University of Michigan-Flint School of Nursing Blueberry Ambassadors recognize the smallest actions can have greater impacts on community

University of Michigan-Flint School of Nursing, coordinator Suzanne Lugger

Danny Logan
Blueberry Moment 10325 
When we got our first snow fall, I helped my elderly neighbor shovel his driveway.

Blueberry Moment 10324
Yesterday, while I was driving to my girlfriend’s house, I helped out a couple older ladies who ran out of gas at an intersection. So, I asked them if they wanted me to tow them out of the intersection and into the nearby parking lot. Which I ended up doing. Then I proceeded to run and get then them five gallons of gas so that they could get to where they needed to go. They tried to offer me money but I refused and told them to have a Merry Christmas.

Alisha Demo
Blueberry Moment 10340
There is a coffee shop in town that I stop at two or three times a week because their coffees are amazing. There is a guy that walks everywhere around town and I see him in the coffee shop for breakfast almost every time I stop in there. He is always real friendly and talks to my kids and I when we come in. On Monday of this week, I decided to pay for his next coffee and bagel. My kids thought it was pretty cool that we were paying for someone else’s food. It feels really good to do things for other people and I especially liked this because my children got to be a part of it and witness what it is to do something for someone without expecting recognition for it.

Blueberry Moment 10341
Earlier this week, when we got all the snow I was outside shoveling my sidewalks and driveways when I noticed that my neighbor was outside doing her shoveling by herself. She lives with her two kids but she said they were with their dad for the week so she didn’t have anyone to help her with her sidewalks. I helped her shovel the rest of her sidewalk and driveway. It really felt good to do something like that for someone. 

Nick Sweet
Blueberry Moment 10258
For this moment, I plowed the driveway of an elderly neighbor, Ed, who was incapable of doing so. This moment made me feel helpful to other members of my community, and made me feel a greater sense of self-worth, helping others who needed it most.

Blueberry Moment 10257

The first Blueberry Moment that I did was planting six trees for a family within my neighborhood. This experience made me feel good about helping other members of my community and helping the environment. I met with this family after seeing they had a few unplanted trees in their front yard for a couple months and realized that they may need some help planting them. I spend a Saturday afternoon planting them in early December. 

Amanda Kennedy
Blueberry Moment 10305
In December, I performed my second Blueberry Moment.I was finishing up some of my Christmas shopping with my mother and we decided we wanted to get a snack.We got in line at Auntie Anne’s. In front of us, was a couple with an infant.In that moment, I

decided it would be a very kind action if I bought their snack and beverages.Therefore, I went to the area where people were paying for their orders and silently told the woman running the cash register that I would pay for this family’s food and drinks.When they got to the front of the line, they went to pay their bill and the woman stated I was already paying for it.They were very surprised that I had volunteered to pay for their bill.The family was very thankful and appreciative as well.I went on to explain the Blueberry movement to them and suggested they pay it forward by doing something for someone else.They seemed very willing to continue the movement.Seeing the family’s appreciation made me feel like I had made their day.This experience with them helped me reflect on how in this day in age so many people are not kind to one another.This experience made me feel grateful for being involved in this movement as it gave me the opportunity to do something nice and bring some kindness to someone in the world.Similar to my previous Blueberry Moment, this moment made me feel like one action really can make a difference and affect the lives of others.

Blueberry Moment 10306

In December, I experienced my first Blueberry Moment. After I finished my final exam, I met my mother and our friend. They were eating lunch at Boston’s so I joined then and we got dessert. While we were sitting together, I noticed a young couple dining together. At that moment, I decided, what better way to pay it forward than paying for a young couple’s meal. Paying for their meal made me feel a sense of accomplishment as I know I did something good for others. It felt so nice to do a kind act for someone else. I wanted to attempt to document this Blueberry Moment by taking a picture. When I approached the couple to ask them for a photograph, they were so thankful and appreciative. Hearing how appreciative they were made me feel blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to perform this action. I also explained to them what the Blueberry Moments were and they thought it was so cool. I explained to them that to continue the movement, they should pass the card on when they pay it forward to someone else. They told me they thought it was a really neat movement and they will definitely pay it forward to someone else. Hearing how willingly they were to provide an act of kindness/”Blueberry Moment” to someone else made me feel like I was a part of something much bigger than myself. It made me realize, how amazing it is that my one action could touch the lives of so many.

