Swartz Creek Morrish Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors paint smiles throughout district

Swartz Creek Morrish Elementary, coordinator Jennifer Bertuleit

Paige West

Blueberry Moment 12227
I went out to shovel my driveway. I finished quick and so I thought I would shovel my neighbor’s driveway as well. He was not home so I taped the card to his door with packaging tape. When I went outside later that day he told me thank you. It made me feel happy inside to know I helped someone out.

Blueberry Moment 12228
I went to Whaley’s Children Center and had fun with the kids there. I played games with them and learned about what they do. It was a cool experience. It was fun to help all of those kids. I am so glad that I made their day.

Blueberry Moment 12229
I made peanut butter fudge for the staff in the teacher’s lounge and left my Blueberry Card out next to it. I had my mom and aunt help me but I did all of the work because it was my project. It was fun and the fudge turned out .

Keagen Terrian
Blueberry Moment 12301
For my first Blueberry Moment, I thought it would be a good idea to help the teachers at Morrish Elementary by giving them cookies. I think teachers do a lot for us and they deserve a treat. It made feel good to do something good for someone else and they really enjoyed them.

Blueberry Moment 12302
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wanted to give certain teachers some coffee. I chose three special teachers because they are always there for me. You may wonder how I knew what kind of coffee they liked? Well I very quietly asked another teacher to make sure that I got them their favorite kind. I thought it was a good idea to do something nice for the teachers. It made me feel good giving back to the teachers that work so hard everyday.

Blueberry Moment 12300
For my third Blueberry Moment, I wanted to pay for the car behind us at Taco Bell. So, we asked the lady at the drive-thru for the total of the car behind us She said it was $6.36, so we gave her the money and told her about the Blueberry Card. We asked her to give the Blueberry Card to them, and have them pay it forward. I think that the car we paid for felt happy, and appreciated it a lot.

Ethan Brown
Blueberry Moment 12234

I raked and mowed my yard for my mom. I also collected the leaves and put them in recycle bags and boxes, then set them to the road for pick up. My mom helps me a lot. She works all the time and I wanted to give her a break and do something for her.

Blueberry Moment 12235
I helped my grandpa. He’s 61 and was at a rehabilitation center after he had back surgery. He couldn’t move around so good, so I pushed his wheelchair around the hallways. This helped him not have to work so hard to get around. He got to relax and enjoy his ride around and time with me.

Blueberry Moment 12233
I shoveled someone’s driveway. I did it because I know it’s hard to do it alone. She is my new neighbor. She is an older lady and so we offered to help. She could not believe that we just came to help. We also shoveled someone else’s driveway and the sidewalks from our house to hers without them knowing.

Haleigh Strauss 
Blueberry Moment 12224
For my first random act of kindness, I made and delivered a fruit basket to Mrs. Corbat, the principal of Morrish Elementary. I thought this would be a good snack for her when she’s working so hard she doesn’t have a chance to eat.

Blueberry Moment 12225
My second act of kindness was giving cookies to Mrs. Wasson, a teacher at Morrish Elementary.

Blueberry Moment 12226
My third act of kindness was volunteering at the American Legion Post 294 during their Christmas party. 

Raynah Lanigan
Blueberry Moment 12206
I was brought to school early and dropped off some Timbits and a hot chocolate to the crossing guard on a cold winter morning.

Blueberry Moment 12208  
I sent a thank you card and a letter to my cousin, Butch in Alpena. I wrote him a letter of thanks for being so kind to us when we visit him on our vacation. I thanked him for being so gracious and allowing us to hang out at his house, swim in the lake, have dinner at his house, and especially for taking all the kids on his pontoon down to the east end of the lake to swim at the sandbar.

Blueberry Moment 12207
My Nana was up in Midland, taking care of my Aunt Jamie and Uncle TJ’s kids while Aunt Jamie was delivering her fourth baby. While her Nana was in Midland, I went to their house and vacuumed and help clean the house while she was away.

Kaylin Platte
Blueberry Moment 12221
I chose my neighbor’s granddaughter to give a Blueberry Card to because I was grateful to my neighbors since they donated to my Jump Rope for Heart. I filled a gift bag with coloring books, crayons and snacks. I wanted to make them feel good watching their granddaughter play with the stuff I had gotten her. It felt really good when the grandpa opened the door and I told him why I chose his granddaughter to do something special for. It was a really good feeling to have.

