Reaching out to less fortunate just one way Gates Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors help community

Davison Gates Elementary, coordinator Tammy Trombley

Carter Warner

My 1st Blueberry Moment.

My aunt Diane had invited me to help her put up her Christmas tree and Christmas decorations for some money because she just had emergency surgery to get her appendix out. Me and my older sister went over and we helped get her tree up when we were done and she was about to pay me when I gave her the Blueberry card and explained the project to her. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for the act of kindness.

My 2nd Blueberry Moment.

One of my grown-up friends from church was in the hospital with cancer. I wanted to visit him but I got sick the day I was going to see him. So I made him a letter with the Blueberry card in it and a gift of encouragement in it and my mom made him some cookies because I was sick. When my mom gave it to him she told me he was so happy and that made me feel good inside.

My 3rd Blueberry Moment.

I was thinking about how the postal service does so much for us and how I wanted to thank my mailman. So I made him a letter that had the Blueberry card in it and some things to encourage him. I also gave him a sucker and some hand soap. I wish I could have seen his face.

Sidney McLean

Hi, my name is Sidney McLean, I am from Gates Elementary School and I am concerned about the blueberries! I was really excited to do this project and I am glad I am a Blueberry Ambassador.

My first blueberry moment was when I took a chocolate graham cracker and taped a note to it that said, “Have a great day mom! See you later! Love, Sid.” I put it in my mom’s lunch for her to read at school. My mom didn’t know about it until she got to work and took out her lunch that morning. It made my mom tear up and she felt very special. She told me that it made her morning and that she showed to everyone at her meeting. I learned that doing something nice for someone just because can make a big difference in their day. (Card No. 2077)

The next Blueberry moment I had was when I made a “Thank you jar” for our mail person. I took the jar and wrote a note that said, “Thank you for all of your hard work.” I also explained what the blueberry project was and asked that they please pay it forward. In the jar I put a variety of chocolates and Hersey Hugs. I am not sure how they felt when they got the jar, but I hope it made their day. It made me realize that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to do something kind for someone you don’t know but who deserves something special once in a while. (Card No. 2076)

**A special note: after Sydney submitted her story she received a card with the attached note and homemade material star.

What I learned from this project was that a small gesture of kindness can have a positive impact on someone. This will hopefully encourage them to pay it forward, by doing random acts of kindness of their own.

Elise Wesley

My name is Elise Wesley and I am a fourth-grader. My first Blueberry moment took place in Flint. My family and I were going to the Sloan Museum. On my way there, I saw a very poor man digging through the trash and was carrying bags. I couldn’t find my money fast enough to give it to him, so we kept going.

Once we arrived at the museum, I saw him at the The Whiting digging through the trash again. This time, I knew I had my money. So I walked up to him and gave him all of my money. We hugged and he tried to give a me dollar back because he said he was so blessed, but I replied, “No it’s yours.” The man was trying to pay it forward by giving me back a dollar. Seeing that man walking away with a smile made my day soooooo amazing. I want to do it again. (Card No. 2124)

My second Blueberry moment was put together at my home. My mom and I made a care package to send to a hurt soldier at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The veterans there were injured in Iraq. We had seen a request to mail Christmas cards to the injured veterans. I thought this would be a nice Blueberry moment. I hope this will brighten their day. I made sure to thank them for their service. We sent cards, bracelets and treats. I hope I will inspire others to give thanks to our veterans. (Card No. 2125)

My third Blueberry moment came while we were at an intersection near Flint. My mom and I saw an older man standing in the cold. He was holding a sign that said he needed help. I asked my mom if we could get some food and hot coffee. We drove through Wendy’s and bought him a big lunch. We stopped to give it to him and my blueberry card. He was so grateful that we had thought of him. Inspire others is what I learned during this project. (Card No. 2126)

Zoe Allen

For my first Blueberry moment I went to Genesys Hospital to cheer up people who were sick. I wanted to surprise someone so I put a Subway gift card along with the Blueberry card inside of an envelope with a description of what to do. On the outside of the envelope I wrote, “Whoever sits at this table please open me.” I put it on a table in the food court area and waited. Many people looked at the envelope and walked away. After an hour of waiting I saw a nurse pick it up, take it back to her table. When she opened it she smiled and then showed it to a friend that was sitting with her. It looked like it made them happy. (Card No. 2065)

I decided to surprise a random class and teacher at my school for my second card. I asked my mom to help me pick out some school supplies and we got a gift card for a pizza party for their class from Little Ceasar’s. I wrote a note to them explaining what I was doing and asked them to all do a little random act of kindness. I told them it could be something as simple as giving someone a compliment. Later that day, a student came up to me saying, “Thank you so much for sharing with us!”

**Just a note from Mrs. Trombley – The teacher of that class came up to me after Zoe had dropped off her random gift thinking that Zoe was mistaken and the gift was meant for our class. I didn’t know what Zoe had done initially then it all made sense. I explained to the teacher that she must have picked her class randomly for her project. The teacher was so shocked and eager to pass on the random act of kindness and was impressed that Zoe took the time to think of a way to impact more than one person but rather a WHOLE CLASS!! (Card No. 2063)

My last B lueberry moment involved the animal shelter. My mom and I decided to adopt a cat. We had to wait a week before we could take it home. We visited our cat every day and every time we went to the shelter it was very busy. My mom asked a worker if they ever got out of work on time and they said, “NEVER!” I decided this would be a good place to do another random act of kindness. Many people work and volunteer at this very busy place. I baked brownies and cookies to take to the workers one day when we went to visit. I gave them the blueberry card and explained the project. They were so happy and thankful. (Card No. 2064)

Charlie Petrach

For my first blueberry project I decided to tell jokes to all my family members. They were all coming over for my grandma’s birthday so it was a good opportunity. It was nice that I could help my grandma laugh on her birthday. Not only did my grandma laugh, everyone at the party laughed as well. It felt good knowing that something as simple as telling jokes could make my family laugh.

