West Bendle Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors cheer up fellow students

West Bendle Elementary, coordinator Lisa Scalfani

As a group, Blueberry Ambassadors at West Bendle spread colorful compliment cards around the school recognizing fellow students with words like “You can do it!” and “Wow! That was very nice of you!” We then decorated Christmas cookies and packaged them up to give away to at least one person at school and one person in the community. The students also wrote Christmas cards to their teachers.

Kenedy Mckeon
I was excited about being a Blueberry Ambassador. Right away when I got my cards, I started looking around for good behavior. I saw somebody being kind by helping me with work I didn’t know how to do, so I gave them a card. Another thing we did as a group was decorate Christmas cookies. I gave them to a teacher, a lunch mom, and my neighbor. They were pretty happy. I felt good because I was being kind.

Alyssah Belcher
Blueberry Moment 9133
After school, a girl was really sad because the boy she likes chose another girl. I came up to her and I asked her if she felt alright. I played with her and gave her a Blueberry Card. She felt a lot better. I felt great helping another person.

Another time, we were having a spelling test and another girl was really scared to take the test and I gave her a little slip that said, “You can do it!” and that helped me fix my day, too.

At Christmas, we decorated cookies together. I wrote my teacher a nice card and gave her a delicious cookie. Then I went down to my 2nd & 3rdgrade teacher’s class and gave her a cookie. Then me and my friend, who was also a Blueberry Ambassador, went down to the kitchen to give the lunch ladies our last cookie. They told us jokes and they made us really happy and we laughed together. For the rest of the day, me and my friend felt happy for doing a nice thing for others. All the Blueberry Cards I gave made me feel like I was a new person because I like being nice to other people. It’s the thing that makes me happy and I want to make other people happy.

Lexi Finch
Blueberry Moment 9650
It was the day before Thanksgiving. My grandma wasn’t feeling that well, so I went over and I helped her clean the house. I helped her organize her spare room. We went into the basement and got all of the Thanksgiving things. I did the napkins with the rings. I set the kids table, the silverware, and placed all the cups and plates on the tables. I felt happy for helping her. I could tell she was happy, too.

Evan Earns
Blueberry Moment 4629
A boy in my grade was having a really bad day. If he didn’t turn it around, he was going to lose out on something that was really important to him. I sat by him at lunch and we talked a little bit about how to improve his mood and outlook. I thought he really enjoyed it because he had a smile on his face the whole time I was talking to him. We sat by some others of his friends and we all talked. He told me he had a better day than he was having. We talked for a second at recess, too. I felt good because he wasn’t upset or anything and he had a smile. It really turned his day around.

Evan Earns & Alisson McConnell
Blueberry Moment 9647
We decorated cookies for some people. We made a star for our teacher with pink frosting and blue sprinkles. We gave it to her and she had the biggest smile ever. We also wrote her a card. She said, “Ah, thanks guys!” and she hung it by her desk. It was fun decorating the cookies.

Alisson McConnell
During the beginning of school, we were out playing kickball. My friend got hit in the head with the kick ball. I went over and cheered her up. I got out of the game. Even though I was about to kick, I went over to her because I saw her crying. She said, “Thank you.” I stayed with her until she felt better and then we went back into the game.

Blueberry Moment 9648 
One of the bulletin boards at school had a missing boarder piece for weeks. Sometimes students tear off parts of the bulletin boards in the hall. I picked a tall friend to help me. We both hung the new border on the bulletin board. We laughed and had a good time. The teacher was surprised and said, “Oh thank you! I’ve been wanting to change that, but I’ve been forgetting.” I felt good about myself.

Morganna Johnston
My friend and I volunteered at the park to help with a charity fundraiser. We were doing face painting for people and we were painting what they wanted on their faces. We painted butterflies and cat faces. The boys wanted skulls and tattoos. It took up most of the day. We had a lot of fun.

Alexis Ruffins
We had a bake sale for my basketball team. We did that to raise money for our tournament so we didn’t have to pay to get in. My sister and I made Bendle Cupcakes with blue cake and yellow frosting. We wrote “BT” on it with a paw print. It felt good to do it.

At Christmas time, we decorated cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Then we handed them out to the teachers. We wrote a card for our teacher that said, “Merry Christmas & hope you have a good Christmas.” It was fun. 

Calleigh Terry
We decorated cookies to give out to people. There were a lot of different color frostings and sprinkles. I gave one cookie to my teacher and I wrote her a card, too. I felt happy. 

April Williams
As a Blueberry Ambassador, I helped a person by letting them use my crayons to color a coloring page. I hope my good deed has made that person a kinder person.

Angela Taylor
One thing I did as a Blueberry Ambassador was make blankets for kids at an orphanage. I also helped my mom a lot after her surgery.

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