Swartz Creek Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors make tiny moments feel big with acts of kindness

Swartz Creek Middle School, coordinator Jennifer Dikos

Mikenzie Heavner
Blueberry Moment 18192
On Thursday November 8th, I had a half a day and on Friday, I didn’t have school I so I decided to go help out at my former elementary school, Morrish Elementary. While I was there, I helped out in the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, if a kid raised his/her hand, an aid or volunteer would go over and ask what they needed. Most of the time it was to open things in their lunch because they couldn’t so when they raised their had I would go over and help them with whatever they needed help with. Also before lunch, I helped get the tables out for the kids and during lunch I would wipe down the tables so the next grade of kids to come in would have nice clean tables to eat on. On Friday, they play music in the gym and the kids are allowed to dance if they have eaten all of their food. The principal was in charge of the music and she would play songs like the Cha Cha Slide. When the kids got up to dance, I danced with them. The kids were very excited to have a former student help out and the principal. I decided to do this random act of kindness because I wanted to help the people who helped me when I was in elementary school and be a positive and fun role model for the students. 

Blueberry Moment 18190
For this Blueberry Moment, I used $40 of the money I received for my birthday to buy 20 princess and superhero coloring books and crayons for the children at Dr. Holloway’s office, the Flint Children’s Center. We placed a coloring book and a set of crayons into cellophane bags with red and white ribbon, and delivered them to the office. I decided to do this because when I was younger, I loved to get the stickers from the box after I went to the doctors. I would always get one for my brother and one for myself. I hope this will bring smiles to kids’ faces after they come to the doctor’s office. Dr. Holloway was very impressed with the Blueberry Ambassadors and had even said he’s read about them in the newspaper. The receptionists were very happy to receive the donated items for the children. I really liked doing this Blueberry project and I hope the children have fun with the coloring books.

Blueberry Moment 18191
For my last act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I decided to donate towels, blankets, collars, leashes, and treats to the Humane Society of Genesee County. I decided that this would be a good idea because in these cold winter days the animals at the Humane Society need a warm place to stay until they get adopted. I collected the blankets and towels from family my members who were willing to donate. I liked doing this act of kindness because I would know that the animals there would be nice, snuggly and warm even in the cold and harsh weather of Michigan’s winters. All of the people at the Humane Society were so nice and very happy when I gave them all of the supplies. I also wanted to do this because of the great people who work there because they help and care for the animals like their own. This was by far one of my favorite Blueberry Moments that I ever chose to do. Remember that our furry friends need help too!

Paige West
Blueberry Moment 18183
I donated my birthday money to a very important fundraiser. My cousin had a stroke a while ago and he has a wife and two kids. He had a surgery and they removed a part of his left skull and now he is at risk, well my mom made a fundraiser so they can pay for any doctor bills in the future or ones from a while ago when it first happened. I gave my Blueberry Card to my cousin’s wife so she could do an act of kindness. I feel great that I have done something so important to help them out. 

Blueberry Moment 18181
I decided to pay for the person’s meal behind me and give the cashier my Blueberry Card to give to them. This made me feel good because who knows that person could be struggling with money but even if not I am now encouraging them to do something kind with that card. I am really hoping that they will pay the act of kindness in return. Also, I hope I made there day by doing that very simple act of kindness.

I wrote seven Christmas cards with nice notes in them to solders overseas. I placed my Blueberry Card in one of the cards and I am hoping that the shoulder I gave that to passes it on. I felt good doing this act because every day the solders are our fighting for our country and are away from their families and I know how that feels because my dad was in the military for 24 years and he spent a full year away so I am glad that I was able to make these solders’ day after everything they do for our country! 

Grace Bedell
Blueberry Moment 18166
For this Blueberry Moment, I decided to clean out my mom’s pantry. She didn’t ask me to do this but I really wanted to. My mom had a lot on her mind because we just moved. Actually, I even cleaned out and organized her fridge. I figured out there were some nasty and expired things. But not really a lot of that stuff. One of the main reasons I wanted to organize her pantry was it was kind of bugging me how messy it was. However, the main reason I wanted to do it was I thought if I did it would be easier to see everything and the food wouldn’t go to waste. It may be a small tiny act of kindness but it can go a long way.

Blueberry Number 181867
For my third and final Blueberry Moment, I decided to do something a little nice for my cousin. First off, her and my little brother had a quiz meet for church. My mom brought my cousin to the quiz meet so she could go. After the quiz meet our church’s quiz team went to Culvers. Now she ordered chicken tenders and it was kind of expensive. We also got custard. My cousin had a dollar left but I didn’t think that would be enough for her treat. So, I had a few dollars left from my birthday. I told her to go up there and pick out any ice cream she wanted. I hoped she liked her ice cream. Sometimes a little treat can cheer you up and I hoped she felt much better.