April Kentish
Blueberry Moments 10258 & 10259
Two things I did for someone else was buy a stranger coffee through Tim Hortons drive through on my way to class on two different occasions. This made me feel like I was doing something nice for someone and such a simple act of kindness can make a huge impact in how someones day is going or starting off.

Sydney Spielmaker
Blueberry Moment10312
A coworker of mine had car troubles and wanted to take her car in today but was scheduled to close lunch. So, I offered to trade her sections so that she could be first out that way she could get her car in as soon as possible. While I wasn’t super thrilled to stay an extra four hours at work, I was glad that she would have her car back sooner than later. She was appreciative too.

Blueberry Moment 10311
At the end of a shift at work, the people who are cut have to do about a half hour to two hours’ worth of rolling silverware for their side work. I decided to complete the portion of silverware for the coworker cut with me so that she could get out of work early. It made me feel good because when she asked me about how much was in the back I told her not to worry about it, “I took care of all of it.” She was so happy and she gave me a big hug. 

Darica Hardy
Blueberry Moment 10288
Yesterday while at the grocery store, I was standing behind what appeared to be a flustered mom. She has three younger kids with her, two of which she could not control. She had a loaf of bread and one carton of milk. She was digging through her purse. I assumed she was looking for her money to pay. I stepped forward and told the cashier awnd the mom not to worry about it and I would take care of her payment. The lady smiled and looked at me with relief. She insisted that she had the money to pay and my kind offer was appreciated. I then paid for her items. She gave me a big hug and thanked me. This made me feel really good. Even if the mom had the money to pay for her groceries, I simply wanted to help her out, especially because you never know when the shoe may be on the other foot.

Blueberry Moment 10334
Today on my way into work, I stopped by Starbucks to grab a coffee. It’s a part of my usual morning routine. After ordering my double vanilla latte, I told the cashier to add the person’s order who was in the car behind me to my order. This made me feel good to know I was doing a good deed by paying it forward. Although it was small, I could tell the person behind me was happy because she politely put a thumbs up out her window.

Paige Hope
Blueberry Moment 10293
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to participate in the giving tree at my mom’s church. This year they were asking for gift cards to donate to families who don’t have what they need for Christmas including food, clothes, and gifts. I purchased a Walmart gift card for a family. It felt really good to be able to contribute to make sure that somebody else has a nice Christmas.

Blueberry Moment 10274
I was at a restaurant recently and when I walked in the hostess told me how much she loved my hat. The hat that I was wearing was created by Love Your Melon, which is a company that donates half its profits to pediatric oncology research. They also purchase a hat for a child with cancer every time a hat is sold. I am a huge fan of this company. The hostess asked me if that was the company that donated to cancer research, and I told her yes. She then told me she thinks that’s great, and told me that her mom had recently passed of brain cancer. She told me that she wanted to order one. I had bought a few of these hats as Christmas gifts for friends and family, and decided to stop back to the restaurant and take her one. I left it for her with a note wishing her a Merry Christmas, as well as my Blueberry Card. This moment really made me feel good about doing something nice for her, because I am sure she misses her mom, and deserved some cheering up. I think these moments were a great way for me to reflect on how thankful I am for what I have in my life. I hope that it motivates other people to pay it forward. 

Janille Meyer
Blueberry Moments 10298, 10338 &10339: 
As a Blueberry Ambassador, I chose to pay it forward by utilizing old gift cards as gifts. I had gift cards to McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Qdoba. The gift card to McDonalds had a remaining balance of $8 the two remaining gift cards had $10 remaining on them. I placed the gift cards in Christmas cards and placed them on the windshields of 3 random cars. I placed the Christmas cards on a vehicle in the parking lot at the Clarkston Union, Target, and Kroger. This experience was very fulfilling. 

