Swartz Creek Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors learn the importance of creating a chain reaction of kindness

Swartz Creek Middle School, coordinators Jennifer Dikos and Jennifer Sheeran

Cora Alexander
Blueberry Moment 11458
It was passing time before sixth hour and a couple of students whose lockers aren’t down by mine had all of their stuff with them for some reason and were hanging out. Their lockers are actually all the way down the opposite hall, which is a good one or two minute walk from my locker. They were also all in my sixth hour which is right next to my locker. This made them always rush to get to the bus after class when they had to walk all the way down the hall, then walk back, and to the bus. I gathered that some other students with lockers next to mine had agreed to store extra backpacks in their lockers so everyone had time to get to the bus. It turns out, there were more people who needed to keep their stuff somewhere than people who had room for stuff. One girl still had her backpack and had no space to put it, and the bell was going to ring in just a minute. I stepped up and offered her to keep her things in my locker for the hour, and that fixed the problem. She thanked me at least three times, which made me feel great. We met at my locker at the end of the day and I gave her a Blueberry Card. She thanked me again the next day and told me she figured out another plan, but I’m still glad I got to help her.

Blueberry Moment 11456
It was Halloween night, and I was already on my way to a friend’s house so I could go trick or treating with our group. I’m in eighth grade, so this was honestly my last year of trick or treating, and I was determined to go out with bang. I had mastered the art of having a warm costume, a completely painted face (which I did by myself not to mention, I was proud), and a big empty sack that needed to be filled with sugar. As my dad was driving me to my friend’s house, I got a text message from my mom. She told me that her co-worker’s son was really sick, to the point of calling an ambulance. Apparently, he has had respiratory problems all his life, and unfortunately it had struck on Halloween, leaving him unable to trick or treat. He was only five years old. My mom told me it would be nice if I would donate a little bit of my candy to him. I, on the other hand, remembered being five years old on Halloween when the holidays still felt mystifying, and I remembered how it seemed like the heaps of candy were mountainous. The thought of missing a childhood Halloween was simply unthinkable, and the fact that he was missing one of his first ones was unacceptable. My response to my mom’s text was as follows: “NO, I’M GIVING HIM ALL OF MY CANDY!” While I couldn’t give my mom’s co-worker’s son the whole Halloween experience back, I could give him a vital piece, heaps of candy. I was out trick or treating for a good two hours, and when we finished my friends even donated some of their candy to my bag to give to him. I didn’t keep a piece of it. When my mom brought the sack of candy to work, her co-worker (his mom) was overjoyed (don’t worry, we had gotten permission from her to get candy for her sick son). She even posted an really nice post on Facebook regarding the act that made me smile. Her son also made me a very nice note and a drawing. His two siblings were also very happy that they wouldn’t have to share their candy with him. In the end, I was insanely happy I got to do what I did. I didn’t even care that I didn’t get to keep my candy; it never even crossed my mind to care. Even though this was the last time I’d ever go trick or treating because of how old I’m getting, and I didn’t feel disappointed that I had no candy. The fact that I helped someone who can enjoy it much more than me is enough, and I got a huge thank you, which made it that much more special. Still, the fact that I got such a big thank you is almost sad. It’s sad to me that people aren’t exactly known to step up and help, whether it’s helping pick up things someone dropped in the hallway or donating Halloween candy to a sick child. While it’s not expected, it shouldn’t be extraordinary and I hope that someday enough nice people will exist that a ripple effect makes nearly everyone nice, and then next time there is a sick kid on Halloween many people will step up and chip in out of the kindness of their good hearts.

Blueberry Moment 11457

It was a Saturday night when my mom finally caught me. I hadn’t been doing much, just poking at my phone. Then, I noticed something I knew my mom hated. Something I knew she really wouldn’t want to do. A basket of unfolded laundry, sitting next to the couch. Since joining Blueberry Ambassadors I’ve felt much more attentive to things I could do that other people wouldn’t want to do that I could or just small ways to help people. For weeks, I had been noticing unfolded laundry or dishes that weren’t put away, and I would just do it. My parents don’t actually make me do chores most of the time. My mom had been noticing that things had been mysteriously taking care of themselves, so she had known it was me beforehand but today she had caught me in the act. “You,” she had said, “must be especially bored. You could use this as a Blueberry.” She really appreciates what I’ve been doing and tells me that whenever I do. I’m just happy to help.

