Woodland Park Academy Blueberry Ambassadors ‘share the magic’ with children throughout the Flint area

Woodland Park Academy, coordinators Sarah Doty and Emma Mayberry

As a whole group, we went to make pillow cases for the foster closet. We chose this activity because it was giving back to someone our age. We know sometimes these children only have the clothes on their back when they go to their foster home and a new personal pillowcase is something they can keep with them and use as a bag as well. We all enjoyed learning how to sew these pillow cases and hope the children who receive them enjoy them as well!

Mari Copney
With the movie A Wrinkle in Time coming out soon, I wanted to share the magic of

the book with as many Flint kids as possible before the movie came out. I really enjoyed reading the book and am super excited about the movie coming out. My original goal was for 150 copies, which I was able to get sponsored within an hour. We now have over 1,100 copies of the book coming in plus another 200 related books. Now I can share the magic of the book before the movie comes out.

On my last birthday, I got a ton of cards from all over the country. It made me feel special. I knew I wanted all the kids in Flint to be able to get the same type of feeling. So, about a month ago when I was working on the Black Panther Challenge, I asked for people to send a letter of encouragement to a kid in Flint. My goal was 150 letters and so far, we have received letters from all over the world. Almost 4,000 letters and more are coming in every day. My Dear Flint Kids letter project is on track to get a letter to every kid in Flint. 

Cailah Lomax
I did my first Blueberry Moment with Jaelyn Doty, Adrian Doty, and Maddox Mayberry. I talked to the lady in charge if the area 13 special Olympics and ask what I can do to help. She told me they needed help at the polar plunge. I arranged to

have myself and my friends there to clean floors to keep the jumpers from slipping in puddles. We used the wet vacuums and a squeegee to keep the floor clean and dry. I feel like I did a good thing so they wouldn’t get hurt. The jumpers donated to the special needs students of Genesee county. Next year I want to jump too!

I worked around the house to get money so I can buy toys and games for the family promise project that my church does. Our church houses homeless people that have families with children. I gave toys, games and clothes to them so they would have stuff. No kid should not be able to color or play because they lost their house.

When you go to Aldi, you pay for your cart. So when we go, we always give our cart to the next person or leave quarters in the cars for people. It’s not a big thing and it doesn’t take lots of effort but it is a nice thing and makes people happy.

Lily McArthur

The last snow day that I had, I came to school and I helped watch one of the teacher’s children. I played with them in the school gym. We played tag and I helped her daughter play soccer. I did this so the teacher could get work done.

Jaelyn Doty
I chose to make a picture for Mrs. Amy our school secretary that says all of the good things I think about her and nice comments. I made it for her because I like to make people feel good and happy.

Maddox Mayberry
I made postcards for kids in the hospital. I decided to draw them myself because I like drawing and they will be one of a kind. I hope they cheer up the kids.

Woodland Park Academy Blueberry Ambassadors

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