Heather Drost
Blueberry Moment 10290 
My grandmother is at a memory care facility and I decided to take some of my old blankets that have been accumulating in my closet to her facility for others to use. I took roughly ten washed blankets over to her building and asked the staff to hand them out. I didn’t get a chance to visit my grandmother till the next weekend, but when I was there I saw someone in the common area using one of my blankets. This was really heartwarming for me, I use to work at an Alzheimer’s facility so I knew how much blankets were needed and even though the residents weren’t aware where the blankets came from they were still appreciative to be covered up when they were cold.

Blueberry Moment 10327 
My family recently had neighbors move in across the street and it was a mother with a bunch of kids. It was toward the holidays, so I made them holiday cookies to introduce myself and my family. I’m not the best baker, so the cookies were just pre-mixed dough. The mother was appreciative for the cookies and she said it was nice knowing that she lived across from a friendly house. This little bit of kindness made me feel neighborly and I hope it makes it so she feels comfortable asking us for help when she needs it.

Anthony Ellis
Blueberry Moment 10310
While on campus, I ended up finding someone’s phone laying on a seat. I picked it up and tried to locate the owner. After finally getting in contact with someone, I decided to take the phone to them instead of just dropping it off with public safety.

Blueberry Moment 10320
The pastor of my local church had been saving for a crossbow for a little over a year. A few weeks before bow season an unexpected financial expense came up and he was forced to use the money he saved on the expense. Without letting him know what I was doing, I purchased the bow he was saving for and added a few extra things he needed to start hunting for the remainder of this year. I snuck into his office after office hours and laid the bow on the desk and left a note that said “happy hunting, it’s yours.” Somehow, he found out it was me that did it, but I told him he isn’t allowed to pay me back and the only thing I ask is to do something nice for someone else in return. 

Torey Renkiewicz
Blueberry Moment 10326
I like to do something nice for others, especially around the holidays. I was out to eat, with my husband and family, and we noticed a sweet elderly couple eating at a nearby table. My husband and I chose them and we paid for their meal. This is something we often do around the holidays. It made me feel good to know that I was providing a little moment of warmth and happiness to the couple.

Blueberry Moment 10328
A coworker at one of my places of employment has been having a hard time lately for personal reasons that I won’t divulge. We are not super close however, I do care about her, and she has had some personal things going on, which I knew some of, although not the complete story. I brought her in a card and made her some homemade chocolate chip cookies to hopefully brighten her day and let her know that people are there for her. It made me feel good to hopefully make her day a little better.

Danielle Middleton
Blueberry Moment 10315
One day while standing in line at Starbucks, I couldn’t help but over here two ladies talking a few steps behind me. They were discussing how stressed they were about their jobs and how they felt unappreciated. I tried not to eavesdrop but when you are in that close of quarters it is difficult. I decided to glance back real quick and to my surprise I found two women in scrubs. I do not know what their positions were but it was obvious they worked in the health care field. I realized I had my Blueberry Card in my jacket pocket and could not think of a better moment. I told the cashier I would pay for mine and also ten dollars toward their orders. I asked her to please give them the card and not point me out as the one who paid for their order. I was still there waiting for my drink when the ladies reached the counter, ordered, and went to pay. When they found out their ordered had been covered they both yelled and smiled and it was obvious their moods and possibly their day had improved.

Blueberry Moment 10316 
Paying it forward is not a new concept to me or my family, it is something we do quite often. On this occasion, we were having our weekly Sunday morning breakfast at our usual restaurant before church. During breakfast, we saw an elderly man and woman enter the restaurant. We observed them hold hands, smiling at one another, and having what seemed to be a special conversation because of the way they paid attention to one another. When we were leaving and paying our bill, we decided to tell the waitress that we would like to pay for their meal as well. We wrote a little note on a napkin telling them we hoped they had a blessed day and watching them interact with one another put a smile on our faces. We also included the Blueberry Card. The card and the napkin were delivered to them after we left the restaurant. We strongly believe that nice things should be done just because, not to receive praise. We wanted to give to them anonymously and for no other reason than to just “give.”