Emily Hurds
Blueberry Moment 11438
For my first Blueberry Moment, I wrote a letter to our mailman that comes every day telling him thank you and that I appreciate him. I just got out of school from an early release and noticed he was coming so when I got home, I started writing and put my card in the envelope and prepared a bag of candy for him. When he came to our house, I gave it to him and we exchanged our mail. When I gave it to him, he said thank you, smiled, giggled then walked away. Even though I didn’t spend any money at all, I realized we don’t need to spend money or do this big thing to make someone’s day I felt amazing and still now writing this I still feel the same way!

Blueberry Moment 11439
For my second Blueberry Moment me and my friend Meghan who is also a Blueberry Ambassador, both got ice cream from a cart in our lunchroom where you can buy different snacks and gave them to two people. When I gave the ice cream to a girl, Olivia, at my school she said thank you and smiled I said your welcome and walked to my seat I don’t really know how she felt on the inside but I know I felt amazing for doing a little gesture a lunch.

Blueberry Moment 11437

For my third Blueberry Moment, I cleaned my dad’s car because it really needed and he deserved it, he does everything for me. I got out our big vacuum and started away, I washed the windows and everything else when I came in I told him to come look he said, “It looks nice. Thank you, that’s very nice of you.” Then we took this picture I felt like my dad really deserved this so I felt good to do it for him. 

McKenzie Sexton
Blueberry Moment 11405
My Blueberry Moment was short but still made an impact. I wrote and drew a card for my bus driver and previous lunch lady Mrs. Cindy. I feel that most kids don’t treat bus drivers correctly even though they safely drive them to their stop each day. Not to mention, Mrs. Cindy is the most kind-hearted lady you’ll ever meet. You can always tell she cares so much about the kids that ride her bus. When I gave the card to her, I was getting off of the bus but when I quickly gave it to her she smiled and instead of going right after I got off, she stopped for about 30 seconds to read my card. Even though I did something small, it made me feel good inside.

Blueberry Moment 11404 
My second Blueberry Moment was thanking my mailman, who has been the same for a lot of years now, a letter telling him how I was thankful for him and what he does. I also included the Blueberry Card and explained the meaning of it all. He took my letter and I really hope he enjoyed it and I hope it put a smile on his face. Even though it wasn’t that big, I still did something just to brighten his day.

Blueberry Moment 11403

My third Blueberry Moment was the most special and the most impacting. First I went to Kroger’s in Swartz Creek and bought a batch of little blue and white daisies. Along with the flowers I got a little card. I stuck the card I bought and my Blueberry Card in a tiny envelope and put it in the flowers. After I was all done buying everything, I went up behind an older lady I saw at the store and I thought she might need a little brightening to her day. So, I tapped on her and told her the flowers were for her and that I hoped she had a great day. Her face immediately lit up with the biggest smile you could ever imagine and told me thank you and that she would put them on her windowsill. It’s crazy how happy you can be just after doing something kind for someone else. I loved this Moment and I think she loved it too.

Joe Genovesi

Blueberry Moment 11440
My dad and I went to The FOX 103.9 for the Old Newsboys and I donated my own money to the kids. It was nice to help the children in need. Also, to help the community and give kids a happy Christmas.

Blueberry Moment 11441
I collected money to buy items and filled stockings for our Soldiers that cannot make it home for Christmas. Helping the Soldiers was amazing to me because I was giving something back to them when they do so much for us and our country.

Blueberry Moment 11442
I volunteered at the Food Pantry in Swartz Creek to help out our local community before the Thanksgiving holiday and it was an amazing experience for me to give back to the community I live in.

Nick Johnson
Blueberry Moment 11449
I decided to send Christmas cards to 10 disabled veterans. I wanted to wish them a happy holiday and to thank them for their service. When these veterans receive their Christmas cards, I hope it will make

these veterans very happy. It makes me feel very good inside to thank people who have served for our country. It is my hope that when these veterans receive their cards, others around them will find a way to thank all veterans for their service any time not just around the holiday season.