Blueberry Moment 18168
For this Blueberry Moment, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies (my favorite cookies). I just got a new oven and it was a gas oven I used to have an electric one. I was baking them like normal, for 11 minutes. But all of a sudden, my house filled up with smoke and the alarms start going off in which I somehow didn’t notice. I had like 20 of my favorite cookies in the oven and ALL of them burned. But I still wanted to make these delicious cookies so I try again and these ones turned out chocolatey and gooey. I only had these few cookies because I burned the first batch to crisp, but I wanted to do something really nice so I bagged up the cookies (I did eat a few though). So, I bagged them all up and surprised them with what I call my most delicious cookies. I know some things may be small but every small act of kindness adds up we can all change the world if we learn this.

Jacqueline Miller
Blueberry Moment 18154
For this Blueberry Moment, I gave a basket of muffins to Tim Bright and Jared Whittey LPL Financial. The reason for giving them a thank you basket was because they have put up Christmas lights every year for the past two years, and people really enjoy them. The lights are great for taking pictures and really put you in the Christmas spirit. When I gave them the basket, they seemed extremely appreciative. They also told me how they won a decorating competition the first year they put up the lights and they won runner-up last year for their light display. Both gentlemen were surprised that someone would take time and effort in give them something for hanging up lights, but it truly does bring joy to everybody. That made me feel really special and that made me feel like I truly made a difference. 

Blueberry Moment 18155
For my second Blueberry Moment, I bought two small boxes of chocolates and a bouquet of roses and lily flowers at my nearby Kroger. I then purchased them and gave them to a cashier named Ruth. Ruth always has a smile on her face and my parents always like going to her because she makes their day better. I explained that I gave those gifts to her just to brighten her day. Ruth began to tear up after I gave the chocolates and flowers to her. When she teared up, it made me feel like I made her day. It’s funny how happy you can get just by doing something nice for someone else. One thing that really shocks me is that the people I choose for a Blueberry Moment don’t think that someone would give or do something for them just out of the goodness of their heart, or they think that what they did didn’t really need to be rewarded or congratulated.

Blueberry Moment 18156
For my last Blueberry Moment, I gave a gift basket of muffins to a woman named Connie Bueche. I gave Mrs. Bueche the basket because every year she organizes a Christmas dinner for senior citizens that may not have anyone to spend the holiday with. She spends every Christmas preparing dinner and desserts to serve them. She also buys enough gifts so that each person will receive at least one Christmas gift. Most of us spend the day with family and friends but Mrs. Bueche has made this her Christmas mission. She was astonished that I chose to give something to her, but she definitely deserves it. To me, it is really inspiring that someone would do something like that. Mrs. Bueche doesn’t think what she does every Christmas as a burden or something that takes up her holiday, she genuinely enjoys making people feel happy. That is the kind of positive and generous outlook that I strive to have one day. 

Blueberry Moment 18169
For one of my Blueberry Moments, I gave some of my outgrown clothes to my little cousin. I did this because I know my cousin loves trying new styles and clothes in general. And if I couldn’t enjoy them anymore I wanted someone else to. When I gave her the bag of clothes she got so excited to be able to go through the bag of clothes and see what was inside. It made me so happy to see her enjoy them and be excited to wear them. And it was so easy because I had plenty of clothes I wasn’t wearing anymore and I didn’t have to spend any money to do something that made someone feel so happy. I felt so glad that I could be a part of making someone’s day better. 

Blueberry Moment 18171
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wrote nice notes such as “have a great day” and “you are worth it” and left them on people’s cars I only gave one of them the Blueberry Card but I wanted to make more people happy then just one. I went into a parking lot and posted a note on a bunch of people’s cars. I didn’t see their reaction because I was running late but I wish I could’ve. I don’t know how their day was going but I hope it got better by this little thing I did. This just proves that even the littlest of things can make a big difference in someone’s day or maybe even life.

Blueberry Moment 18170
For my last Blueberry Moment, I got a box and filled it with all yellow items and wrote on the box “A box full of sunshine to brighten your day” all the items we got didn’t even cost that much but were fun little treats for the lady we gave it to. We left it on her porch and rang the doorbell then walked home to let her see the surprise. It was so fun to buy the items and decorate the box but most of all it’s always fun to be kind!