Kaitlyn Koester
Blueberry Moment 10260
I was talking to my best friend. She was telling me about her stressful day at work, personal stressors that are going on in her life, and was explaining how she had a regional manager coming in the following day to evaluate her and her store. She went on to explain that she was short staffed and not prepared for this manager to visit. I found out from her what time she was going to work the next day to prepare, and surprised her at work with coffee, a muffin, and flowers. I did this to brighten her day and help her get off to a good start for her long day ahead. This girl is the kind of friend that would do anything for her friends. She would give me the shirt off her back. So, I wanted to go out of my way to do something special for her to show her that I care.

I went out to dinner with a large group of people, approximately 16 people. When I arrived to dinner, the waitress explained that she had many tables on both sides of the restaurant (the place was split into two, one side is pizza, the other side is like a family diner but it’s all the same restaurant and owner). Later in the evening, people’s salads were coming out at different times and drinks were not being filled promptly. The waitress appeared busy and was apologetic for these mistakes. However, the group that I was with still appeared frustrated with her. When everyone’s meals were brought, one person’s was ice cold in the middle of her lasagna, and my meal did not arrive. The waitress again apologized for the mistake. At this point, it was clear that everyone at the table was frustrated. Despite my hunger, I waited patiently for my meal that arrived by the time everyone else was done eating and it was also cold in the middle. When I received my bill, I pondered how much I would tip this waitress for the subpar meal I received. I then thought about the waitress, and how we knew she was working short staffed. I decided I wanted to do something nice for this woman. Maybe she was having a bad day? I could tell she was very embarrassed by all the events that took place during dinner, so I gave her a 200% tip. I approached her and asked if she had any kids, she replied yes. I then gave her the tip with the card and said put this towards Thanksgiving dinner. She became teary eyed and thanked me and gave me a hug and went back to work. 

Laura Bellinger
Over the past couple of days the snow has taken over! I have a four wheeler with a plow, so I decided to not only plow my own driveway, but I also plowed the driveway of three of my neighbors houses. I also left a bag of Christmas cookies at each of their doors, stating to pay it forward to someone else. This was an act of kindness I truly enjoyed doing and it made me feel good to know that I would be making other people feel good. I just hope the snow doesn’t pile back up too quickly!

Blueberry Moment 10333 
I decided to buy a $10 gift card to my favorite local ice cream shop, Uncle Ray’s. I wrote a note that said, “everyone loves ice cream, have a treat on me!”, and put it on the windshield of a random person’s car at the grocery store next to the ice cream shop. I felt really good being able to do something nice for someone, especially a stranger. I am curious to know if the person will continue passing on Blueberry Moments. I enjoyed this experience and was glad to make someone’s day a little bit brighter! 

Steven Moon
Blueberry Moment 10322My second Blueberry Moment happened while I was at work in the subway inside Genesys hospital on third shift. I actually had two moments during this shift.A little background about the situation is that this store has had a third shift worker who was extremely rude to the nurses and doctors who would come to get their dinner. She would often close early, be very rude, refuse to serve customers as well as claim we were out of products if she did not want to take the time to make more, she has since quit, which is why I was working this shift. I was covering this shift one night this past week and a nurse came down to get dinner and explained that she really did not want to come to subway because of the terrible experiences the previous worker left her with and explained that her food was subpar for the price she paid, but the cafeteria did not have anything she liked. She also said that she was having a rough night. After making her food I went to ring her food up and gave her a discount off her meal and explained to her that I felt bad about her previous experiences and that her night wasn’t going the best and hope that she would continue to come back and her night got better, she was extremely happy about this. Later on, through the night another nurse came down and ordered a sandwich and said she didn’t care what I made it on because she can’t eat bread and throws it away any way. I explained to her that I could just put her sandwich meat and toppings in a bowl and I would just charge her for those instead of the sandwich. She looked at me confused and said, “You mean you could do that for me? I am always told I have to get the full sandwich”. I explained to her that I could and that there is no reason for me to charge her the price of a sandwich which was almost 5 dollars when she can’t even eat the bread and I could just ring her toppings she wanted up for a little less than two dollars, she was extremely happy and explained that she wished someone would have been nice and told her that before. Being nice and helping both of these nurses out that night made me feel good because they had been treated so horrible in the past by the other employee. Additionally, it made me feel good to be able accommodate their needs and requests to better help them and give them a good experience and make their night better, while also building back up the businesses reputation. It may not have been much but it’s the little things in life that count and can make a difference for some people. 

