Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors create priceless memories through Blueberry Moments

Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School, coordinator Dionna Ross and Charlesse Peat

Toryn Fykes
Blueberry Moment 3696
While I was Trick or Treating with my cousin, we approached a house that was giving out lots of candy to each kid. My cousin was so excited when she saw all the candy being given out, that she quickly ran to the front of the line and cut a girl holding a baby who looked as if it was their first Halloween. I stopped my cousin and told her to let the baby go in front of her, I then gave the baby some of the candy in my bag to make sure she got a lot of candy and enjoyed her first Halloween experience.

Blueberry Moment 3697 
One day in class, one of the students in class had gotten a new phone, but her mom didn’t get her a phone case to go on the phone. We were sitting in class and she told us how her mom was able to get her this new phone, but told her that she couldn’t afford to get her a case for it at this moment. I came into class the next day and gave her one of my phone cases because I had two brand new cases and I didn’t want her to break her new phone. 

Blueberry Moment 3698
I consider myself a very clumsy person. So, I am very careful when I am holding things or around a lot of people. One day, I was at lunch and I was taking my food to the table and noticed one of my classmates had slipped and fallen with her lunch. Being so clumsy, I understood how embarrassing this was and how quickly the student wanted to get the attention off of her. I got on the floor and begin to her clean the mess that was made and I told her we could share my lunch because she wouldn’t have time to get back in line and eat before class started.

Alana Wells
Blueberry Moment 3715
Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I walk my dog in the neighborhood. On this particular day, I noticed a little girl in the street with a busted tire on her bike. I asked her if everything was okay and she started to cry. I went over to the little girl and asked her if I could help her get her bike back home and she said, “Yes please.” The little girl lived down the street from me so I asked if she could walk my dog while I pushed her bike to her house. When we got to her house, her mom couldn’t stop thanking be for helping because she was on crutches and couldn’t help out at all.

Blueberry Moment 3716
On the weekends, I have to go over my granny’s house until my mom gets off work. Last Saturday, my granny’s best friend came over and she mentioned to my granny that she needs to clean her car, but she just had knee surgery not too long ago and can’t. While she visited with my granny I went outside and cleaned her car out and cleaned her windows inside and out as well. When she came outside and got into her car, she was so excited she started to cry and kept saying, “Thank you!”

Blueberry Moment 3717
The other day, we were waiting on the bus at the bus stop and I noticed the little girl standing next to me didn’t have anything on her hands or her head. I remembered that I had an extra pair of gloves in my book bag so I gave them to her. Also, I had a hoodie in my bag as well that I let her put on. She was so grateful. I asked my mom if she could have the items as well and she said yes.

Faith Johnson
Blueberry Moment 3708The other day, my mom was really sick with the flu and couldn’t get out of bed. My little sister needed help with her homework and needed something to eat. I knew my mom couldn’t get out of bed and do anything. So, I made my sister a sandwich and we sat down and did her homework so my mom could get her rest.

Blueberry Moment 3709
I have never been a really happy person, but the other day that had to change. One of my friends was having a really bad day. She had a lot of personal things going on in her life. She came to school in tears and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I wanted to help her out so I created a funny story for her to read hoping that it would make her smile. When I gave it to her she started to read the first line and I saw a little smile. After class, she found me and told me that this was just what she needed and every time she feels down she is going to read my story.

Ann Turnbow
Blueberry Moment 3683
It was my first day of school, but I knew a lot of people from elementary school. While walking from class to class, I noticed another student looking lost in the hallway. He said he didn’t know where his classes were and he was lost. I went to the open house for the school, so I was pretty familiar with how the school looked. I walked and showed him where all his classes were so that he wouldn’t be late getting to his classes.

Blueberry Moment 3684
My friends were arguing with another student over an issue that happened over the weekend. I found out what was going on and went to the girl that they were arguing with and had a talk with her. I explained to her that my friends were just misinformed of some information and there was no need to argue of fight about it. By the end of the day, all of the girls were friends and were over the argument they had.

Blueberry Moment 3685
Over the weekend, I went to Planet3 for doing such a good job in school. My mom said that I could invite one friend to come with me. When we got there, it was a lot of children all over so my friend and I prepared to get in the pit. I noticed a little boy sitting down looking at all the other kids playing jumping and having fun, but he would never join in. I asked him why he didn’t get in he told me, “I am scared.” So, I told him I would get in with him and play with him so he’s not scared anymore. We got in the pit and he had so much fun, his mom couldn’t get him out.

