Swartz Creek Morrish Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors are “happy to be a small part” of community members’ happiness

Swartz Creek Morrish Elementary, coordinator Jennifer Bertuleit

Claire Michalczuk
Blueberry Card 19085
This project has taught me to think about others and how my actions impacted them. My first act of kindness was I found a book that a person wanted but could not find it anywhere. They wanted to give it to their kid for Christmas. So. I found the book and shipped it to her. When I did that act of kindness, it might have been small but it felt good to do it. 

Blueberry Card 19086
My second act of kindness was doing a fundraiser for the V.F.W. Most of the V.F.W. soldiers do not have a home so Autumn, Lucy, Macey and I are doing a fundraiser for them. It felt good doing this act of kindness because it helps you think about are world and the people who fought for us.

Blueberry Card 19087
My last act of kindness was I gave Busy Books to a hospital. Busy books have puzzles, coloring books and much more to keep the patients occupied who have illnesses or diseases they are focused on. The Blueberries have made me think about others. I am so thankful that they picked me to be in it. I love that everyone in the group wants to help out other people. It feels so great to help out other people and it warms my heart so much.

Joslynn Lyons
Blueberry Moment 19069
I went through all my old books and toys/games and gathered all of the ones I no longer play with. I chose to donate the items to the little girls and boys at Carriage Town Ministries. I’m very happy that I gave these items to them because they don’t have a home and I was able to give them something that they would use and enjoy. 

Blueberry Moment 19068
My mom and I went to Joann Fabrics and got red and black fabric. My mom and grandma and I completed a tie blanket. I took the blanket to Courtyard Manor for the residents to use. I’m very glad that I gave that blanket to them. Hopefully it will come in handy on these cold Michigan days.

Blueberry Moment 19070
My mom, dad and I got 26 donuts from Donna’s Donuts. We gave the donuts to the Flint Township Police Station so the third shift police officers could have something before they left for the road and the dispatchers could enjoy them as well. I decided to do it because the police officers and dispatchers do so much for us I decided to do something for them.

Matthew Carpenter
Blueberry Moment 19065
During our first snow storm in Swartz Creek, I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway. Next, I knocked on her door and gave the Blueberry Card and explained what is was. 

Blueberry Moment 19066
I really love animals. So, for my second Blueberry moment I thought about animals. I bought some food and snacks for dogs and delivered it to Adopt-A-Pet so they would have some extra food and snacks for the dogs there. They showed me around the facility and let me hold one of the puppies there. 

Blueberry Moment 19067
For my third Blueberry Moment. My Grandma has some neighbors who have been sick and couldn’t leave the house. They have always been nice to me and my brother. So, I decided to take some food for them to eat when they were sick so they wouldn’t have to go out.  

Reese Redlich
Blueberry Moment 19057
For this Blueberry Moment, I went to Barnes and Noble and gave a mother $10 to put towards buying her kids their books. My mom and I were thinking of some ideas of what I could do and we thought of this. When I gave the lady the money and the card she looked surprised and happy. After I told her what I was doing and told her about the Blueberry Card, she said that she would be happy to pass it on. After giving her this it made me feel good that I was helping someone pay for books that their kids wanted to read because I enjoy reading too!

Blueberry Moment 19056
For this Blueberry Moment, I went to Meijer and left pennies on a mechanical horse that kids love to ride. I always see little kids riding it when I’m there and I thought it would be nice to leave some in case someone didn’t have any. I did not get to see anyone’s reaction but I’m sure it will put a huge smile on a few children’s faces. Knowing that kids will be able to ride it even if they don’t have their own money makes me feel great.

Blueberry Moment 19058
For this Blueberry Moment, I did a fundraiser at my school to raise money for the people on the Tahoma Coast Guard Boat that is going on deployment soon. My friend Macey and I set up this fundraiser to raise money to buy little treats and games for them to do while they wait. We ended up raising $368. We decided to do this because Macey’s cousin is on that boat. We do not know if we will be able to see their reaction or not, but I know that all the stuff that we got them will make them happy. It definitely makes me happy to know that they will have fun stuff to do and eat while on the boat.

Jackson Sandlin
Blueberry Moment 19076
I decided to go hang out with kids at the Flint Development Center. Some kids stay there until 7:00 each night. First, I went in the literacy center to read and share basketball cards with them. I love collecting and trading sports cards and I wanted to share the fun with others. I also helped kids with puzzles. Then I played basketball with them. They all wanted to be on my team, so we had some kids with me in one game and the other kids were with me in the other game to make it fair. This was a cool experience to make new friends from a different community. I can’t wait to go back.