Devon Chalut
Blueberry Moment10279 
I was at Meijer grocery shopping this past weekend when I noticed an elderly frail woman who was struggling to carry her groceries out to her car. She had dropped a few things out of her bag. So, I stopped what I was doing and ran over to help her. I asked, “Would you like some help loading your groceries?” She was initially shocked but responded, “sure, such a gentleman.” I help load the few groceries and gathered the ones she dropped and handed her the card and said, “Happy Holidays.” The moment made me feel good inside. As I was driving home, I realized in performing small acts like this one can make the word we live in a better place.

Blueberry Moment 10280 
I was headed to school as I stopped at McDonalds for a quick snack. After paying for my meal, I handed the cashier an extra ten dollars and said, “Can you please use this for the next order you receive?” I handed her the Blueberry Card and told her to give it to the person who would be receiving a free meal on me. Although I did not get to personally pay for the individual’s meal, I still was able to hopefully make someone’s day. The moment allowed me to help someone who might in turn pay it forward to someone else which made me happy knowing that I might have started a chain reaction of good deeds.

Chris LaGraff
Blueberry Moment 10337
My first Blueberry Moment, I was at my work and a gentleman had ran out of gas and was blocking the parking lot with his truck. I went outside with a friend of mine and helped push him to a safer spot. He was embarrassed, but luckily for him, the gas station is the next lot over. This made me feel helpful, as he was by himself and his truck was in a bad position. The man was very grateful we helped him move, which feeling appreciated is always good.

Blueberry Moment 10285
The second event, I was shopping in town and noticed someone in the parking lot had their hood open. I tend to ask questions when someone has their hood open with a confused facial expression; they told me that they had left their lights on and their car would not start. I usually keep jumper cables in my trunk, so I was able to get their car started again. I usually like helping people, especially with cars, because everyone runs into vehicle problems at some point and it is nice to have some extra help.

Karissa Palmer
Blueberry Moment 10281
This past week I was grocery shopping and I saw an elderly man going through the self check out line, and his groceries had piled up at the end of the conveyer belt waiting to be bagged. I finished up my bagging and offered to bag his also. He was very grateful, as he mentioned he was in a hurry to take his granddaughter to soccer. This felt good, and it was nice to brighten his day!

Blueberry Moment 10269 
A family friend was in need of clothes for her daughters for winter because she is going through a divorce and is low on funds. I went through my clothes and offered her items that I no longer wear, to give to her kids. This also included a winter coat I no longer wear. Hopefully, these clothes help to keep the girls warm this winter.

Jagger Bennett
Blueberry Moment 10271
My first Blueberry Moment was when I was at my girlfriend’s hockey game. It was intermission time, so I decided to get everyone a hot chocolate, candy, popcorn and I got Mrs. Gilbert a MT dew. When I got back I gave her the Blueberry Card and explained the mission behind the card, this made me feel great, I would of done it anyway but I thought it was a great Blueberry Moment.

Blueberry Moment 10264
My second Blueberry Moment was when I was at McDonalds going through the drive thru and I decided to buy the person behind me their meal. There meal was six dollars, and I explained the card to the cashier and then had her to give the card to the person behind me. The mission was successful because I could see her give the card to him. This moment was satisfying, and I hoped the man enjoyed his meal and I hope he pays it forward to someone else.

LeeAnn Pinchock 
Blueberry Moment 10283 
When we first moved into our home years ago, there was an elderly woman and her husband who would stop us as we walked down the street. She would always yell our last name, wave us over, and we would talk while they sat on their front porch. While I have gotten busy with school and life and don’t stop as often, my daughter stops by at least once a week to talk to her friend. We have come to find out that they have no living children and spend the holidays alone in their home with no other family. When I told my daughter about this project her friend was the first person she thought of. Together for Thanksgiving we made them pies and cookies to thank them for being wonderful people. Then we sat on their porch and talked to them for over an hour. For Christmas, we are going to make a Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, and desserts and spend a whole evening with them. I don’t have much, but I do have time and I think that can mean more than money.

