West Bendle Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors lend a helping hand to members of community

West Bendle Elementary, coordinator Lisa Scalfani

Katie Taylor 
Blueberry Moment 14614
One day my brother Jarod, my friend Dominic and I were shoveling people’s driveways. We went to a man’s house and we shoved his driveway and sideway. After that we walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone else had a really snowy driveway. But, no one needed help shoveling their driveways. So, after that we went home and had lunch.

Blueberry Moment 15595

I walked around a nursing home and sang with some of my school mates. I read a book to one of the people and gave her my Blueberry Card. She looked really sad and kind of young. She smiled when we sang to her and clapped when we were done. I felt happy and kind of sad for the people there. 

Cameron Britton
Blueberry Moment 14612
I gave a box of chocolates to one of my teachers.

Hudson Inman
I was at Meijer shopping with my Dad and this lady asked where the Ben-10 stuff was. My Dad said, “Hudson go get it.” So, I ran over to the aisles and I finally found it. The lady said, “Thank you.” Then she asked where the Imaginext was. So, I ran over and found that. She said, “Thank you” again. My Dad and I started shopping again. I felt happy.

Blueberry Moment 15589
I went to the nursing home. At first, I was singing to people in their rooms. Then I went to the Garden Room. I read a Christmas book, The Gingerbread Kid, to Bill. He smiled and clapped. I had made a Christmas card and I found someone else in the Garden Room to give it to. He said, “Thank you! I love it!” I felt good. On our way out, I got something from the vending machine. That was fun, too! 

Alessa Lorree 
Blueberry Moment 14611
I went to the Flint Youth Theater. I had done a drama class at the FYT before, so I was able to volunteer. The day before I got to see the play, “The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe” free. I went there and I stayed out in the lobby while my Mom and sister saw the play. I put out flyers for other plays. I also put Turkish Delight in little cups and on trays. That took a really long time! After I did that, I had to make hot chocolate and coffee. We stayed out in the lobby for a little bit and moved chairs around to be ready when people came out. Then when people came out there was so much to do! We served the hot chocolate, coffee, and Turkish Delight. We also served up water because the hot chocolate and coffee wasn’t going very well. I helped bring out the coat rack and then I went home. I was really nervous when we started because I didn’t know anybody and the lobby was packed! After I was done, I felt really tired and really good about what I did.

Blueberry Moment 15390
I went to the nursing home. We sang a couple songs in the rooms and read books. I played Christmas songs on my recorder with a couple of my friends. I read my book to a lady who couldn’t talk, but she watched me read. We also caroled down the halls. It made me feel good. 

Angela Taylor
Blueberry Moment 14608
During Independent Reading in our Reading class, we re-read the story we read as a group. We can read anywhere in the room. My friend, Emily, had decided to go sit in the corner and about five minutes later, she started to struggle. She had her head in her hand and was tapping her pencil on the book. She was getting ready to just give up. I got up, went over there and asked her what was wrong. She said she needed help on her workbook. I asked the teacher if I could help her and he said it was okay. So, I went over and helped her. The next day, when we corrected them, she got them all correct. She thought she was going to get most of them wrong. She got really surprised and said, “Thank you so much, Angela, for helping me out with me work!” I felt really happy and good about myself for doing something nice.

Blueberry Moment 15599
At the nursing home, we were playing SORRY with a lady named Linda. When it came time for Linda’s therapy appointment, I asked her if I could push her wheelchair to her therapy. She said I could. I got up and pushed her out of the Cafeteria and into the hallway. We had seen the choir and she asked to hear a song. They sang for her and we took a picture with the choir. She talked to Ms. Andersen, my old fourth grade teacher and then we went over to the therapy room. I gave her my Blueberry Card and I told her what it was for. She said she was so grateful for having the Blueberry Card and was pretty happy when we left. I felt really happy and proud of myself for giving away my last Blueberry Card. I had a good time.

Blueberry Moment 14617
One recess, after lunch, Destiny, Abby and I were going to play on the swings. After about five minutes, I had saw a girl named Hope sitting on the bike rack with no one around her because she was very depressed and sad. I told my friends I was going to go see her and I would be back. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t have anyone to play with. I asked her if she wanted to play with me. She said, “Sure.” We went over to the swings and I let her use my swing. I was pushing her on the swings, but not very high because she doesn’t like heights. Then they blew the whistle. We went back in the building and I found out she is in the same classroom as me. I had never noticed her before because she sits in the back of the classroom. That’s when we became friends. She was really happy that she had gotten a new friend and I was happy because I had made a new friend, too.

Dylan Sweeney

Blueberry Moment 14604
There was a really big snowstorm. My next-door neighbor said they’d pay me ten dollars to shovel their driveway. So, I did. It felt very nice to earn money. My neighbors across the street are a family of five, I decided to shovel their driveway for free. I asked them, “Would you like your driveway shoveled?” They said, “Yes, thank-you.” I enjoyed it and I think they enjoyed that I shoveled their driveway, too.

Brandon Glisson
Blueberry Moment 14618
It snowed a lot. I made money shoveling driveways around my neighborhood. I gave the money to my Mom. She was able to use the money to buy groceries for my Mom, Dad, little brother, little sister and me and to buy gas. I felt proud.

Blueberry Moment 15587
I went to the nursing home and I played games with them. I played cards. I showed them magic tricks with cards. They clapped. It was fun! I also made a Christmas card and one of the people there has it in their room. It felt good to be there and do that.

Blueberry Moment 14605
My grandparents live across the street from me. I always help them with their groceries when they need. I carried the groceries inside. I felt good about doing that.

Addisyn Wisda-Spiewak

Blueberry Moment 15600
We went to a nursing home. I sang songs and read a book to one of the patients there. She mouthed words and smiled at me. I had made a card. I read the card to her and left it there for her. At first I was nervous, but when she smiled, it made me feel happy that she was happy.

Dakota Levy
Blueberry Moment 14615
I shoveled my driveway after a big snowstorm. It was my first time shoveling. It was cold and hard work! My Dad said, “Why would you want to shovel in the cold?” I said, “Because I want to do a nice thing and I am a Blueberry.” I gave my Blueberry Card to my dad when I was done shoveling. He said, “Thank-you.” I felt good because I helped my Dad.

Blueberry Moment 15592
I talked to Bill at the nursing home. He couldn’t hear us very well, so he started telling us about his dog. He made me laugh. Then we went caroling through the halls. It was fun and it made me feel good.

Cameron Britton
Blueberry Moment 15588
I was with the game group. I played SORRY with Randy and Linda with one of my friends. Linda only played for a couple of minutes. Randy was a cool dude. He was really fun to play with. He made the best of everything and every situation. It was really fun!

Blueberry Moments 14612
I gave my teacher a box of chocolates and a lotion. I put my Blueberry Card in the box of chocolates. My teacher puts herself through this every day. I don’t think I could handle 20 something kids every day, five days a week, for seven hours. I just don’t know how they do it. So, I think all teachers deserve something because they do it. It’s not something the average person could do. She gave us a holiday package and she’s very nice. She’s pretty cool because she has ticket drawings every week. We do ROAR bins a lot, too.

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