Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors appreciate the feeling of helping others

Hamady Community Schools, coordinator Charlesse Peat 

Alana Wells
Blueberry Moment 16379
My cousin and I were sitting in my room watching TV and we decided to take a walk to the store for candy. While walking to the store, we noticed three little kids trying to cross the street but looked scared. We crossed the street and helped the kids cross, because they were going to the store as well. My cousin and I waited for the kids to finish in the store so that we could help them back across the street and made sure they were home safe.

Blueberry Moment 16380
I went to my aunt’s house for the weekend to help her move because she just had surgery and couldn’t move really well. While she was sleeping my cousins and I moved all of the boxes from each room so that it would be easier to get the boxes onto the truck when she woke up because we did this it cut her moving time down for about four hours.

Blueberry Moment 16381
One day after school, I went to study hall to finish my math work. There was a student working on their science homework and having a hard time with it. I had already completed the assignment, so I decided to help the student complete their homework and they helped me with my math homework. I passed on my Blueberry Card and asked the student to please continue to pass out good deeds.

Dajah Coleman
Blueberry Moment 16393
One day at lunch, my friends and I were sitting down and eating, and I went to go buy some snacks. I had extra money and I walked past a boy who was sitting by himself. I decided to give him some money and I put the Blueberry Card under the money. He looked at the card as I was walking away. I think he read it because he was smiling, and I ended up making a new friend.

My mom and I went to McDonalds one day, early in the morning. I asked my mom to get my teacher some food because we all get up early and sometimes the teachers don’t get to eat until lunch. So, I wanted. To give her something so she wouldn’t be hungry. When I came into class, she thought it was for me and then I gave it to her and she was really happy. She told me thank you many times and it made me happy to see her happy.

I went to the store with my mom. We just wanted to get a few things for at home. When we were checking out, I saw an elderly woman carrying a whole bunch of stuff and it looked like she was having a hard time. So, I asked my mom if I could go help her and she said yes. I helped the lady and she told me thank you and I handed her the Blueberry Card. I turned around and she was smiling and it made me really happy.

Amari Stewart
Blueberry Moment 16382
My friends and I were out at Planet 3 on a Saturday afternoon, we were celebrating a birthday. While there I noticed a group of kids playing together but there was a kid who was in the corner playing by herself. I went over to the little girl and asked why she was playing alone and she said none of the other kids will play with her. I invited the little girl to come and jump with me and my friends and she enjoyed having someone else to play with. I gave her a Blueberry Card and told her how it works. She promised to pass on the good deed and make sure she share with other people.

Blueberry Moment 16383
One day during lunch, as I ate my food, there was a boy sitting at the end of my table not eating any food. At first, I just thought the kid was waiting for their friend to bring them food, then I noticed no one was coming. I had purchased two bags of chips and a pop with money my mom had given me, so I gave the kid a bag of chips and shared my pop with him. He was so excited because he wasn’t going to eat anything. I handed him the Blueberry Card and explained how to pass it on.

Blueberry Moment 16384
One day after school, I noticed there was a lot of trash all of the library from the school day. My mom told me that she would be a little late picking me up, so I cleaned the library up. I picked up paper, moved chairs back to where they go, wiped down the computer desk and screens and straightened the books on the shelves. The school custodian came into the library and thanked me for helping out, I handed him a Blueberry Card and encouraged him to pass on good deeds and keep the cycle going.

Chris Gilby
Blueberry Moment 16362
I was at a wrestling match and during my first round, it was me and another player which was a really nice guy. It was his first time ever going to a match, so he was unaware how long they lasted. I noticed he didn’t have anything to drink so I offered him some of my water. I went and got two cups and shared my water with him and he was so happy we exchanged numbers and are still friends.

Blueberry Moment 16363
One morning during breakfast in the cafeteria after the bell rang, I noticed there was trash all over the floor. I went to class and asked my teacher if I could go back to help clean up. I went back into the cafeteria and began to help clean up the workers were so grateful that I came back to help.