Blueberry Moment 10284
While I was driving home from school one evening, something ran in front of my car. It was starting to get dark so it was hard to see, but it looked like a very small dog with oddly long tail. I pulled the car over, leaving my car door open, and looked around in the trees near the side of the road but I didn’t see anything. When I went back to my car, there was a tiny tea cup Yorkie sitting on my front seat. He was matted, stank, and was dragging half of a broken leash. He lept into my arms and licked me all over my face, I think he was grateful to have found someone because I live very far out in the country. I drove about a mile to the nearest house I could find and knocked on the door. A woman answered the door and I knew the dog was hers because he sprang right into her arms. She yelled, “That’s my dog!” and started crying. Apparently about a week before, he had broken his leash and run away and no one had been able to find him. I like to think he had a fun adventure and was on his way home already, I just helped him on his way. I am glad though I could give bring him home to his family just a little bit quicker.

Steven Moon
Blueberry Moment 10321For my Blueberry Moment, I volunteered to help out another cohort with a potluck they were having between their last class and their HESI. The cohort wanted to organize a potluck to have between their class and their HESI exam but they were having trouble getting people to decide what they wanted to eat and volunteering to bring items. Someone brought up why don’t they just get a big sub from a deli or Walmart. Since I work for subway, I offered to make them a giant party sub for their potluck and be able to charge them half price for it. I volunteered my time off the clock and went in the night before to hand braid, proof and bake the bread for their nine-foot giant sub and then again the next morning to put the giant subs together. It felt nice to be able to help another cohort out through a problem they were having and give them one less thing to worry about before taking a HESI exam. 

Danielle Emerson
Blueberry Moment 10273
For my second Blueberry Moment, I paid for the coffee of the person behind me at my local Starbucks while inside, not the drive-thru. The young girl was very surprised by my action and thanked me telling me I did not have to do that. I explained the concept of Blueberry Moments to her and passed along the card. She thanked me one last time and went on her way. It genuinely feels good to do a nice thing for another person. It makes me feel even better that a card was passed along so that she will hopefully continue a chain of little acts of kindness. It put a smile on my face to do a small act of kindness for her and it put a smile on her face to be the recipient of the act of kindness. The little things can brighten your day.

Blueberry Moment 10286 
For this Blueberry Moment, I helped an elderly woman at Target load her groceries into her car. I asked her if she needed help, and she stated that she was all set but thanked me for the offer. However, I insisted that I had the time to help her as she had a very full cart. She again told me that I did not have to help but I continued to help her anyway. After we had finished putting the groceries in her car, she thanked me multiple times telling me that I was very sweet. It felt good to assist her with even a small task just to put a small on her face or make her day a little bit better. Sometimes I believe that people only see the bad in the world and to remind someone that there are still good people in enlightening. I gave her the Blueberry Card to remind her to pay it forward and she said she would see what she could do.

Allie Newman
Blueberry Moment 10266
Over the weekend, I helped my neighbor put up her Christmas lights. She was outside when I got home, so I walked over there and started helping her. She was really happy that I offered to help. After we got done, it made me feel really good. It was pretty chilly out and I was glad I was able to help her get everything done faster.

Deanna Kaczorowski
Blueberry Moment 10268
Today while at Kroger, I was going out to my car and there was a lady that was disabled and trying to put her cart back in the cart holder and hurried up and went over to her and helped put it back and gave her a Blueberry Card that she will hopefully pass on to someone else in her life. 

Lindsey Ploof
Blueberry Moment 10318
My Blueberry Moment for today was helping a lady at the Christmas Tree Farm carry her tree. She was an older woman and she needed help getting her tree onto the wagon to ride back to the main building and I helped her carry her tree. She was very grateful for the help and told me that she appreciated my kindness. The holidays are a perfect time for Blueberry Moments!

Blueberry Moment 10319 
My Blueberry Moment was giving one of my fellow students a booklet of coupons for Biggby because everyone knows that a buy one get one free coupon is totally helpful when you’re going to get coffee with a friend, or possibly giving the free one to someone next in line! Hopefully she uses it and thinks about passing another one of her Blueberry Cards on to someone else!