Blueberry Moment 12222
I chose my teacher, Ms. Loney, for my second act of kindness. It felt good when she opened up the gift bag of post-it notes and snacks and her reaction to what I had gotten her. It was nice to be so kind to someone who is working so hard at their job.

Blueberry Moment 12223     
My last act of kindness I did was for my mom. She was sick and I decided to surprise her by doing the dishes. It made me happy to put a smile on her face.

Madison Perez
Blueberry Moment 12215
For my first act of kindness I walked my neighbor’s dog and dog sat for an hour. He was happy I did this for him.

Blueberry Moment 12216
For my second act of kindness I paid for a woman’s coffee and donut that was behind us in line. This made me feel happy to make someone’s day.

Blueberry Moment 12217
For my third act of kindness I donated some of my old toys to children that are less fortunate than I am.

Ali Callahan 
Blueberry Moment 12209 
I went to Tim Hortons and I paid for the customer behind me because I wanted to put a smile on their face as well as start their day off with a nice surprise!

Blueberry Moment 12210
I went to Hungry Howie’s and I delivered cookies as a random act of kindness. I said, “Thank you so much for making such good pizza, brownies, and breadsticks!” I chose them because they give great meal options for busy families that want to eat together.

Blueberry Moment 12211
I put pennies by Sandy, the horse ride, at Meijers because kids LOVE to ride Sandy but they can’t if they don’t have any pennies. Sometimes parents don’t have any pennies in their wallet. So, I put pennies in a bag next to Sandy so parents would use the pennies for the ride and put a smile on their children’s faces.

Chelsea Waite 
Blueberry Moment 12232
For my first Blueberry Moment, I asked my mom if we could go to McDonald’s so I could pay for someone else’s food. I used my own money to pay for a stranger’s meal.

Blueberry Moment 12230
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wrote a positive note to Mrs. Letavis, our school secretary. I also made her a gingerbread ornament to hang on her Christmas tree. I did this because I don’t think that she gets appreciated as much as she should for all the work she does to keep our school running.

Blueberry Moment 12231
For my last Blueberry Moment, I took doughnuts into the Morrish teacher’s lounge for all of the Morrish staff. I wanted to make their day better.

Kyla Moore 

Blueberry Moment 12212
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to take cookies to the Swartz Creek Fire Department and told them that I am thankful for them and that I appreciate everything they do for our community. Their faces looked excited. I felt really happy doing that! Later on, they posted on Facebook that my random act of kindness had made their day.

Blueberry Moment 12213
I decided to go to McDonalds and pay for the next person’s happy meal for their child. I hope that I made that person’s day. I felt great doing this.

Blueberry Moment 12214
For my last Blueberry Moment, I shoveled my elderly neighbor’s driveway for her during one of our snowstorms. She was so thankful for me doing it because she said normally she would pay for someone to do it.

Carly Resko 
Blueberry Moment 12236
My mom and I went to the Coffee Beanery. We got in line and asked the lady in front of us if we could buy her coffee. She said we could so we did. When I gave her the coffee she told me “You are super kind for doing that”. She went back in line later and ordered a bagel. She said she didn’t want us to buy it.

Blueberry Moment 12237
My mom and I went to Hurley Children’s Hospital. We bought 10 coloring books and 10 boxes of crayons. It was so awesome to donate items that kids can use if they are sick in the hospital.

Blueberry Moment 12238
We went to McDonalds. A man walked into the lobby and I asked if I could buy his meal. He told me he only wanted a diet coke. We got in line and ordered his drink. His reaction was awesome. He thanked me many times. He was so nice. It made me feel good to do a simple action that made someone else so happy.

Abbie Schultz
Blueberry Moment 12204
My first Blueberry Moment was on a snow day. On this snow day, I got all bundled up and went outside. I went to my neighbor’s house to shovel her driveway. Afterward, I got hot chocolate, but that’s not the point. The point is that something like that can make someone’s day. I will continue to do acts of kindness around the community.

Blueberry Moment 12205
For one of the acts of kindness I made soup for my elderly grandparents and my uncle. It was a cheesy potato and ham soup. It was delicious! It felt good to deliver something warm and yummy to my grandparents on a cold, snowy, winter day. When I delivered the soup, it felt good inside to see them smile. I like doing acts of kindness because it makes me feel good inside.

Blueberry Moment 12203
For one of my Blueberry Moments, my friend and I hosted a pajama day at our school. The students had to pay $1.00 to wear pajamas to school that day. The money we raised went to Toys for Tots. We chose Toys for Tots because some kids do not have toys and I wanted to raise money so these kids could have something under the tree on Christmas morning. At the end of the day, we raised over $400! It felt so good to raise this much money for this wonderful organization.