Blueberry Moment 19077
I decided to make the hardworking staff at Morrish Elementary breakfast. I made eggs with bacon and broccoli in them and we bought donuts, muffins, and other pastries. I also wrote a note to thank them for working so hard for the kids. They were so thankful for what I did for them and they all said it was very good. The staff at Morrish Elementary are awesome and great at what they do. That is why I did this, to show them appreciation for what they do for all the kids. 

Blueberry Moment 19078
I decided to have a fundraiser at my school for the Genesee County Animal Control Shelter. I took donations on January 23rd. All cash donations were used to purchase items. I donated them on January 29th to the shelter. The items consisted of 136 pounds of Milk Bone dog treats, 464 cans of gravy dog food, 72 towels, 15 toys, 31 jars of peanut butter, and 10 pounds of regular treats. They were so happy to get lots of donations for the dogs. They currently have over 80 dogs at the shelter. Volunteers will use the donations daily while caring for the dogs until new homes are found. The Assistant Director gave me a patch and told me she was going to make me an Animal Control Officer (honorary).

Kendra Paige
Blueberry Moment 19081 
For my first random act of kindness, I walked my neighbor’s dog. My neighbor is partially blind and recently had surgery so I offered to help out while she was recovering by taking her dog out after school. I decided to do this because my neighbor is a nice person and I really like her dog Finn. My neighbor was very appreciative and thankful.

Blueberry Moment 19080
For my second random act of kindness, I made my dad soup and took care of him when he was not feeling well. I did this because I don’t like to see my dad not feeling well and he always does nice things for me. My dad thanked me and told me how much he loves me.

Blueberry Moment 19079
For my final random act of kindness, I helped an older lady at Meijer who was having a difficult time with the bottle return not working properly so I called an attendant on the red phone to fix the machine. I felt the need to help her because she seemed frustrated and didn’t know what to do. She thanked me and was very grateful that I was able to help her with the machine. 

Skyler Shreve
Blueberry Moment 19095
For my first random act of kindness, I went inside of Starbucks and paid for the person behind us. They reacted so surprised. I wanted to pay it forward because someone did it to us once and I thought it was nice.

Blueberry Moment 19096
For my second random act of kindness, I took my own money and went to the dollar store and bought dog and cat toys and treats. Next, we went to the Humane Society and donated the items. The workers were very thankful and happy. I chose this act because the animals don’t have a lot of treats and toys. I also love animals and wanted to help.

Blueberry Moment 19097
For my final random act of kindness, I went through my books and I found some Junie B Jones books that I read in second grade. I thought “who should I give them to?” Then, I thought of my friend Brystal who’s in first grade and loves Junie B. Jones. When I gave them to her, she was really happy. I chose this act because I love to read and I wanted to share my books with someone who would loves them.

Autumn Crambell
Blueberry Moment 19050
The first act of kindness was when my mom and I went to Taco Bell to get dinner and I said let’s pay for the person’s meal behind us. So, we did and told the worker to give the person behind us the card. That made me feel good because that person could have been having a bad day and I helped them save their money.

Blueberry Moment 19051
The second act of kindness is when my friends and I organized a fundraiser at school to raise money for homeless veterans. We chose to do this because they risked their lives for us and sometimes they need help to get back on their feet. We also did this because we wanted to show we are thankful for them and what they did for us.

Blueberry Moment 19052
The third act of kindness is when I called and checked on my grandparents and went over to visit them and made them lunch. I did that because they were busy cleaning and working around the house and I just wanted to help them out.

Jayda O’Hearn
Blueberry Moment 19073 
For one of my Blueberry Moments, I decided to help my grandma with whatever she needed and be her assistant for a day. I decided to do this because my grandma means a lot to me and she takes me to school every day. Not only that, but she is always there for me when I need her. So, I wanted to do something nice back to her. I couldn’t do something too big for her so I did little things that ended up meaning a lot to my grandma. I asked my grandma what she needed done and it turned out I had a lot coming for me. I ended up dusting her collectibles on her tier table, and cleaned high up objects like her fan, and above her TV. When I was finished, my grandma was very proud of me and was happy about all of the things she couldn’t do that I was able to get done. This made me feel really thrilled of what I had done and glad inside. 