Blueberry Moment 10265 
My Blueberry Moment consisted of me being at Tim Horton’s and buying for the person that was behind me in line. It was cold and rainy, and I felt like this could be an opportunity to potentially brighten the person’s day. After doing this simple thing, it made me feel really good. I am hoping that the person will continue to pay-it-forward. I’m also curious to see all the different places the card will end up.

Blueberry Moment 10256 
I went shopping on Black Friday at Target, and after 30 minutes of searching I finally found a cart to put all the junk I was carrying inside of it. I made it halfway through the store, and saw an elderly woman who was struggling to carry all her items as well. She dropped one of her items and I picked it up, picked all my stuff out of my cart, and gave her my cart. She needed it more than I did anyways and she was very grateful.

Jessica Walker
Blueberry Moment 10262

I went to The Laundry in Fenton with my mom this morning for breakfast. As we were walking out, I saw a bulletin board by the door labeled “Wall of Kindness, take what you need and leave what you can.” Multiple people had purchased coffees or baked goods and could leave the receipt for someone in need. I thought this was so cool!! I decided to buy the coffee that I had drank over breakfast, and leave it for another student to drink. I left my Blueberry Card in hopes they would pass it along to someone else!

Blueberry Moment 10323
On an early morning on the way to clinical, I was extremely sleepy and needed a coffee. While collecting my cup, I noticed on the side of my coffee said, “#warmwishes.” This got me thinking that something as small as a coffee could make someone’s day a little brighter, like it had mine. I bought the gentleman in the car behind me his coffee, and passed along the Blueberry Card in hopes he would return the favor to someone else. He was extremely excited, as shown by him giving me a thumbs up as I passed him through the intersection. It really is the little things!

Aaron Wyant
Blueberry Moment 18537
I went through all my clothes, shoes, and random things I don’t use anymore and donated them to the St. Vincent de Paul organization. We are currently moving houses and had a pile of stuff we were going to save for a garage sale but we decided to donate them so families in need can utilize them like we did. We had a mountain of stuff so it felt nice to know that it may provide an entire family with the supplies they need to move forward in life.

Blueberry Moment 12758 
I helped an elderly woman at the recreation center use proper form to use a workout machine. She was struggling to figure out how to use it and I approached her and asked if she needed help. She accepted and I showed her how to use two or three machines she was having trouble with. It was nice to see how grateful she was to receive some education on staying fit.

Ashley DavisBlueberry Moment 10275
In November, I donated to our local community church. They were doing collections for thanksgiving dinners for citizens who couldn’t afford it. I filled a brown paper bag of canned goods and non-perishables for drop off. I thought this was important because the church is close to my house and we live about 15 minutes from any stores, so if a family in the area can’t afford their thanksgiving dinner or gas to drive to the local grocery store I would love to help. Doing this made me feel wholesome and accomplished. I was glad I got to help people in my local community to better their holiday.

Blueberry Moment 10343 
I was in McDonald’s drive thru and heard the lady in the lane next to me order a cheeseburger and three happy meals. I could see the van they were driving was very run down, had lots of rust, made a loud noise and there were kids in there. I couldn’t tell how many, but I assumed the cheeseburger was for the mom and the meals were for three kids. When I got ahead of them in line I decided to pay for their meal. As I drove off and the McDonalds employee told the lady in the van I could see her face in my rearview mirror and she was in shock. I smiled and waved as I pulled out of the parking lot. I could tell she was appreciative and I felt blissful knowing she was appreciative for her meals paid for. 

Ashley Boik
Blueberry Moment 10336 
This morning, I went through the drive thru at Tim Hortons. I also purchased for the car that was behind me in line. I gave the Blueberry Card to the cashier and asked if she would hand it to them along with their coffee. It made it feel good to do something for someone else. Even if it was something as small as buying someone’s coffee.

Blueberry Moment 10292 
This year my family and I have adopted a family for Christmas. This year instead of adopting a local family this year, we choose a family from Puerto Rico who was affected by the hurricane. The family includes a mother, father, 12 year old boy and 10 year old girl. We received the list last week and started to shop for them. Most of the items that the family has asked for personal hygiene items. There are also a few toys that are requested for the children. My family and I are getting ready to send it out within the next week. I plan to send my Blueberry Card within the box.