Blueberry Moment 11448
One day, my mom told me that my elderly neighbor was very sick. Our neighbor had told my mom that she just could not pull the garbage and recycle bins to the road anymore. It was too hard on her. Her driveway is quite long, longer than ours. So, I decided to help her with the garbage and recycle bins. I went and collected them from her yard and took them to the road so they would get emptied the next day. After the garbage/recycle collectors picked up and emptied the bins, I took the bins back up to her house. She offered me money to do this task, but I told her, “No, thank you.” I will continue to

take her garbage and recycle bins to the road for her. It made me feel really good inside to help an elderly person with something that they struggle with. I hope that taking the bins to the road makes her feel better and helps lighten her load. It is my hope that others will help the elderly when they need help if they are struggling.

Blueberry Moment 11450
One day, I was at lunch and I saw another eighth grade student sitting by himself. This particular student has some disabilities and he does not come to the lunchroom every day. It made me sad to see that no one else was sitting with him. I decided to sit with him during lunch. We talked while we ate. He said he was having a good day. When it was time to go, we exchanged high fives.  I think it made him really happy because I noticed that he smiled when he left. It made me feel really good inside to share my time with him and see that smile. I have sat with this student several more times during my lunch period. I hope other kids noticed and will include others with disabilities at their lunch time or any other time.

Bella Sanford
Blueberry Moment 11409

I was sitting alone at home on a rainy afternoon. “What should I do?” I thought as I watched the rain cascade down our kitchen window. I let my mind wander and after a little while, I had realized that I was thinking about American soldiers. All of a sudden, it dawned on me: I should write letters of appreciation to the armed forces who protect us! I knew that this was a common thing to do which almost stopped me from continuing because I wanted to do something that would stand out among other acts of kindness. However, the more I thought about what this would mean to someone, the more compelled I was to give them overwhelming thanks. I realized that it didn’t matter whether this was something complex or not, it just mattered that I would be cheering someone up. Despite the dreary day, I was upbeat because I knew that I would be making someone happy, and it would be someone who risks their lives to protect ours. I sat down and got to work. My hands were flying over the keyboard, designing the perfect thank you card. When I was done, I had a neat stack of cards and I sat back exhausted from all of the work. But I knew that I would be making someone’s day and that was all the more reason for me to smile.

Blueberry Moment 11411
I walked down the hallway of Adopt-A-Pet, smiling at all of the dogs. Many of them were new so I had never seen them before. My mom and I stopped at the very last kennel in the hallway. There sat a beautiful dog with the hues of a German shepherd. She cocked her head to the side as she looked at us with playful, sparkling brown eyes. Her name was Hazel and I was instantly in love with her. As she sat there looking at us, I could see her silently begging for us to pet her. I happily obliged. My mom and I entered her cage and marveled at her calm and kind demeanor. She didn’t jump or run around, she just sat there looking at us quizzically as if saying, “Well are you going to pet me?” I smiled and sat down next to her, running my hands through her silky brown fur. She looked at me and I felt a pang in my chest because I knew we couldn’t adopt her. But I had an idea. Apparently so did my mom as she said, “We should pay for her adoption.” “Yes we should,” I confirmed. Although Hazel had no clue what was going on, I knew that by paying for her, we would make sure that she had a loving family and a great home. And a great home she certainly found. A few weeks after we did this, a lady came to look at Hazel. She fell in love with her just as I had and I know that Hazel has found her perfect forever home. And the one act of kindness that my mom and I did inspired Hazel’s adoption parent to also pay for the adoption of another dog in the facility. This has showed me that by doing something small and kind, it creates a chain reaction and before you know it, more than just one person has been impacted. It feels amazing to know that I was just one person yet I made a difference in our community.

Blueberry Moment 11410

I inhaled deeply as the sweet aroma filled the kitchen. The smell of chocolate mingled with the smell of cookie dough and I smiled. I was thinking about just how great it would be to finally deliver the cookies to the nursing home that my great grandma resides in. I could only imagine the way the employee’s faces would light up. I took the last tray out of the oven and gently placed it on the counter to cool. That was the last of the 49 cookies. A few days later, my mom, brother, and I all headed out to deliver the cookies. When we arrived, we were greeted by a smiling young lady whose eyes danced with happiness as we showed her the bags. I explained to her what the Blueberry Ambassador program was and how to use the Blueberry Card. I could tell that she was extremely happy and I felt the same way. Just knowing that I could make other people smile made me smile too. And that smile stayed on my face the whole ride home.