Blueberry Moment 19075
For my second Blueberry Moment, I made a care package and gave it to my grandmother’s friend, Ann. Ann had a stroke when she was younger which made her whole left side shut down. So, she is living in a nursing home now and she doesn’t get a lot of visitors. Ann means a lot to my family and she is like a second grandma to me. So, I decided I wanted to visit her and give her my little care package I made. We went to the nursing home and gave Ann my care package. She was excited to see me and loved my care package. I ended up staying a while just talking and visiting with her. I realized how much it meant to her for me to come visit. That made me feel really glad I went to visit her and kind-hearted.

Blueberry Moment 19074
For my last Blueberry Moment, I decided to shovel my neighbor’s driveway. I decided to do this because they were on vacation and we got a lot of snow. So, I thought it would be nice to shovel it for them since they had no one to do it for them. When they got home they were very happy to see that their driveway was already done and out of the way so they could unpack and relax. When I finished, I felt really glad that I had the opportunity to do this for them. 

Macey Merinsky
Blueberry Moment 19053
The first random act of kindness I did was a pajama day at Morrish Elementary with Reese Redlich. We raised money to buy treats, games, crossword puzzles and more stuff for my cousin’s Coast Guard boat that is being deployed. I decided to do this because I wanted to do something that was big and I want them to know that they are appreciated. First I thought of doing a fundraiser where I collected hats and gloves but then I came up with the Coast Guard idea. I don’t know how they reacted because we had to mail it and have not heard yet. We raised about $370. We went to the dollar store and Sam’s Club to buy the items. 

Blueberry Moment 19054
Next, my mom had a $10 Arby’s gift card. So, I went to Arby’s and was going to give it to someone in line but no one was in line. So, I gave it to the cashier and told her “I’m from Morrish Elementary and I’m in this group called Blueberries. In Blueberries, we do a lot of kind and generous things around the community. We have to do three random acts of kindness and I was wondering if you could use this gift card for the next person that comes in. Also give them this Blueberry Card because they have to do something kind for someone else and pass it on.” The lady thought that was really nice so she gave me a free chocolate shake! This made me feel good to know that I was paying for someone’s order or some of their order. 

Blueberry Moment 19055
The last random act of kindness was making little gift bags for Mrs. Murphy (my teacher) and my class. In these bags, I put one hot cocoa packet, about ten to fifteen mini marshmallows, and about twenty five mini chocolate chips. I also tied the bags all cute with a ribbon and a cute tag saying, “Have a cup of cheer!” I gave one to my principal too! I thought it fit perfect with the past five snow days we had. It made me feel good because my class needed a cup of cheer! 

Aidyn Smith
Blueberry Moment 19059
An elderly man was struggling to lift his cane off the ground after school so I picked it up, and said “Are you ok?”. The man smiled, and I felt good inside! Then I gave him the card, and I explained how to use it. Finally, he said thank you. Then, I gave him a high five, and went to class. However, I wish I could see who or if he gave it to someone.

Blueberry Moment 19060
My friend Zack was frustrated about his math so I was helping him complete it. So, he said thanks. I gave him the Blueberry Card, and he was so excited to do something nice! Then a week later he gave to his mom!

Blueberry Moment19061
At my friend’s birthday party, I helped set up, and his mom thanked me because she could relax for a while. Next, I gave her the Blueberry Card, she did something nice, and passed it to three people during the time! Finally, I felt that the random acts of kindness could go down the whole family. 

Macey Higgerson 
Blueberry Moment 19100
For this Blueberry Moment, I was able to earn my own money, purchase two toys, and donate them to Toys for Tots for Christmas. I chose this for one of my Blueberry Moments because Christmas is the season for giving and blessing others, especially those that are less fortunate. First, I was able to earn $20 by babysitting in the nursery at my church during the District Ladies Meeting. Then I went to the store and picked out a slime making kit and a light up diary. Finally, I stopped at Brandi’s Place Learning Center since they were a Toys for Tots location. The woman behind the counter was very pleased with my donation, and my Blueberry participation. She was very eager to receive the Blueberry Card and to be able to pass it on. She told me about a family she already had in mind to do something kind for during the Christmas Season. Since I’ve always had a blessed Christmas, it felt good to bless a child in a small way who hasn’t always had the best Christmas. It’s also a great feeling knowing that I had a small part in blessing another family’s Christmas by passing on a Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Moment 19099 
For this Blueberry Moment, I volunteered my time by cleaning my church. The name of my church is, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Weekly cleaning of the church is accomplished by dedicated church member volunteers. My mom, grandma, and I met at the church on a Thursday night. We divided the cleaning jobs between the three of us and we were able to get everything accomplished. I helped my mom clean the bathrooms by mopping the floors, and I helped my Grandma by vacuuming the halls and mopping the classroom floors. I decided to volunteer to clean my church because I love my church and I love to serve God. When I explained the Blueberry Card to the woman who is in charge of the cleaning schedule, she was so excited. She loves to serve and bless others so she was the perfect person to pass a Blueberry Card on to. She also loved the idea of the Blueberries, and was proud of me for being apart of it. It was a good feeling to serve my church since my church serves our community. I am happy to be a small part of it. 