Kelly Starr
Blueberry Moment 10270 
My family recently helped our elderly neighbors rake up all their leaves for the winter. The husband recently had back surgery and is currently confined to a motorized scooter. It gave us a good feeling to help our neighbors and we had fun as a family in the process.

Blueberry Moment 10276 
This year, as we have for the past several years, adopted one local family’s kids for Christmas. The family is recommended by a local pastor and lives within our community. We purchase all their presents, wrap them and deliver the gifts to the pastor. We try very hard to get them exactly what they want. We feel it is important to teach our son the meaning of Christmas and community, which includes helping and giving to others. It also feels good to know we have helped someone give a wonderful Christmas to their children, who otherwise would not have been able to afford to. 

Tyler Trapp
Blueberry Moment 10289 
I had the opportunity recently to donate about 300 barely used crayons to the day care center in the university after being briefly used for a class project. After the class project, I was able to go to the daycare center and ask for one of the employees, and ask them if the crayons were something they would be interested in and that the children would be able to use. It made me feel pretty good being able to do something small to help out the daycare in our university. I initially didn’t even think of it as a possible Blueberry Moment until somebody reminded me of the assignment.

Blueberry Moment 10278 
My Blueberry pay-it-forward moment consisted of leaving enough cash to pay for a few extra value meals at McDonalds for future customers. I chose this specific McDonalds for my Blueberry Moment because it is in a downtown area that regularly has many unfortunate and homeless individuals frequenting it, while utilizing it as a place to get food and stay warm when necessary. During the experience, the cashier also asked if I would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald House charity as a way to provide support for ill children and their families by keeping them together during their times of need. I also obliged to this, and donated. This experience actually made me feel joyful and warm toward the blueberry movement after initial hesitation, because through these small actions I was someway able to assist a possible few unsuspecting individuals and make their days a little easier, and hopefully bring them a little joy along the way.

Ronnie Isaac
Blueberry Moment s10307 & 10308
I bought two five-dollar gift cards from Biggby coffee then gave them to two random people. It made me feel pretty good giving the gift cards to those people. The people I gave them to were really grateful and thought it was awesome I was doing something like this.

Deanna Kaczorowski
Blueberry Moment 10267 
Today I went to Starbucks coffee in Grand Blanc Michigan. I told the cashier when I got up to the window to pay for my coffee that I would buy the person’s coffee that is in the car behind me. I then gave the cashier the Blueberry Card so that she could give it to the car behind me. Maybe they will pass on the kindness now!

Tiffany Burnham

Blueberry Moment 10303
My family was a foster family in 2010 to three young girls, my mom keeps in contact with other foster families, as well as the children our family fostered. Our three girls got adopted by their forever family in 2012. One of my mother’s fellow foster families were requesting pillow cases be made for children in foster care. These children can pick the pillow case that they like and then take their pillow case with their belongings inside from home to home as they travel to find their forever family. These homemade pillowcases will provide the children with comfort and love. My mother and I are making four pillow cases to donate. If anyone wants to join the pillow case challenge here are some tips. We purchased the fabric at Joann’s for a reasonable price, we watched the video (I will provide the link below) to learn how to sew the pillow cases, and we put in about one hour and we now have pillow cases to donate. The pillow cases are not required to follow the pattern on the video you are welcome to create your own and donate those, be creative! The goal is one million pillow cases, there are currently 750,000 so that’s 250,000 more to go.This made me feel for the children going through this especially this time of year. I could not imagine the feelings they are experiencing. I am happy my mother and I were able to spend time together and help very special children who need the love we can offer. Here is the link to the Foundation’s Facebook page: and here is the link to the YouTube tutorial on making pillow cases:

Blueberry Moment 10302 
My mother works at Morrish Elementary in Swartz Creek school district, they have their very own set of Blueberries who happen to be in charge of a coat drive for the entire elementary school. The coat drive began on Monday after the long holiday weekend. So, my mother and I figured what better way to brighten a Monday and encourage coat donations than to feed them chocolate!? It was a hit! They loved it! But, they still have no idea who brought them chocolate but they do know that it was a fellow Blueberry. The platter of treats was posted to Morrish’s twitter and Facebook pages. I attached a Blueberry Card and note to the platter.

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