Zariya Page
Blueberry Moment 3723
Two months ago, I was at Kroger grocery store to get food for my house. After I got in line, I spotted an older lady getting into the line with a cart full of groceries. It was clear that she was having trouble getting all of her things on the counter to be scanned. So, I helped her gather all her items onto the belt to be scanned. I also helped her load her groceries into her car. She couldn’t thank me enough for my kindness and she expressed how much she appreciated my help.

Blueberry Moment 3724
I went to the laundromat with my mom to wash our clothes and there was a lady there with three small children washing her clothes. The lady had a lot of clothes to wash and dry while trying to chase the children to sit down. I asked my mom if I could help her with her stuff since we didn’t have a lot of clothes. After the lady was finished drying her clothes, I helped her fold all of her clothes and place them in baskets. It made her visit much shorter than it would have been.

Blueberry Moment 3725
The other day, when we got to school, I sat down to eat my breakfast and noticed a student sitting by himself. I went over to him and asked if everything was okay. The little boy told me he was hungry and the line was too long to get breakfast. I sat down next to him and gave him half of my food so that he would have something to eat before lunch. 

Jada Williams
Blueberry Moment 3738
My sister and I were over my aunt’s house while my mom was at work. My aunt was really sick and couldn’t get out of bed. I noticed that there were dishes in the sink that needed to be cleaned, so I cleaned the kitchen up for her. I also washed a load of clothes for her so she wouldn’t have to when she got up. When my mom came to pick us up, she was so happy and excited that I took initiative to clean the kitchen.

Blueberry Moment 3739
While at study hall, one of my classmates was working and studying for a math test. She looked confused, so I made her flashcards from my notes to help her study for the test. She was happy because she didn’t have anything to help her and she didn’t understand when the teacher was going over the lesson in class. I was happy I was able to help her with her math work and she also passed on the cards to another student that was having a hard time.

Blueberry Moment 3740
I went to the mall with my mom. When we got out the car, I noticed an old lady trying to get out of her car. She was having a really hard time getting out of the car. I ran into the mall and got her a motorized cart that she could get around in. I then helped the lady out of her car and onto the cart. It made me thankful and grateful that I am able to move around without any help. I was also happy that there is equipment available to help those people who cannot help themselves.

Teria Moore
Blueberry Moment 3735
When I was visiting my aunt after she had been sick, I noticed that her house needed to be cleaned. Due to her not being able to move around like she used to, I cleaned her whole house. I washed the dishes, vacuumed the floors, mopped the floors, cleaned the windows and made her beds. When my aunt got up from her nap she noticed how much I was able to clean up and she started to cry. This made me feel so good that I was able to help her.

Blueberry Moment 3736
Last week, I stayed after school for study hall. I finished all of my homework that I had but still had time left before it ended. There was a student sitting in the corner that looked as if she was confused on the assignment she was completing. I went over to the student and asked what was she doing? She was completing her math work from that day which I had already completed. I sat down and helped the student complete her assignment. The next day, I saw the girl in the hallway and she told me she got a perfect score on the assignment.

Blueberry Moment 3737
My neighbor had surgery about two weeks ago and she doesn’t have any children. She usually takes walks around the apartment complex in order to stay in shape. Due to her surgery she has not been able to take her walks like she’s used to. So, I went over to her house and did some exercises with her in order for her to stay active. She was so excited and happy because she said her legs had been stiffing up due to her not being able to move around like normal.

LiTya’ Cooper
Blueberry Moment 3729
This Halloween as I was trick-or-treating with my family and friends, I noticed a girl dressed as an avocado dropped all of her candy. My friend and I helped her gather all of her candy while other children walked around us. Throughout the night, we would see one another and asy hello. I guess you could say we established a little friendship. Even though she will only know me as the Little Lion that helped and I can only describe her as the Friendly Avocado, it still felt good to help someone in need.

Blueberry Moment 3730
One Sunday after church, I noticed an older woman still sitting down in her seat. I went over to the lady and asked if she was okay. She looked at me and said, “My legs hurt so bad, I can hardly walk to my car.” I sat all my things down and went to let my mom know I was going to walk the lady to her car. I went back over to the lady and first I took all her things to the car, then I came back into the church and walked to her car. I made sure the lady was situated in her car and watched her pull off.

