett’s class and I helped this student in biology with an assignment that needed to be turned in that day. I helped him because I’m a good friend and I don’t like my friends to fail any classes. He thanked me because he ended up getting a good grade. I feel good knowing that my friend got a good grade on an assignment that I helped him with. Also, it makes me feel good because other people will start to ask for help and I will be able to help them get a good grade.

Blueberry Moment 3656
I was in Ms. Hackett’s classroom and somebody was at the door so I opened it for them. I did it because I’m a good person. They were late and I didn’t want them to miss any more class instructions. I feel good to know that while they missed some classroom instruction, they got to hear the rest of it.

Blueberry Moment 3657
I was in Ms. Young’s classroom and I was attempting to help this student that doesn’t have the best grades. I didn’t want him to get a bad grade on this assignment that was worth a lot of points. The person appreciated it because I did what I could do before the class wasover. I feel good because he now can start his paper and I helped him get something done.

Ania Robinson
Blueberry Moment 3610
I was in the Mott Memorial Building when I held the door open for someone with some packages that were being delivered to the school. I was running late that day. I saw that they needed a little help so I decided to help. I stopped to help because I do what I can the help the community. I feel like any act of kindness is important and it’s the thought that counts. I felt good after doing this because the man that I helped told me it’s good to have people like you in this world. What made him say that is because he noticed I had a class to be in. 

Blueberry Moment 3611 
I was in the Mott Memorial Building when I swept the floor in one of my teacher’s classroom. I did it because it was so messy. She usually keeps it clean but some students don’t clean up after themselves and there’s only so much one teacher can do with a classroom full of kids. When she came back to her class and noticed that I cleaned. She was so thankful that she gave me a pro card. I felt good about doing this act because I respect and care for the staff at Mott Middle College.

Blueberry Moment 3612
I was at the Food Bank when I put something in the drive box. I did this because I know that I’m blessed. I know many people could be in a worse place than me and I want to help others in need. The staff that works there gave me an application in return for my kindness for volunteering. I felt good about this because not only did I do something for someone, but I did it for people who need it.

Sara Tondu
Blueberry Moment 3625
My friend, Gabe needed a ride to an after school activity. So, I offered to give him a ride. It made me feel good to help him. He was very thankful. 

Blueberry Moment 3626
At my school for lunch, they sell pizza for a dollar. A friend of mine didn’t have any money for lunch so I gave her two dollars so she could get lunch. It made me smile. She was also very thankful. 

Blueberry Moment 3627
My last act was getting my school to write letters for the Make a Wish Foundation. Together, we wrote 762 letters which means $762 towards this foundation. It made me feel very happy to be able to give back to the community and help the dreams of students come true. I wasn’t able to see their reaction. 

Imarionna Bunch
Blueberry Moment 3642
My mom had sent me in to the store to grab a few things needed for dinner. So, she gave me her debit card, and there was more than enough for what we needed to purchase. I got into line and the family before me was struggling to pay for their groceries. So, with me taking chances, I told the cashier that I would pay the balance. She kept asking me was I sure and I was like yes, I’m positive. They kept thanking me and I told them that it was no big deal. At that moment, I didn’t care how my mom would feel about her money being spent, but I cared that I was able to help someone enjoy their meal. The little things matter!

Blueberry Moment 3643
We were in the school Bistro at Mott College and my friend wanted a Slurpee. So, I only had a $5 bill on me. By me being nice, I bought her and myself one and I didn’t have enough to get what I wanted. Then the next day the cashier didn’t make me pay full price on an item. It showed me that being selfless can bring a lot of things your way.

Blueberry Moment 3641
My aunt and I went to serve at the soup kitchen for a couple of hours just to give back to the community. It broke my heart seeing all these people, some kids my age, and the elderly. Knowing that I have a meal on my table every night, and a place to call home and the people who I walk may walk around with or see doesn’t. They depend on the government and us as their fellow citizens and this has pushed me to make a big difference in Flint. Serving them, talking, listening it was just an amazing time! It opened my eyes a lot! I just wish that us more fortunate people would take time to realize what we have and to appreciate it with our whole heart.