Blueberry Moment 19098
For this Blueberry Moment, my friends and I organized and ran a fundraiser for the homeless veterans. The name of our fundraiser is, “A Dollar for an Electronic Hour.” We designed flyers on the computer, printed 500 copies, and sent them home with students. Each student that wanted to participate brought $1 and an electronic of their choice. The teachers were kind enough to donate one hour of valuable class time in support of the cause. We chose to support homeless veterans because we found out from a veteran that there is a great need for this. There are so many veterans that lost their livelihood after returning from their service for our country. As veterans of the United States of America, we as a community should love and support the brave soldiers who sacrificed everything to protect our country. It is such a good feeling to play a small role in making a difference in these people’s lives. I hope this donation will be a step in the right direction for them to be able to get back on their feet and get their life back. I know these homeless veterans appreciate all the love and support they can get. 

Raeleigh Genovesi

Blueberry Moment 19047
My first Blueberry Moment was when I was at Epcot Center and I bought a Mickey balloon and was looking for a little kid to give it to. All of a sudden, I turned around and saw a little boy in a stroller with a sucker in this mouth. When I gave the balloon to him, I found out he could not talk and had Autism but I knew that he liked the balloon because he had a big smile on his face. That little boy’s smile made my day. I told his mom that I was a Blueberry Ambassador at my school and that we help other people in need and do kind things like an act of kindness. His mom was trying to get the balloon to tie it on the stroller but he pulled it away because he loved it so much. His mother loved it. She also loved everything about the program and that I gave him a balloon.

Blueberry Moment 19048
My second Blueberry Moment was when I made chocolate cupcakes to give them to the residents of Swank Home in Swartz Creek. When I went inside, all the residents were gathered in the living room waiting for me. They knew I was coming because my great aunt called. The workers led me inside and asked me if I wanted to pass them out. I was shy and said they could do it. So, we decided that they could give the delicious cupcakes to the workers and the residents. On my way out, I asked one of the workers if she would take my Blueberry Card. I told her that I was a Blueberry Ambassador and had to do three random acts of kindness. I picked that place because some residence have no one to see all day and I feel bad. So, visiting them could be the most fun they had all day and that makes me feel good inside.

Blueberry Moment 19049
My third Blueberry Moment was I bought little candies and was going to hand them out to the pilot and the flight attendants on my plane ride home from Florida. When I walked inside the plane, there was the pilot and one on the flight attendants on the side of the plane. I told them that I was a Blueberry Ambassador and I was doing three random acts of kindness. Their reaction was so unbelievable. They loved it! They were surprised that anyone would think of them. They had smiles on their faces and they said I was so kind. Then when I was in the air, I went to the back of the plane and gave the three flight attendants the little candies. They loved it as much as the pilot and the front flight attendant did. Then I thought of this great idea: The man in the seat next to me and my mom was so kind to us. My mom asked if we could get the aisle and he said yes so, I gave him one of my candies. He was so happy and loved it. I gave him my Blueberry Card and told him to pass it on. He lives in Iowa. Who knows where the Blueberry Card will go but I know it will be doing something kind.

Lucy Frye

Blueberry Moment 19061
We got note cards and gum for 18 workers at Kroger and I wrote a note on the cards thanking them for working hard.

Blueberry Moment 19062
Macey H, Autumn C, Claire M and I put on an electronic day to raise money for homeless veterans. We had everyone bring in a dollar to have electronics.

Blueberry Moment 19063
I put together a box filled with candy and a card for someone who volunteers a lot of their time to help the veterans.

Dekota Wykes
I was at a family Christmas party and some people were making a background banner for pictures and I decided to help make it. I put bows on the ends and helped decorate it. 

My mom and I decided to donate food and our old cat toys to the cats and dogs at the Humane Society. I gave my Blueberry Card to the lady at the front desk and told her about the Blueberries.

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