Jacqueline Miller

Blueberry Moment 11421
My family received a $223.97 voucher from Justice, that came with a $20 voucher as well. I decided to have my mom contact the principal of one of our elementary schools, asking him for sizes so we could buy somebody in need clothes from Justice. Once we got a size, we headed to Justice and bought shirts, tank tops, leggings, etc. with our vouchers. It felt really good to do something that beneficial for someone. When we gave the principal the Blueberry Card (so he could pay it forward) and the clothes, it was so awesome to see the principal’s face when he saw how much we had bought, I also met the teacher who had the student that was receiving the clothes in her class. She had said that the mom was ecstatic that her daughter was going to be able to get gifts this year, when she said that it made me realize how lucky I am that I see presents under the Christmas tree every year.

Blueberry Moment 11422
For my next Blueberry Moment, I decided to pay for a family’s meal with my own money. We went to Red Robin and once we got seated, I looked around for our “victim” and when I spotted them (it was a mom and her son), we asked our waitress for their bill and told her to keep it a surprise. When we got the bill, I pulled out the necessary cash, plus a tip. Then we went over to the mom and her son, I explained that I was a Blueberry Ambassador and we do random acts of kindness. The mother’s face was lit up in joy, and it made feel really good inside to know I could’ve just made her day.

Blueberry Moment 11423

For my last Blueberry Moment, I gave books I didn’t need anymore to our neighbors. Earlier in the year we had put all the books our family didn’t need or that were too young for us to enjoy anymore into a bin. I chose some books that I thought our neighbors’ youngest daughter would enjoy and headed to their house. When they answered the door, I handed them the books and explained everything about Blueberry Ambassadors. They said thank you and assured us that they would get to the youngest daughter.

Marisa Crist
Blueberry Moment 11428
I got my art teacher, Mrs.Loder, a coffee from McDonalds. I decided to do it because she’s taught me a lot of things and helped me in many ways, I’m thankful for her. I gave her the coffee at school. She was very happy to receive the gift. The experience impacted me by showing me that being nice isn’t that hard.

Blueberry Moment 11429
I paid for the people behind me in line at McDonalds. I decided to do it because I realized that it could have made that person’s day. The cashier was very surprised and happy that I was doing it. I hope the person behind me was very happy. The experience impacted me by showing me that doing something so small, can make someone else’s day.

Blueberry Moment 11430
I helped an elderly person in my subdivision put up her Christmas lights. I decided to it because I hate seeing pepe struggle and I decided I would help her. She was very happy that I helped her and she tried to pay me but it didn’t take it. The experience impacted me by showing me that helping someone can be super easy, little things are the things that really stand out to someone.

Meghan Dikos

Blueberry Moment 11432
For my first Blueberry act, I decided to buy someone an ice cream and sit by them at lunch. So, one day I bought an ice cream and looked around that cafeteria and I tried to find somebody that was lonely. I couldn’t find anyone. I thought that was a good thing because everyone has friends! So, I decided to give my ice cream to a girl named Savannah. I went up to her and said “Hey, Savannah, do you want an ice cream?” “Yeah, I would love one thanks!” Savannah said with excitement. She happily accepted the ice cream and Blueberry Card. Later that lunch she asked me what do I do with the Blueberry Card and I explained to her what to do. It made me feel good to do something nice for somebody and have them do something nice for somebody else.

Blueberry Moment 11433
For my second Blueberry act, I decided to spend time with my grammy. I did that because my papa is in a rehab facility, and my grammy is all alone and I worry that she’s getting lonely. So one night, I brought my grammy dinner, we baked cookies and played board games; all our favorite things to do together! My grammy and I were thinking that we should start to do this once a week so we can spend more time with each other. It made me feel good to spend time with my grammy because she is all alone right now. She really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again. I am so excited that my grammy and I will be doing this once a week.

Blueberry Moment 11431
For my final Blueberry act, I wanted to do something nice for my fifth grade teacher. Mrs. Murphy really helped me prepare for middle school and I appreciate all the hard work she did for me and my classmates last year. She even nominated me to be a Blueberry Ambassador last year. Also, a few years ago she had a special family member pass away right before Christmas so I know that this is a very hard time for her. Since she was so nice to me, I wanted to do something nice for her. I delivered a poinsettia plant to her and told her why I was doing this. She hugged me tight and told me how much it meant to her that I was so thoughtful. I felt great knowing I did something nice for someone who has done so much for me.