Chelsea Waite
For my first Blueberry Moment, I took homemade cookies to my old elementary school to show the teachers and staff how much I appreciated everything they did for me.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I took donuts to the police station to say thank you and show them how grateful I am to them for keeping me and the community safe.

For my final Blueberry Moment, I went to McDonald’s and payed for the persons meal behind me to hopefully encourage them to do something nice for someone else and spread positivity. 

Carly Reskos
Blueberry Moment 18177
I thought it would be a great idea to use my cards at the Humane Society. I donated cat treats, cat toys, cat food, and even some dog food. When donating stuff, I looked at all the cats, they were so cute. I love cats and they let me hold one. I even saw a really cute little cat that I wanted to take home. It made me happy to see there were lots of empty cages. Empty cages means lots of cats went to their fur-ever homes. I hope they enjoyed the stuff we brought them. They were amazed by how much we brought. 

Blueberry Moment 18176 
I donated 10 boxes of crayons and 12 coloring books. I chose to bring this to the hospital for the sick children. I gave my Blueberry Card and this stuff to the hospital, because I don’t like it when kids suffer from illnesses. I hope the crayons and coloring books make the kids a little happier. The lady in the picture is the same lady I donated to last year. She is very nice.  

Blueberry Moment 18178
I used one of my Blueberry Cards at Morrish Elementary, where I helped some of the teachers. While I was there, I helped correct papers, I helped some students with their spelling, and I even helped beat Mr. Culver’s team in dodgeball! I think I help the teachers a lot.

Chloe Jewell
On April 7th, 2019, my family was up north and my mom took the puppy on a walk and noticed there was a lot of trash along the road to the boat launch. We ended up walking one mile going along the road as people stopped and asked what we were doing so we told them about the Blueberries and hopefully we would inspire other people to do good. My mom and I went up and down the road cleaning up trash. We ended up finding so much trash both of our trash bags were so full and heavy of glass and metal and wrappers, it was crazy how much trash we found. We ended up finding a whole McDonalds meal which was a picture that I sent. There was so much trash and things that people left, it goes to show doing something as kind as cleaning up trash makes a big difference about the earth and waters.

I helped my three neighbors by taking their trash bins back up to their houses. I had to make two new Blueberry Cards because I didn’t want to use all three of them, because I wanted to do more acts of kindness. I taped them on their trash cans so when they got home they would have a nice surprise. I enjoyed the nice weather while being outside and enjoyed helping people along the way.

I helped my Aunt and uncle, soon to be second parents, help take care of my baby cousin, Harper. First I cleaned up Harper’s room, and the living room. I played and watched Harper the whole time while the grownups had to move cabinets to the basement. Once everyone got settled, Harper wanted to go to bed. But before that, it was bath time! I helped give Harper a bath and put pajamas on and also helped brush her teeth and hair. I love helping my baby cousin because she makes my day and I love her so much!

Dylan Leach
Blueberry Moment 18145
I had discount cards that were to be sold for my basketball team. I donated $10 of my birthday money to give two cards out to people at my mom’s work who have kids in the Creek schools. I think they will use the discount card for fast food or sporting clothes. I put the cards with the Blueberry Card on their desk when they weren’t there so they did not know who it was given from.

Blueberry Moment 18146
I used some of my birthday money to buy the four things on the list for snuggle sacks to help the homeless. I bought a blanket, three chapsticks, toothbrush and granola bars and took it to the student office for the donation. I put the Blueberry Card in the blanket hoping that the person who gets it will do something nice for someone else.

Blueberry Moment 18147
I put hand warmers, a Gatorade and the Blueberry Card in a paper bag on top of the garbage cans with a message that said keep warm and thank you for our trash worker to pick up when he picked up the trash. They have a hard job and have to work in bad weather, I hope it made him feel better and he will do something nice for someone to.

Lauryn Maddock
Blueberry Moment
My first Blueberry Moment I did was that I helped my neighbor carry groceries inside. I always help my neighbor out with groceries, mail, etc. due to how he can’t do these things on his own. When I gave him a Blueberry Card, his face lit up and his face filled with joy. I loved seeing how happy he was and I explained what he had to do with it. He thanked me for everything and I was so happy to make someone feel the way I made him feel.