Quionia Freeman
Blueberry Moment 3659
I was at school when I thought to make Christmas Trees to use as a visual to keep track of our school clothing and food drive. Each teacher and their focus group was assigned a specific color bulb to decorate the tree with. As items were collected, the items were written on a bulb and put on the tree to get the food drive going. Whoever has the most bulbs by December 21st wins a Christmas party when we return from winter break. Why did I do this? Because the food drive wasn’t progressing. All of the teachers and students started to bring items in, the tree was getting full of bulbs, and everybody was happy. I felt like I made a difference because our school as one had brought in over 100 items of food, clothing, and personal products. 

Blueberry Moment 3660
On Thursdays, I meet with my Junior Youth and they decided we should have a community Christmas Party and invite everyone so that’s what we did. We made green eggs, ham, bacon, cinnamon waffles, and made a fruit bowl. We baked cookies so everyone could decorate them. The reason for having this Christmas party was to get our community back together because everyone hasn’t been able to connect or see each other. Everyone was very happy and excited. I felt like the junior youth and I have made a difference. We brought everyone together with no drama.

Blueberry Moment 3661
I was at school when Sara Tondu asked if I  wanted to help raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. We had every focus group write letters so we could send them to the Make a Wish Foundation. The reason we did this was to raise money. For every letter written to Santa, one dollar was donated to the foundation. Our goal was to make at least 1,000 letters and we made 762 letters. They were very happy and excited that our school participated and helped out. It was a great experience because now not only are Sara and I known for helping others, our whole school is.

A’Tyries Belin
Blueberry Moment 3671
One day in class, a friend of mine had some pants on that were a little too big and she needed a belt. I just so happened to have a belt on and I took it off and gave it to her because I didn’t like the fact that she had to walk around holding her pants up. So, I just walked around holding my pants up happy that I helped someone else out.

Blueberry Moment 3672
One day, I came to school with $5 and I wanted to get a brownie from the Bistro which costs $2.35. When I was in the line to pay for my brownie, the lady in front of me was short .50 cents so I just gave her a whole dollar. The next day, I saw the lady again and she gave me $5. I felt good about helping this lady out and good that she returned the favor.

Blueberry Moment 3673
My friend was telling me she was going to go to the store to buy a notebook and I told her I could get her one.  When I went home, I realized I had a 5-subject notebook I have never used. So, when I went to school the next day, I gave it to her and she got up out of her chair and gave me a huge hug. I felt really good about helping her out because it was the right thing to do.

Morgan Findley
Blueberry Moment 3664
Sometimes we take for granted the little things. Even the tiniest things can make someone’s day. I wasn’t thinking about that that day, though. All I thought about was that I was already late to class, and if I didn’t hurry up, I’d probably get yet anothertardy in that class. I heard footsteps behind me. I glanced behind my shoulder to see an older lady with her hands full of textbooks. We were about to reach a doorway so I stepped aside and held it open for her. She smiled. “Thank you!” I watched her keep walking and turn into a classroom, a smile was still on her face. It was strange, just for holding a door open, a thing anyone can do and everyone does, I made that woman smile for three extra seconds. I soon noticed that there was another person coming and I held the door open for them, handing them a Blueberry Card. The person smiled and thanked me, hurrying on their way. Yet, I noticed as they turned down the hallway, they were still smiling. It seemed from just opening the door, I could make people happy. If only for a moment or two. So, fifteen minutes and about five people later, I finally headed upstairs for class. Luckily, I wasn’t marked tardy but that got me thinking about how I feel when people do kind things for me. Just that morning, a cashier took 16 cents off my drink because I was short. Something so small and insignificant, 16 cents, an extra two seconds to hold the door open for someone… it’s a minor inconvenience for you, but a mood lifter for them. It makes me feel good that I can do something so small and have it have such a big impact on someone else.