Lena Banat
My first Blueberry Moment this year was when I was going to breakfast with my family in the morning. We went to Ihop and I noticed an elderly man at the table next to us. The man looked lonely and a little upset. So we offered to pay for his meal and after I saw the smile on his face I went over to talk to him. The man started crying saying that his birthday was yesterday and this was the nicest thing anybody had done for him in a long time. After that we invited him to sit at our table and talk, he told us about his life and how he was grateful for people like us in the world. I’ll never forget the impact I made that day, even if it was one person it felt like I made a huge difference.

It was an average day at school. I got dropped off and went to my locker. I suddenly hear my name on the loud speaker telling me to come to the office. I worried and thought to myself did I do anything that would get me in trouble. As I approached the office, I took a deep breath as I walked in my counselor asked if I would be willing to help a new student get to all her classes. I said yes and me and her had a lot of fun all day I showed her all of her classes and invited her to sit by me at lunch. Overall it was a great day and I was glad to have helped somebody out who was going through a lot while moving to a new school.

One day I noticed a classmate struggling in math class. We were working on a really difficult subject and she was sick the day before. During class I worked with her on the homework and at lunch we worked together more. In the end we both got a really good grade on the test. I will never forget how I helped somebody out who needed it and how relieved she was when the frustration of not understanding the subject was over.

Dylan Leach
Blueberry Moment 11453
We have a friend who is the foster parent to a five year old boy. He came from a tough background and been through a lot in his life. I try to play with him as much as I can and like to take him to SkyZone. I thought giving him a teddy bear would make him happy and tell him to do something nice for someone else. I hope he gets to stay with his foster parents where he is safe and happy. He was very happy about the bear and named it Softy.

Blueberry Card 11455

We bought a Christmas tree ornament that says PEACE. I left this in a bag at a neighbor’s house who has a little boy in elementary school. I wrote on the note to have this be a reminder every holiday season to pay it forward by doing something kind for someone else. I hope they will always use this ornament on their tree and never forget to do something nice for other people. I did not leave my name and do not know what their response was but I hope they were happy.

Blueberry Card 11454
My mom and I went Christmas shopping at 5Below a couple weekends ago. The store was very busy so I stood outside holding the door open for people going in and out when my mom was shopping. I always like to hold the door open for people but I had never done it for that long or for that many people. Everyone was very happy. I got the idea to do this again at an MSU basketball game when the game was over. This time I remembered to take my Blueberry Card and handed it out to one person who offered to take over holding the door for everyone. There were so many people coming out at one time, I think I stood there for at least 10 minutes before someone else offered to keep holding it open. It’s a small thing to do for people but they appreciate it a lot.

Grace Carney
Blueberry Moment 11444
My Blueberry Moment happened at my school. As I was walking down the hall one day one of my classmates tripped and fell in the hallway. All of the classmate’s books and binders went all down the hall. When I saw this happen, I immediately rushed over to help them pick up their stuff. The friend I was walking with helped as well. As we were helping them out, I kept watching people walk by and kick all of the school supplies around. I found that to be very rude and disrespectful. Once all the papers were picked up, my friend and I went to our lockers, but I kept thinking about how those people kept kicking around the student’s stuff around.

Blueberry Moment 11443
One day in my fourth hour, we took a lot of notes off of a video. One of the student’s at my table had been absent on that day and we needed the notes for an assignment. So, when they returned the next day, I let them borrow my notes so they could complete the assignment on time. I hesitated to let them use my notes because I wasn’t sure if it would be considered copying, but I decided that if I was absent I would greatly appreciate the offer to use their notes. I decided that if they’re happy, I’m happy.

Blueberry Moment 11424
I was at my mom’s elementary school when a fourth grader walked in after school. He was waiting for his ride to pick him up. While he was in my mom’s classroom, he mentioned that he didn’t understand his spelling homework. He had to use vocabulary words in a sentence to complete a story. So, as he waited for his ride, I helped him with his homework. We finished it before his mom showed up and he understood it a lot better.