Blueberry Moment 18157
My next Blueberry Moment I did was help a kid pick up their notebooks/books when they had dropped them in the hallway. A bunch of kids had just looked at her and walked by and I noticed she was struggling so I started to help her pick up all of her things. She thanked me for doing it and she said she had felt bad and that she was embarrassed that she had done that in front of everyone. I then told her it was alright and I gave her a Blueberry Card and explained everything to her. She seemed really grateful for me helping her and everything. I was very happy seeing the look on her face when I got down to help her and gave her the Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Moment 18158
The last Blueberry Moment I did was buy something from the food cart in the lunch room when they didn’t have a lunch. I had seen they didn’t have anything and I offered to go buy them something and they had said yes and they were very grateful for me doing so. After that at the end of the day I had given them a Blueberry Card and I had explained what to do with it. They thanked me for buying them something once again, and smiled at me giving them a Blueberry Card. I felt very good seeing their reaction when I bought them something from the food cart and when I gave them the Blueberry Card. Doing these moments made me feel very good about myself knowing that I helped people out and made them happy. I love helping people and seeing the look on their faces when I do. I love doing it every day and I can’t wait to do it again!

Lily West
Blueberry Moment 18142
For my first Blueberry Act, I decided to do something nice for all of the people that work in the student office at my school. I know that they do a lot, are always on their toes, and help keep our school running smoothly. We couldn’t have the great school we do without them. But, I also know that they don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. So, I wanted to do something to show them that they are appreciated. I bought a silver bucket and decorated it with a vinyl sticker of our school’s mascot. Then, I filled it up with candy. I wrote up a nice card and gave it to them in the morning. They really loved it and kept telling me thank you. It made me feel good to know that I had made someone’s day. 

Blueberry Moment 18143
For my second Blueberry Act, I wanted to do something for our mail carrier. I can’t imagine if I had to work in a truck all day, by myself, without anyone to talk to. But, it’s an important job, and I appreciate anyone that is willing to do that in order to get other people their mail. So, I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote up a note to the mail carrier, telling them that I hope they have a nice day. I left it in the mailbox with a can of pop, so they’ll find it tomorrow when they deliver our mail. The next day, when my mom collected our mail, she saw that the mail carrier had left a note saying thanks and that they would carry on the random act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 18144
For my third act, I decided to do something for the librarians at our public library. I love to read, and go to the library often. The librarians there are always so friendly and helpful, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation. So, I got some money out of my piggy bank and bought a box of girl scout cookies from a local troop. Then, I wrote up a nice note telling them that they are appreciated. After school this week, my grandpa took me to the library and I gave the cookies and notes to the people in the library. They loved it and seemed very surprised. It made me feel good to know that something so small can really make someone’s day. 

Madison Perez
Blueberry Moment 18197
For this Blueberry Moment, I paid for someone’s meal at McDonalds and hope somebody else will do the same and pass on my act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 181196
I went to the store and bought stuff for my neighbor and his dog and then gave it to him the next day.

Blueberry Moment 18198         
I stayed over at an elderly home on my free time and helped out.

Joe Genovesi
Blueberry Moment 18160
For my first act of kindness, I wrote get well cards to 96 women that are fighting breast cancer. This is my third year of writing words of encouragement to these courageous women. I enjoy doing this because it brings joy to these women and it makes me happy that I can make them happy.

Blueberry Moment 18161
For my second act of kindness, I donated $60 to the food bank of eastern Michigan. For every dollar donated, provided six meals for people in need. This made me feel good to help provide food for the less fortunate people.

Blueberry Moment 18162For my third act of kindness, I took cookies to the police department. They do so much for us so I thought it would be nice if I did something for them to thank them for their service.

Meghan Dikos
Blueberry Moment 18151
For my first Blueberry Moment, I put money in a baggie with the card and a note, on a pop machine. I know I did not see the person’s reaction but I am assuming it made their day. That person who got the money might of been having a bad day. Or if the person was having a good day, I made it even better!  Who wouldn’t want a free pop! I made somebody’s day no matter what. I know it would make my day if that happend to me! I sure hope the next person does something as nice as I did!

Blueberry Moment 18152
For my second Blueberry Moment, I got a gift for one of my teachers I have this year. I got some candies, pencils, and two little stuffed animals for her daughters. I wanted to give her a gift because I appreciate her  and she does so much for me. Besides teaching me math she talks to me about my days going, or if I need help with other things. When I gave her the gift she was so happy that I gave her a gift. She gace me a hug and said thank you. The next day I even got a thank you note from her.

Blueberry Moment 18153
For my third act of kindness, I made a gift for one of my old teachers and her daughter. I had her  last year. She was my favorite sixth grade teacher. I miss seeing her everyday. She made my class fun and I always wanted to come to school because of her. I knew I made her happy because she posted something on faebook on how happy and excited she was to receive it. Her daughter also texted me saying ‘aw thank you so much for the gift’. I was happy and excited I made them happy.

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