Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors find inspiration to hand out acts of kindness

Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School, coordinators Dionna Ross and Charlesse PeatLiTya Cooper   
Blueberry Moment 12100
I decided to stop a case of bullying. There is this girl at my school and doesn’t talk to or bother anyone and definitely does not deserve to be bullied. We were in math class and these two boys were talking about her. Talking amongst themselves, but making sure she heard them, plus she was sitting right next to them. She didn’t sit there by choice but by direction. One kid told them to stop, but they didn’t listen. Then, two minutes later a girl said, “STOP bullying her.” The two boys then turned their attention to her and began to call her names as well. When the two boys were finished picking on the girl who stepped in, they turned back to the original girl and started bullying her again. She asked,’ Why are you picking on me anyway?” One of the boys answered, “Because you’re a dummy” and that’s when I stepped in. I explained to the boys how bullying is very serious and could cause people to hurt themselves or others. I then asked the boys how they would feel if someone bullied and picked on them. I asked if they knew how they were making this student feel and told them that no one should feel unsafe at school or anywhere else. I didn’t know what else to do so I had to speak up for her; she is a very quiet person and she would have never spoken up for herself. At the end of class I still felt bad for the way she was treated by those two boys, although I stood up for her I still felt like something else needed to be done, because what happens when I am not around? I remembered what a speaker that came to our school told us about bullying: there is always a bully, a victim, and a witness. If you’re the witness and just watch something happen, you’re just as bad as the bully. So, after class I went to our behavior specialist and let her know about the two boys. She handled it and they were punished and they have not picked on her since then.

Blueberry Moment 12101
Today, my niece and I were driving through a neighborhood with my dad and noticed there were about fifteen cats and kittens gathered on the side of the street. I then asked my dad if he would stop at the store. He thought we wanted candy, but we asked for cat food. He looked at us like we were crazy! We said, ‘we want to feed the cats in that neighborhood. He bought six cans of cat food. My dad took us back to where they were and opened the cans of food for the cats and we left them. A woman walked out the house across the street as we fed the cats and thanked us, because these were her cats. Now, every Friday around four o’clock, we stop to feed the cats.

Blueberry Moment 12102
Today when I got home from school, my mom told me that my aunt was upset that she was unable to go out on a date because she didn’t have a babysitter. I had plans to go over my friend’s so we could go out to Applebee’s. My aunt never gets to go anywhere and she works really hard every day, so I decided to cancel my plans and tell her I would watch my cousin so she could go out and enjoy her night. 

Deesha Mayfield
Blueberry Moment 12197
Today my sister and I went to McDonalds to get food for dinner. As I walked into the restaurant, I saw a man who looked to be homeless sitting on the side of the restaurant. While ordering my food, I asked my sister for two dollars and she handed it to me. After we received our food and walking back to the car I stopped and handed the man five dollars and said, “buy yourself something to eat.” The man looked up at us and said, “God Bless you two”. I felt really good to help someone that wasn’t able to help themselves.

Blueberry Moment 12196
I was visiting my granny in the hospital and as I walked to her room I noticed an older lady in her hospital bed in the room next door trying to lift up from lying in bed. I walked pass her room about three time and noticed her struggling to lift up each time. On my way to get me a drink I stopped in the elderly woman room and asked if she needed help, she responded “yeah” so I helped the lady get out of bed and assisted her to the restroom then back in bed. I made sure she was comfortable and didn’t need anything else before I left.

Blueberry Moment 12195
My next-door neighbor is an elderly woman who lives alone. So, today I decided to help her out by shoveling her snow in front of her home. She gets around by wheelchair so she needs her driveway to be clear in order to get in and out of cars.

Shaniya Sutton
Blueberry Moment 12173
On this day I was at school during lunch and I saw another student sitting alone and it looked like there was something wrong with her. I took my lunch over to her table and sat with her and begin talking to her. She shared with me that she has no friends and sometimes she doesn’t like coming to school, because she feels like no one likes her. I sat and talked to her and gave her my number so we can talk on the phone. The next day I sat with her and some of my other friends came over as well. She now talks to more people at school and told me that she’s happy I came and sat with her that day.

Blueberry Moment 12174
I went to the store with my mom to get some snacks, as I walked in there was a little girl that came in behind me. The both of us roamed around the store picking up things we liked and then we went to the counter. I let the little girl get in front of me in line and when the cashier told her the total she didn’t have enough money, so she begins to put items back. I noticed that I had more money that what my items would cost so I took the items she couldn’t purchase and bought them for her. It made me feel good, because I was able to help the little girl get all of her items.

Blueberry Moment 12175
There was a coat left in the gym I knew who’s coat it was. It was the end of the day and teachers were locking up their rooms preparing to leave for the day. It was snowing really bad outside and it was cold as well I didn’t want this student to be out in the snow without a coat. I grabbed the coat out of the gym and went around the school until I found the student and handed him the coat. 

Rayonna Smith
Blueberry Moment 12169
Since the winter was approaching and teachers have to get up really early, we made inspiring notes and attached them to hot cocoa and placed them inside teacher’s mailboxes. In these notes, we gave personal inspiration to teachers and let them know how they have impacted our lives.

Blueberry Moment 12170
I went to church today and I noticed that the older women in the church were really hot and fanning themselves the entire service. The fans that were provided to them were made of paper and were very weak. When we left church I asked my aunt to stop at the store so I could get some things, while inside the store I picked up items so that I can make more durable fans for the ladies to use and I gave them out at church the next week.

Kristiya Smith
Blueberry Moment 12176
Today during my afterschool program, I noticed one of my classmates sitting alone. I asked if he was okay, he said, “No, I am confused”. He was working on an assignment that we received in class. I understood the work so I stopped playing and helped him complete his work so that he could join everyone else in the activity.

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