Grace Bedell
Blueberry Moment 14707
For this Blueberry Moment, I decided to by my friend something from the snack bar at church. I asked her if she wanted something from there because I had some money. She said sure after I got it for her I gave her a Blueberry Card. I think this was something nice to do and sometimes even the smallest things will make someone’s day.

Blueberry Moment 14708
For this Blueberry Moment, I decided to write a note to my bus driver telling him how nice he is. So, one day I sat down and was thinking about what my next Blueberry Moment would be about. As I was sitting I came up with this idea. I know that not a lot of bus drivers get appreciated for everything they do. So, this is why I wrote him a nice letter and gave it to him in the morning I thought this was a really nice thing to do.

Blueberry Moment 14706
For my final Blueberry Moment, I made a little countdown to Christmas for my grandma and grandpa. It is around the holiday season and I thought this would be something nice to do so I made it and it was really cool. I put my own little twist on it though so what I did is I wrote nice note for each day. I think everyone should be complemented each day it doesn’t even need to be big because one complement can make someone’s day.

Lauryn Maddock
For my first random acts of kindness, I wrote a letter to the mailman saying how thankful I am for him, and I also included a $10 gift card to McDonald’s for the cold winter. I came up with the idea to give a letter and gift card to the mailman because I believe that nobody appreciates him/her enough. Lots of people would probably say it’s not a big deal to be a mailman. But, it is to me. They go out in the freezing cold winter to deliver mail to people’s houses, and have to get the correct address, but most people don’t think it’s that big of a deal. This act of kindness that I did made me feel great because I want to make the mailman’s day and let him know he is appreciated by someone. It made me feel good when he opened the mailbox because you could see that big smile on his face. I will never forget this act of kindness I did to make someone’s day with just one simple thing.

For my next random act of kindness, I went to my old elementary school and helped my gym teacher out with teaching the little one’s how to play hockey. I wanted to do this act of kindness because I love helping other people out, and love visiting people that have been in my past. So, I had decided to go help out one of my old Blueberry Ambassador teacher in the elementary gym. This made me feel good because when I walked in the gym, his face lit up in a huge smile because he hadn’t seen me in a while. He was so happy that I had come to help out in the gym with him, and help teach the little ones. I will never forget this one act because of the smile on his face when I walked in the gym and how happy he was, and especially because it made me feel over beyond happy.

For my last random act of kindness, I went to go help my elderly neighbor put his grocery’s away. I had thought of doing this act because he had been having health problems for a while now, and he had been having some trouble getting in and out of the house, and had recently had a fall going up some steps. This act made me feel very good inside because when I walked up to him and told him I was there to help him, he was so relieved and very thankful for me there to help him. This was probably my favorite act of kindness because he was just so happy and thankful for me to help, and I just love helping others when they need it. Especially elderly neighbors in need of help.

Lilly West

Blueberry Moment 11461
For my first Blueberry Moment, I started by thinking of someone who I could do something nice for. While doing this I realized something. A lot of kindness and appreciation is given to people who do big things. Like bus drivers and firefighters. But what about the people that do little things everyday, like holding the door for someone or stopping in the hall to help someone pick up their books? Shouldn’t they be appreciated, too? Everyone deserves to be appreciated for one thing or another. So, I decided to do my first Blueberry Moment for your everyday type of citizen. I ended up making what I decided to call a “Happy Book” which is a little paper book filled with inspirational messages and quotes to make whoever finds it feel good about themselves and to inspire them to do something good for someone else. I then left the “Happy Book” in a public place where anyone could have found it. I hoped that somebody would find it and feel even just a little bit better about themselves.

Blueberry Moment 11459
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wanted to think of someone that did a lot for the community, but didn’t get as much appreciation as other people. I decided to make a gift basket for the employees of City Hall. I got a bowl and put some basket filler in the bottom before loading it up with goodies including, Fiddle Faddle, Reese’s, Twizzlers, Caramels, popcorn, potato crisps, and M&Ms. After school, I went down to City Hall with my grandpa and dropped off the basket of goodie. I hope that the City Hall employees enjoyed the treats and felt appreciated. They told me that after they ate the treats, they were going to fill the basket up and pass it on, telling the next people to do the same.

