Woodland Park Academy Blueberry Ambassadors “make the world a better place” with their random acts of kindness

Woodland Park Academy, coordinator Sarah Doty

Olive Bills
For my Blueberry Moment, I chose to help out a homeless man at my mom’s work over winter break. My family talked and decided to give him my grandpa’s Carhartt coat to stay warm for the winter. My older sister and I came up with a list of essentials that we thought he might need, since it was winter we decided to get him the softest warmest blanket we could find, some hand and foot warmers, Chapstick, a shaving kit that had a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash we got him some ibuprofen and bandages too. We kept space in mind so the items didn’t take up too much room in his backpack. After we gathered all the items we packed them up and went to the Farmer’s Market to find him, He was there. My mom and sisters and I walked up to him and told him we were going to eat lunch with him, we tried to buy him lunch but he said he just ate and he was good. He said he would buy us ice cream with his EBT card or whatever we wanted that was cold cause he couldn’t buy hot food with it. My mom said, “save your EBT card.” We ate lunch next to him and we told him about the Spider-Man movie we were going to see. We told him we had stuff for him out in the car. After we ate, we ran out and got it and we gave it to him and he loved it, he was thankful and I think we made his day. I am glad I helped him out he was a very nice man and I could tell he had a lot of fun and liked his stuff that we got him. He said, “Thank you and God Bless you.”

Lilly MacArthur
In October, my science teacher went out of town for a week and she had no one to take care of her bearded dragon, Mars.Every day, before class, I would go to her class and feed Mars crickets then after class I would go chop up vegetables for Mars. I came in one day on the weekend to check his lamps and his water. When I was checking on him, I played with him and gave him some attention out of his cage because that is what Ms. Davis would do when she was there and I didn’t want him to be lonely. I wanted her to be able to go on vacation and not worry about her pet.

Sadie Charles
I chose to make thank you cards for Mrs. Villwock and Ms. M. for helping me learn. They are great teachers and I wanted them to know how much I like them being my teachers.  

Cailah Lomax
On Feb 2, 2018, I did clean up at the Fenton Polar Plunge for the area 13 Special Olympics. I organized having two other Blueberries there as well. We were responsible for making sure the floor stayed clean a dry as the jumpers entered the building after their jump. After all of the jumpers had jumped, we helped clean the changing areas as well as the main area. We took down the separating curtains and older then. We took down the metal poles structures that hold the curtains. After everything was cleaned up, we assisted in carting everything down to trucks to be loaded for return to their proper locations. I enjoy helping at this event knowing that all the money earned by jumping is given to special needs people to be able participate in sporting events that make them feel like they are part of something amazing just like any other athlete.

Last year, I learned how to make pillow cases to donate to the Genesee County Foster Closet. This year, I decided to take that skill and try to make as many as possible to donate. I asked family and friends for any material that they had, that I could use to make pillow cases and explained why. So far, I have made 10 and plan to continue to make more!

Each time I grocery shop at Aldi, we use a quarter to get a cart, to give back to others I always give my cart away or leave the quarter in the cart for the next person. It’s a nice thing to do, that’s something little anyone can do. Each time I tell the person I am a Blueberry, and I want to give my cart to you. When you are done, please pass it on to someone else. Keep the caring and giving going.

Maddox Mayberry
For my Blueberry Moment, I decided to write encouraging notes to my quiet classmates. I did this because I wanted them to feel encouraged and happy about school. I hope it makes them happy and it puts a smile on their faces. If it makes them happy and smile, I will feel happy and feel good about doing something nice.

Aleah Macklin
This Blueberry Moment happened the day I started riding the bus. I’d always bring my tablet. But after seeing my friends and more friends with a face full of boredom, that brought pain to me. So, what I did for a random act of kindness was to just simply let them see my tablet. And no I did not feel bored. Afterwards, I felt a light growing inside of me that was filled with happiness. Giving my most reliable friend that made me feel it was another start to make the world a better place.

Over the summer, some of our last year’s Blueberry Ambassadors joined us in passing out books with the Flint Book Brigade a pay it forward to kick off the new year. Last year, our Blueberry Ambassadors won the one of the $1,000 prizes. With that money as a group, we decided we were going to do several small pay it forwards. I had the kids as a group come up with ideas on how to spend the money and we all voted on them. They ultimately decided to donate hand-tied blankets and dog and cat treats to animal control, write letters to soldiers, make pencils with encouraging sayings on them for our school and then we made them for two other fellow charter schools, we sponsored one lucky middle school student from Woodland Park Academy to go on the yearly trip to Washington DC, we purchased bracelet kits so each of our students could make a bracelet to make someone’s day as well. We held several group meetings so the kids could make the blankets, pencils and cards as a group. I felt like doing the pay-it-forwards group style we could really talk about the why, what and who’s of a pay it forward to help the kids understand the initiative. I was very excited that we had a large parent involvement in our pay it forwards this year. These kids got to see their peers and parents doing good for our local community. So, as a group all of our students did six group pay it forwards! We have money left over to do more good deeds with our Blueberry group next year as well!

Lorelai Brewer
My first Blueberry Moment was when I shoveled the driveway for my grandpa when he got home from a hard day of work.

My second Blueberry Moment was shoveling at home for my dad who has a bad back.

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