Westwood Heights McMonagle Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors meet new people and give away acts of kindness

Westwood Heights McMonagle Elementary, coordinator Marie Smith

Amari Stuart
One day, my friend Teria had an excruciating pain in her leg because she had a charlie-horse. She was screaming and breathing very hard because she was in pain and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I was there trying to calm her down, get her breathing under control. She did calm down, but when it was time to get up, it was not pretty. I tried to get her to move it so she could walk it out, but she wouldn’t. So I calmed her by telling her it would be over soon. I wasn’t just thinking about Blueberry Moments in my community, but individuals as well.

I helped out at Greater Flint Outreach Center. On Fridays, after church service they had a food giveaway. Helping out makes me feel good especially when you get to meet so many new people. The people would come in and share their stories. It made the experience so much more fun. It often reminded me of that saying, ‘What goes around, comes around.” You give someone a good meal to take home and they give you information you may not know.

I was playing outside with some kids and they decided they were hungry. I told them to go home and eat something and they told me they didn’t have any food. At that moment, my heart cracked in half. I told them just to come to my house and I fixed them some cheese, crackers, and sandwiches. I knew their grandmother was at home, so I took her some sandwiches and two bottles of water. They were so happy to have the food, their faces lit up with joy and now they had food in their stomachs. What I did was something I honestly feel like anybody could have done. All it takes is one question, “Hi, can I help you?”

Alyssa Barnett
I didn’t even realize that I was performing random acts of kindness until my brother told me I was. I always hold doors open for elders. It was just something I have always done.

One day, we were at the store that you have to put a quarter in the cart before you can take it. We were done shopping and I was taking the cart back. A lady was just getting ready to put her quarter in when I told her to use the one I had. She offered me her quarter, but I told to keep it and have a good day.

Kingsotn Horwood
One day I was walking to my bus stop and I noticed a man’s bag of leaves had fallen over, so I went and helped him pick them up. That afternoon I raked up all the leaves that blown on to his lawn, bagged them and set them out to the road.

I went to the back of my neighborhood to shovel an older lady’s driveway. I knew she was handicapped and would need help. She offered me money, but I turned it down and told her it wasn’t for the money, it was just a random act of kindness.

Jaylen Roach
Blueberry Moment 12049
I volunteered to tutor a first grader in my school. I will be with him for 30 minutes every day during my special time. He really struggles in class. He told me he lives in a shelter with his mom and they move around a lot. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself, so I hope that I will be able to help him with his school work as well as his confidence.

Blueberry Moment 12048
I have a neighbor that I have known for a few years now. He is an elderly man who is pretty chill about me coming over to visit. Every time there is a wind or snow storm I make sure to get his trash cans for him.

Blueberry Moment 12047
I helped a first grader who rides my bus when he started to fall going up the stairs. He struggles with the everyday normal things from time to time and I was glad that I was there to help him.

Sammie Galloway
I volunteer to hand out water and food boxes to people that need it. I help people carry boxes to their car and once gave a person a hug because I felt they needed one.

Jazmin Williams
I noticed a woman at Walgreen’s, she was cold and hungry the only thing I had was some candy, so I gave that to her.

I was in Detroit and saw a homeless woman holding a container asking for money. I gave her what I had, five or six dollars.

Laonia Hinson
There is an elderly lady that lives across the street from me, I like to help her. I go to her house and wash the dishes for her, clean up the bathroom and living room. I have cooked for her or brought her something to eat.

Ann Turnbow
Saturday mornings I clean house for my friend’s granny. She has a hard time moving around, so I help her.

My best friend needed a ride home from school, so I asked my dad if we could give her a ride.

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