Then I asked everyone who wanted a Blueberry Card and the reason I was participating in the project. My sister, Kayla raised her hand and was excited because she said she already had a bunch of ideas on how to use it. (Card No. 2114)

For my second random act of kindness I decided to bake a special treat for my next-door neighbors. My mom and I baked brownies for them. We took them over in a basket. My neighbor was very surprised to receive them. I asked him if he knew about the Blueberry project and he didn’t so I shared what I was doing. They told me they would be happy to be part of such a great project and they were excited to pay it forward themselves. I gave them card No. 2079. It made me feel good inside to make their day a little bit better.

For my last Blueberry moment I wanted to give away a $5 gift card to McDonald’s. My family was going to brunch at a restaurant so I decided that in addition to the tip we gave our waitress I would give her the gift card, too. I explained the Blueberry Program to her. She said, “Oh my gosh! Is this for real?” She said she would definitely pay it forward and return the favor. She was very happy to get the gift card. It made me happy to know that I brightened someone’s day. (Card No. 2113)

Caden Tucker

My dad is a principal and my mom is a teacher and I know how hard they work every day so I wanted to give cupcakes to my principal, Mrs. Wendt, and some of my teachers and the secretaries. I wanted to start their day out special and make them smile like they make me smile every day! They keep me safe and make me smarter so it felt really great to give them something back for their hard work EVERYDAY!

I was in the car and pulling into Wendy’s, when I saw this older lady with a walker walking in the parking lot on her way into the building. I asked my mom and dad if I could help her. They said “yes”! So I jumped out of the car and opened the first door for the older lady and then opened the second door for the older lady. She said, “Thank you!” Then I felt really good knowing I helped her open the door! This is something I will continue to do because it makes me feel happy!

When we were getting in line at Wendy’s, we saw these two kids with their mom getting ready to walk out of the restaurant. I remember my mom telling me she had two coupons for free frosties. I asked her if it would be OK if I gave the coupons for free frosties to the two kids I saw at Wendy’s. She said, “Yes.” So I gave the coupon to their mom. Their mom seemed surprised that I did that. She told her children to say thank you to me. I felt good when I saw the surprised face of their mom and of the kids. Now next time they go to Wendy’s, they can enjoy two free frosties and remember the nice boy that gave it to them! Card No. 120

Reo Dieterich

For my first random act of kindness I went to the animal shelter and donated some treats for the cats and dogs. “Thank you!” said the lady when we went and looked at the pets. As we were leaving I told my mom, “It made me feel good to help the animals!” I hope they do something nice for someone else too! Card No. 2068

I delivered Christmas cards that I made for all of the residents at my Grandpa’s assisted living home. Everyone was in the lobby when my sister, my dad and I arrived. It was a party for all of the grandkids. My dad and I went to the person who was in charge to explain that I had made the cards and explain the blueberry program. She pointed out the people who I could give the cards to. They took the card and read them. They had such big smiles on their faces and said, “Thank you!” When I left I felt soooo happy!!   (Card No. 2069)

My third random act of kindness happened when my mom, my sister and I were out shopping at JCPenney on a Sunday. We were in the women’s dress section. A man walked by. My sister and I saw a credit card on the floor with a man’s name on it. When we showed our mom she told us that we needed to turn it in. We thought that it may belong to the man who was in the dress section with us. We went up to him and said, “Excuse me but is this card?” “Yes!” he replied. He was very grateful and relived. We explained the blueberry program to him. It felt very good to help someone out. (Card No. 2067)

Ranae Stewart

Hi, my name is Ranae and for my Blueberry project I helped my grandma and my uncle Dave around the house because they need the help. They are getting a little sick and that’s why I wanted to help them. One day when they came over to visit for the week they needed help to unpack. I ran up and down the stairs to help them. I like to do this not for money but because it makes them smile.  I gave them the blueberry card and explained the project to them so that they can pass it on.

My second blueberry project happened at church one day. I decided to spend a day off helping my mom and some other members of our church paint and decorate a “check-in” area for activities at our church. We painted and decorated the floor with special paint and sparkles. When we were done I explained the Blueberry project to the gentleman who was in charge from church. He said that he would for sure pass the kindness on.

Claire Mattern

One of my first blueberry moments was when my church family and me went to nursing homes and sang carols at the first home people were singing along. When we went to the second home I did We Wish You A Merry Christmas in sign language to a lot of people. A lot of people from church wanted to know what signs meant what, but what I also got to do was pick up trash because some guy hit a garbage can and me and my mom want to pick it up and that was my first Blueberry moment.

For my second Blueberry moment I just thanked my swim teachers or coaches for preparing me to move to the swim team even the simple things can make a difference.

For my final Blueberry moment I stuck a dollar in the envelope for offering at church like I do every time but this time I stuck the blueberry card in it and on the back I wrote (donate this money keep the card do something nice for someone and give them the card and tell them to do the same).

Cooper Gebauer

My name is Cooper Gebauer and I’m in fourth grade. My first blueberry card that I handed out was card No. 2070.  I went and got a cup of hot chocolate for a Salvation Army bell ringer and gave it to him as I placed money in the kettle. The bell ringer told me it brought tears to his eyes.

My last two cards I handed out were No. 2071 and No. 2072. I gave the first to one of my swim instructors and a thank-you card for teaching me how to swim. The other card I gave to one of my other swim instructors with a thank-you card telling them specifically how much they helped me with my butterfly and a few other kicks. They had a smile on their faces and said thank you.

I learned that doing things for others makes you feel good.

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