Blueberry Moment 16364
I was in my math class doing my work and one of my friends was struggling with the assignment. I asked the teacher if I could share my notes with my friend, because the notes he had taken he missed a step in solving an answer. The teacher allowed us to work with each other and because of this he was able to pass his test the next day.

Jazmin Williams
Blueberry Moment 16366
This Thanksgiving with my family and friends, I noticed my elderly aunt couldn’t get up and move around to get food. I decided to assist her and make her plate and make sure she had somewhere comfortable to eat at. After she finished her meal, I cleaned her space and made sure she laid down to get some rest. Throughout the rest of the day, I checked on her to make sure she didn’t need anything. The next day, she told my mom how helpful I was and how I made her day special.

Blueberry Moment 16326
Everyday my mom comes home from work and tells me about her day. My mom always seems to mention how if they had enough time in the morning, they would love to have coffee. The next week I asked my dad to take me to school and we surprised my mom and her co-workers with coffee and hot chocolate. They were all so happy and couldn’t stop thanking us.

Blueberry Moment 16327
Every third Sunday, mass choir sings at church and there is one of our members who doesn’t sing because she has a newborn baby. I watch her every time this choir sings look sad because before the baby, she loved to sing in the choir. After church last Sunday, I told the lady, “I’ll watch the baby while you sing in the choir so that you can use your talent.” The lady was overjoyed she started crying and I felt great knowing I helped someone do what they love to do.

Kamarionnah Winfield
Blueberry Moment 16371 and 16372
One day I was in line at the store with my mom and I overheard Mr. J and Mr. R complaining about how they never get to have lunch at work because it’s always so busy. So, I decided to ask, “if you could have lunch, what would you like?” Two days later I brought the each a pizza from Romas they hugged me and was so excited that someone thought about them enough to bring them lunch. I gave each one a card told them have a nice day.

Blueberry Moment 16370
I was on my way to the grocery store and I saw an elderly woman tired of carrying her groceries to her car. I asked if she needed help, she said, yes and I gave her a Blueberry Card and said, “God bless you.” I began getting her groceries and placing them in her car, after I walked into the store smiling with joy.

One day in call we were doing weather books. My friend who sits next to me looked on my computer to compare her answers to mine. She only had one slide completed we needed seven for the assignment. We went home and I stayed up late helping her complete her assignment, because she needed this assignment to get a good grade. The next day she completed her work with my help, which made me feel really good.

Madison Manns
Blueberry Moment 16342
One day I was riding my bike to the park with my cousin. When we pulled into the park, I noticed a little girl who look extremely thirsty. When I left the house, I grabbed two bottled waters, because it was warm outside. I walked over to the little girl and handed her one of my bottles of water, she was so excited and kept thanking me and explaining how grateful she was.

Blueberry Moment 16343
I was waiting for my volleyball game to start and I noticed a girl trying to get a ball from under the bleachers. The little girl was having a very difficult time getting the ball and her mom wasn’t helping her at all. I was in the middle of warming up for my game and asked a few of my teammates to help me get the ball for the little girl. The mom said thank you because she had just had surgery and couldn’t bend to get the ball.

Blueberry Moment 16344
A month ago, my mother and I were out grocery shopping and I noticed an older man trying to get a case of water in his cart from the floor. I looked over and noticed the man getting frustrated trying to pick the case up. I went over to the man and picked the case off the ground and placed in his cart. He was so grateful and appreciative that I helped.

Toryn Fykes
Blueberry Moment 16369
My granny and I were out shopping for dinner when I saw a wallet on the ground. I picked the wallet up and looked to see if there was any identification inside. I then walked around the store looking for the owner. I walked around the entire store and found the owner. It was an older lady and she was looking hysterically for her wallet. She was so thankful I had taken the time to look for her. She kept telling me how nice I am and how I will be blessed for this good deed.

Blueberry Moment 16301
One day in class, one of the students lost her phone while in the gym. She was crying and very upset because she just got the phone. I stayed after school with her helping her find her phone. After one hour and thirty minutes of looking, the behavioral person had it locked in her drawer. She was so happy I stayed and helped her look for her hone.

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