Blueberry Moment 11460

For my third Blueberry Moment, I went to the dollar store and bought some small plastic horses and dinosaurs. Then, I took them home and tied little notes around their necks that said, “You found me, now I’m yours.” Then, I went to the park with my grandpa after school and we hid the little animals all over the toddler playground for the kids to find. I hope that some kids will find them and their faces will light up with joy. I hope that they will love the little toys.

Clarissa Rushton
Blueberry Moment 11415
My first act of kindness was when I was at Tim Hortons getting hot cocoa and there was an elderly couple with their granddaughter getting ice cream. My dad and I decided to pay their bill for the ice cream.

Blueberry Moment 11416
My second act of kindness was buying a gift card for my neighbor across the street. She is really nice to us all the time so I wanted to do something nice for her in return. I also will spend more time with her because she is always asking us to come over and have tea with her.

Blueberry Moment 11417
My third act of kindness I got off Pinterest. My mom helped me put together a basket of snacks and waters for the front porch when UPS, FEDEX, or USPS comes to drop off boxes and packages. They work extra long hours this time of year and hopefully it puts a smile on their faces when they deliver stuff to us.

Emma Comeau

For my first Blueberry Moment, I wanted to thank my bus driver. A couple times a week she takes me from the Middle School to Morrish Elementary, where my mom is a first grade teacher. Since it is near the holidays I got her a holiday candle and soap. I really appreciate that she takes me to Morrish.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped, and will continue to help, my mom in her classroom. While in her classroom I help check students work. Usually it is math that I check. I also help a small group of students in her class to do work they have missed or are still working on. This gives my mom the ability to focus her attention on the classroom.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I bought one of my best friends some snacks from the cart at our school. We were at lunch and I asked her if I could pay for some of her snacks she had. She said no so I insisted on paying for them anyway. I like taking care of my friends. Showing appreciation for those around you can make a person’s day. In the morning when my dad drops me off he says, “I love you. Be safe, be careful and smile at somebody today.” It’s just that simple to make somebody’s day.

Mason Sears

Blueberry Moment 11436
For this Blueberry Moment, I wanted make cookies for the Gaines township hall and I got a picture with the lady at the front desk. The lady looked happy and I think that she really liked it and it made me feel really good. One of the reasons why we did that is so that we could thank them for hard work and how many complaints that they get. This made me feel good and I would do it again if I got the opportunity.

Blueberry Moment 11434
For this Blueberry Moment, someone I know needed me to

watch their dog so they could go Christmas shopping so I stepped in. I said that they didn’t have to pay me and I would take him for a walk. This made me feel good knowing that I let someone go and do something they want and that I another perk is that I got to see a cute puppy. I think that if I get asked I would do it again it made me feel good and I love how I can do that for free.

Blueberry Moment 11435
For my last Blueberry Moment, I asked all my family members if they need any help at home and my great aunt Karen said she’s doing yard work. I went to her house the day after Thanksgiving and worked for an hour and a half it made me glad that I could help her. If I would not have done that then it probably would not had have been done. I love helping people and I’m glad to help

someone older than me.

Carter Pyle
Blueberry Moment 11420
This year I chose to help my grandpa. My grandma died about six years ago, and my grandpa now lives alone. Most of his grandkids are either off at college or living in a different state. My grandpa and I always spend time together once a week. We order food and watch old movies. This week I decided to clean his apartment for the holidays. I did his vacuuming and dusted, and also made him a chicken sandwich. Now he might have more family over because his house looks so nice.

Blueberry Moment 11418
Tonight, we went through the Mcdonald’s drive through and I used my own money to buy the dinner behind me. I gave the lady that was working my card and said to give this to them and tell them to pay it forward. I hope my act of kindness will make a person feel like being kind to someone else. They say kindness is contagious, so this is what I was hoping for.

Blueberry Moment 11419
For my final and last Blueberry act I have decided to do something special. This year I thought about the holidays and how everyone doesn’t have the greatest time. It can become very stressful. There is an aide I know, she lost her husband when her kids were little. She doesn’t make enough money working at the school. She was always so kind to me. She would always pass me in the halls and ask me how I was doing and say hi to me no matter what. Even if I was in trouble or she was sad that day. She had always given me so much kindness I decided to help her during the holidays. I gave her $200 which was all my birthday money. I wanted to make sure she could afford presents for her kids so they can have a good Christmas too. I never told her who I was because she is too kind she would probably give it back no matter how much she needed it.

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