Blueberry Moment 3662
It was a normal December day, everything was cold and snowy. I saw a man at the street corner. He was wearing an old worn sweatshirt and ripped jeans. The cold looked as if it was a whip, whipping his bones and leaving nothing but a skinny frame with big, blue, sad eyes. I was with my parents downtown and I pointed to him and asked my parents if I could have a few dollars to give him. My parents looked wearily at each other. “What?” I asked. They tried to tell me he’d probably use it on booze or something. I wasn’t convinced. The way his eyes shone made me feel it was authentic. He held a ripped cardboard sign in his shaky fingers with one word on it written in faded sharpie. It broke my heart. “Help.”Finally, my parents agreed and gave him a few dollars and the Blueberry Card. He thanked me and I couldn’t help but smile for the rest of the trip.

Blueberry Moment 3663
A friend whom I’m not that close to didn’t have lunch one day and I had two dollars for pizza. So, I bought each of us a slice of pizza. She thanked me and we spent the rest of lunch getting to know each other better. We’re actually very close friends now!

Ben Matheson
Blueberry Moment 3644
My first random act of kindness was truly random. I didn’t plan for it, and I didn’t even have a Blueberry Card on me when it happened. It was a normal day at school and I was walking to my first hour class when I chose to take a different set of stairs. As I was heading up, I saw a woman who was carrying a cake, a platter, and an armful of plastic bags. I asked her if I could help, and she turned around surprised, and said “Thank you, your parents raised you well.” Flattered, I accepted the cake she handed to me and walked with her down the hall. “We’re taking this to the business division, do you know where that is?” She said. “Yes, I’m taking Intro to Business right now!” I replied. “Oh, who with?” She asked. “Professor Enge,” I responded. “He’s one of my colleagues!” She remarked. As we approached the office, she told me, “We’re here.” “I’d open the door for you, but my hands are kinda…” I started to say when I realized, she was still carrying the platter and the plastic bags, she couldn’t open the door any more than I could. So, I held the cake in one arm and opened the door for the woman with the other, slightly embarrassed by my blunder. We went in and set the cake down. She asked for my name and I told her, she told me her name and I was surprised to find out that she was going to be my college instructor for next semester. She told me she looked forward to having me as a student and I told her I looked forward to having her as my teacher, and I left with a big smile on my face. Later when I had gotten a Blueberry Card to give to her, I went back to her office and asked if she was there, but she had already left, so I left it with her secretary and asked her to give it to the professor when she returned. All in all, I feel that I made a small but noteworthy impact on her day. I am also happy because I don’t think I could have thought up a better way of making a good first impression. 

Blueberry Moment 3645
For my second random act of kindness, I handmade a thank you card for my choir instructor thanking him for helping my class pull off a splendid performance. During the class hour, I was able to get almost the entire class to sign the card, and I presented it to the teacher before the end of class. He was very surprised and thankful that the class had such a wonderful time. 

Blueberry Moment 3646
Lastly, my third random act of kindness was writing a holiday/thank you card for the president of the college my school is on. I tried to make the card as sincere as possible and thanked the president for allowing my school to use their facilities. When I went to the principal’s office, she wasn’t there, so I gave it to an office worker who told me they would make sure she got it.

Alexander Stiles
Blueberry Moment 3616 
I was in Ms. Hackett’s class for sixth hour biology. I got a textbook out for Joshua. I did it because I was already up there getting a book. Joshua has done nice things for me in the past and I knew I needed a Blueberry Moment. I don’t believe Joshua noticed, because there are often a few books left on the tables. 

Blueberry Moment 3617 
I was in the Bistro and I gave Joshua some french fries for his birthday. Joshua has given me some french fries before, so giving him some french fries is a good thing to do.

Blueberry Moment 3624 
I was in Ms. Hackett’s class for sixth hour biology. After class I pushed in all the chairs for Ms. Hackett. She does a lot for all of her students, so I decided to do something for her. She usually thanks me when I push in the other chairs. 

Aleesia Mangham
Blueberry Moment 3665
My parents work really hard so I decided to clean the entire house for them. They were really surprised when they came home and found it clean. My siblings and I wanted to do it for them. It made me feel good to see them so happy.

Blueberry Moment 3666
My friend needed help with a writing assignment. I was really busy but I made sure to help her. She was glad to have my consideration and I helped her the best I could. I’m glad to have put my skills for a better use for someone else.