Blueberry Moment 3731
On last Wednesday at bible study, there was one of the members that brought her baby with her. The entire time the baby cried and screamed to the point no one could hear what was going on. I was on my tablet watching YouTube and heard the baby crying so I went over to the mom and asked if the baby could sit with me until bible study was over. I let the baby watch cartoons on my tablet which kept her quiet the entire time, the mom was so happy that she tried to give my money for babysitting the child. I told her, “No, thank you,” and that I enjoyed watching her. 

Michael Morris
Blueberry Moment 3718
There was a field trip scheduled for the eighth graders to go to a football game in Southfield. While at the game, there were snacks available to purchase and my friend and I got in line to buy something. As we got closer to the front of the line we both went into our pockets to get our money and my friend noticed that his money wasn’t there. We both got out of line and went back to where we sat at to look for his money, we didn’t find it. My friend began to cry because he had been saving up for this trip in order to have some spending money. I only had nine dollars on me, so I split it with my friend this way we could both have money to buy snacks.

Blueberry Moment 3719
On Thanksgiving, we went to my grandma’s house. My sister usually gets in trouble by my grandma because she’s really active and runs around a lot. I asked my little sister to stop running and playing in the house because grandma doesn’t like it. I took my little sister for a walk outside and played with her until she was tired and sleepy. When we came back in the house, she took a bath and laid down and went to sleep. My grandmother was so happy, because she’s older and can’t run around with my little sister to keep her entertained.

Blueberry Moment 3720
One day after school, I forgot my book bag in my math class. When I got in the class, I noticed that there was trash everywhere on the floor. Also, chairs were scattered around and tables and turned opposite ways. I put my things down and cleaned the room as well as straightened up the tables and chairs in the room. The next day the teacher asked who cleaned the room. After class, I told her that it was me and she thanked me and gave me candy.

Chris Gilby
Blueberry Moment 3732
A few weeks ago, I was helping my friend look for her drink she had misplaced during lunch. As I looked in different places, I noticed that there was garbage that had fallen behind the trash can against the wall. I began to pick up the garbage that had fallen behind the trash cans all over the lunch room. I informed the lunch lady that I had cleaned up behind the garbage cans and the fridge. I am now allowed to go to the front of the line during lunch and was given PBIS points for my act of kindness, but I was glad to help.

Blueberry Moment 3733
I was outside riding my bike on one of the sunny days we’ve had when I saw one of my neighbors yelling for their dog. Riding next to him, I asked, “Can I help you find your dog?” He said, “Please.” I went in a separate direction on my bike yelling and looking for the dog. I was able to cover more ground than the man walking which allowed me to find the dog around the block running down the street. I picked the dog up and returned it to the owner. He was so excited and happy that I found his dog.

Blueberry Moment 3734
One week ago, I was in my math class doing my work and one of my friends was crying because they were confused about the assignment. I asked the teacher if I could share my notes with my friend, because the day we took notes he wasn’t at school. The teacher said that we had ten minutes to share notes so that he could use them on the test we were taking. My friend got a B+ on the test and his grade in the class went up as well.

Jazmine Williams
Blueberry Moment 3726
The other day, my mom, my sisters, and I went to a Detroit Tigers game. On the way walking into the game, I noticed a lot of homeless people along the sidewalk. While in the game, my mom gave me and my sister money to buy food and gifts if we wanted them. I saved the money that my mom had given me for food and gifts and after the game I placed the money on the cup of a homeless woman that was with her little daughter. This made me feel extremely good that I was able to help someone that needed it.

Blueberry Moment 3727
One day at church, I noticed this little girl that always sits in the back of the church with her mom. This little girl always just sits during church and waits until everyone has left out of the sanctuary before her and her mom leave. On this day, I stayed behind so that I could talk to her to and maybe find out what her name was. When she stood up, I noticed the little girl had holes in her pants and shoes and I figured that that’s why she always waited for everyone to leave. When we got home, I went through my closet and asked my mom if I could give some of my clothes to this little girl so that she would feel better about getting up at church. The next Sunday, I gave her the clothes and shoes, she was so happy she cried. 

Blueberry Moment 3728
I had to live with my grandpa for a few days and there are mostly older people that live in his neighborhood. One day while my sister and I were outside playing, we noticed that the neighbor was walking around her house looking nervous. I went over to ask her if she was okay? She told me, “I am locked out of my house,” I told her I would help her, so I walked around the house and noticed there was a window opened. I had my sister help me to climb into the house and once I got in, I was able to unlock the front door so the lady could get into her house.

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