Mikenzie Heavner 
Blueberry Moment 12219
The first random act of kindness that I did was making Christmas ornaments for the teachers and put them in the teacher lounge. I made them with pipe cleaners, ribbon and bells. The way I made them was I took pipe cleaner and folded into a cancer ribbon shape. Then I put jingle bells on the bottom of the pipe cleaner and put the pipe cleaner through the top of the bell and then folded it over so it wouldn’t fall off. Finally, I tied a ribbon around the ornament just to give it a design. With a little help from my grandma for teaching me how to make the ornaments I ended up making at least 20 of them. The reason I thought this would be a great idea was because I wanted to spread some holiday cheer around the school!

Blueberry Moment 12220
The second act of kindness that I did was collecting towels, blankets and some collars for the Humane Society. The reason I wanted to do this is because it’s winter and there are animals outside in freezing weather who may be hurt or really sick and the Humane Society tries their best to help as many animals as they can. By donating six bags full of blankets and towels that means that the animals will be warmer and be more comforted even in the place they are in. When I took all the blankets and towels in, they were really happy to see how much people care about animals.

Blueberry Moment 12218
My third random act of kindness that I did was wrote a letter to the mailman saying thank you for braving the elements to deliver our mail. Inside the envelope there was a Tim Hortons gift card so he/she could get a hot chocolate or coffee on me. I put the envelope in our mailbox and waited for his/her arrival. The reason I wanted to do this was because the mailman has be on his/her job in these freezing cold temperatures. The mailman was very surprised and said “thank you”.

Isabelle Compton
Blueberry Moment 12239

For my first kindness act I thought to myself.’ What should I do?” At first my mom gave me some inspiration but then I said to myself “I want to do something for the kids at the hospital.” so then that gave me some inspiration. Then that’s when I knew I wanted to paint ornaments for the kids who can’t get out of the hospital for Christmas. So I did exactly that. My mom and I went to the store, bought ornaments came home and painted them. But, I knew that wasn’t enough so I worked on tags and wrote positive notes on them.So, then on a Saturday I went to the Hurley hospital and gave it to the front desk with a Blueberry Card. And,the lady at the front desk said ” We need more people in the world like you.” That when I knew some people appreciate each other. I am so glad I did that good deed for the kids at the hospital.

Blueberry Moment 12240
After my first Blueberry Moment, that gave me a good idea I should do holiday cards for my subdivision. So, my grandma and I went off making cards then this got me thinking who would I give the Blueberry Card to? I decided to give a neighbor names Sue the Blueberry Card because she shows passion around the neighborhood and she loves crafts so I thought she would be the right person to spread cheer throughout the neighborhood.

Blueberry Moment 12241
For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided that since it was almost Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something for one of our neighbors. So, I told my grandma that I wanted to make a Valentine’s Day card and we went right on to creating it. Then when we were finished I put Blueberry Card inside the bigger card and on January 18, I walked over to my neighbors Jamie and Bryan’s house and gave them the card. After that, I felt as good as I could feel that day. And it made me happy that they enjoyed it too.

Carson Wistuba 
Blueberry Moment 12298
For my first random act of kindness I decided to go to Taco Bell to pay for someone’s meal. When I got there, I went inside. Then a person came in and I got ready to pay but they only came in to use the bathroom. Then my Uncle Jeff came in and he ordered his food. I said, “I am going to pay for your meal.” He said, “Are you sure?” I said “yes.” Then he thanked me for his meal and said he appreciated it very much.

Blueberry Moment 12297
For my second random act of kindness, I decided to go to the police station and give them some cookies and donuts to thank them for their service. I also wrote them a letter to thank them for keeping us safe and risking their own lives. When I got there, one of my mom’s friends was working that night. He said come on in, so we did. Then he said thanks for the goodies and the note that I wrote them. He asked me, my mom, and my brother if we wanted a tour and we said YES!! During the tour, we got to see their locker room, their weapons and shields, their evidence room, their training room, the holding room and offices. After the tour was done, he said thanks again and we left.

Blueberry Moment 12299
For my third random act of kindness, I decided to go to an assisted living home to visit with the elderly. When I got there, we played Uno. I had so much fun. There was this lady named Carlotta and she was so funny. She cracked my family and I up the whole time. Carlotta won two games of Uno and Alberta won four. Carlotta was telling us her family story and how she immigrated from Italy. We all had a great time.

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