Blueberry Moment 3667
My brother has been having a lot of issues mentally with school and I wanted to take the steps to help him. I decided to give him extra time. I hung out with him a lot and talked to him about his issues. He was really glad with how I helped him and that made me glad as well.

Ciane Woods
Blueberry Moment 3639
I helped Mr. MacAllister in the office when both Mrs. Carrie And Mrs. Diane were not there. I stayed in there all day answering phones and helping him keep the office quiet, and helping make sure students weren’t just hanging out in there. As a reward for helping in the office, Mr. Mac gave me a pro card to show his appreciation. I wasn’t expecting anything in return, but I was thankful that he gave me one. 

Blueberry Moment 3638
The second thing I did was gave a person in need five dollars. I was at the bus station on my way home from school, and there was a man that was a little dirty so I assumed he was probably homeless. He was asking a lot of people for ten cents to get something to drink, everyone told him no. I told him no at first too, because I only had five dollars on me. I decided that giving him the five dollars would make me feel better than me spending it on lunch.  When I gave it to him he was very happy and said thank you with a big smile on his face. 

Blueberry Moment 3634
Everyday, when I go into my seventh hour choir class I write something on the board that’s positive or productive. I like for the students to read it before the class starts so that everyone will have a positive attitude before we start work. I counted this as one of my blueberry actions because, I think this was a great example of how I go out of my way to be kind and spread positivity. My teacher often tells me that he appreciates how I’m always smiling and being an all-around positive person.

Havana Peeples
Blueberry Moment 3630
I did my first good deed when my mother and I went to the mall and there was a man ringing a bell while it was cold outside. On our way in, we put five dollars into the bucket he had. Once we got home I asked my mom how long did she think that man was out there and she said they stand out there for a long time. So, I asked if we could bring him hot chocolate and she said yes. We went back up to the mall and he was still there. So, we gave him the hot chocolate and he was very grateful. It made me so happy to see the joy on the man’s face and I am glad that I did what I did.

Blueberry Moment 3631
The second deed that I did was help my mom out at work. She works at Brookdale. It’s a home for elders with Alzheimer’s. The people there don’t get people to visit them that often so I decided to spend the day with them so that they didn’t have to be alone. I played bingo, I served dinner, and I painted some of their nails. They were so cute and I am glad that they had someone to spend the day with.

Blueberry Moment 3632
The last good deed that I did has to do with the homeless women’s and children’s shelter that just opened up in my neighborhood. So, my mom, sister, and I went there to help out. So, while my mom and the people who worked there took the women out to do lady things, me and my sister watched the kids. We made them snacks, watched cartoons together, and played games. Some of the kids even told me that the time we spent together was some of the best they have had in a long time. They also told me that they want me to come back whenever I can. I think I will because it was really cool to hang out with all of the little kids.

Kamia Jamison
Blueberry Moment 3674
I was at the Mcdonald’s drive thru on Dort Highway. After I had paid for my food, I handed the cashier twenty dollars and my Blueberry Card for the woman behind me and told her she can keep the change. As we were waiting in the line, we overheard the three kids she had in the car yelling and talking very loud as she was trying to talk to the employee and I turned around and saw how stressed she looked. When she pulled up to the paying window and the cashier talked to her she turned her head towards our car and honked the horn to tell me thank you. In this situation, I felt good about what I did. When I have the opportunity, I like to take the initiative to make people feel better because you may never know that one little thing could make a person feel good.

Blueberry Moment 3675
When I was walking down the hallway, two boys were in front of me walking and one of them dropped a $5 without noticing. So, I picked it up and got his attention that he dropped his money. I did this action because the money could’ve been important to him for his lunch, his ride home, etc. He thanked me and went along his way. I felt generous because if I was in his position, I would be upset because I dropped my money and wouldn’t be able to buy what I wanted to use it for. Blueberry Moment 3676
I was walking down the sidewalk on east court street. I assisted an old man that had a bag of empty cans and a walker down to the corner store and back where I met him. I did this act of kindness because I had a free hour so I was on my way home and when I saw him, he was walking slowly and it was very cold that day. He thanked me on our way to the corner store and on our way back and we also talked about how he didn’t expect anybody that would pass by to help him because of his age. I felt helpful because I gave the man company and assistance to him.

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